Monday, February 13, 2012

Dam Madar Malang...Age But Always Remain Young

Because We Lack Originality We Make Remakes Totally Fake ..Mukul Anand Ji Sorry For The Hearbreak

We Stand In Line For Everything In India ...Like Beggars at the Doors of a Temple

And we will once again in the hot blazing sun to vote for our leaders who will now take turns becoming crorepatis ..with benami properties scams will follow scams and corruption will be the result of franchise as tears on the soul of humanity.. but dont worry we are Indians we get fucked either way whether we vote or dont vote

Death Only Harm Those Who Are Scared To Die.. Luckily I Am Dead

I Die Every Day...Watch The World From My Coffin In Sleep

Steven The Cultured Educated Eunuch With Dreams

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We met by accident , he was speaking to me in English that surprised a bystander at the Malangad foothill bus stop, I told the bystander , why he was surprised if a hijra spoke to me in English, and so thereby begins a tale.

Steven hates the word hijra he calls himself a eunuch , I think transgender boy sounds far better .

He is a parentless boy bought up by his aunt and uncle, a devout Catholic he teaches Catechism at Sunday school , and I reminded him that the Church too does not take kindly to eunuchs ..but he politely answered back that he dressed normally and did not behave like a hijra at Church .. he evangelizes the Word of Christ.. but he is a devotee of The Holy Saint of Haji Malang..He lived with his relative at Haji Malang and not with the hijra groups.

He had boys men wanting to bed him , he had men who wanted to marry him , but he has great plans he wants to be a NASA scientist, he is doing the science stream at College ..and to pay for his studies , he works at a BPO.. call center ..

He told me his Hijra Guru wanted him to work as a dancer but he was not interested , he has his plans cut out they are big and huge..

I liked him immensely , it was chilly I had pulled out my shawl and we were together in the bus a one hour drive , he offered me tea at the Kalyan station , got my train coupon punched and finally hugging me for my company pecking me a farewell kiss on my cheek he rushed out to catch his own train.. in the wee hours of the morning..

Will I ever meet him again I dont know .but he was a sweet cultured human being.. and being a eunuch des not mean you forgo your dreams .

I wish him and bless him as a Malang.

Dam Madar Beda Par..

Haji Malang 2012 Finale My Climb Down Malangad Mountains Barefeet

After I had shot the Sultan Shah Baba Urus within , I came out and the qawaali session began I was tired hungry, I decided not to shoot anymore , I thought of heading back to Haji Malang and on the way back I met a lot of hijras but I was in no mood to photography, an incident with a Hazari possessed woman had put me off completely, I dont know whether she was really possessed or putting on a show for the crowds and I am a mystic Dam Madar Malang , I left it between her and God moved out without taking leave of the Patils the Hindu Khadims of Sultan Sha Baba.

I met Abdul Bawa of Kalyan , he had invited me to Haji Malang this year we spoke bit he is a clairvoyant he narrated my Ajmer trip the incidents that had I had incurred at the Graves of the Hijra saint and his biological son my return to Mumbai in detail.. and all correct ..

I met Sakib had dinner at a restaurant and at 2.30 am I decided to walk down the mountains head for home , I had work responsibilities ,at my new job.. I had taken leave till Monday but I aborted my stay , Sakib insisted I stay back leave in the morning I politely refused..

And the climb down in the night in semi darkness was tiring I stopped at a few places had tea , my legs were hurting badly and this was my first time I did not shoot pictures , what could I shoot in the dark.

I reached the foothills at 5 am , to be told the first bus for Kalyan station would come by 5.30 it was late , when the bus came the crowds unruly and ..luckily I met a transgender boy Steven, his company was comforting , he spoke fluent English , he was doing his further studies had a job that got him a tidy some of money but he had voluntarily decided to become a Eunuch..

More about him on the next picture I shot of him at the Malangad Bus Depot..

My Camera Enters Where Angels Fear To Tread..

Sultan Shah Baba Urus Haji Malang 2012

We Are Shakirs We Use The Camera To Think With Our Brains

The Exciting World of The Hijras of India