Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Thank you Students of LS Raheja College of Architecture for allowing me to share your happiness

some moments will live one even after you become grand parents

students of architecture add color to lecture

chote nawab on holi..

the indian has more color than the white man..

i would die if i transplanted my soul in any country other than india

we have cameras we search for pictures .. beauty lies in the eye of the beholder

There is so much color in life.. we fail to see it because we someone has to show it to us

the meaning of a blog is to add color in other peoples life

Please Google God of Cyberspace Retire Blogspot Too

As part of Google’s prioritization of product efforts, we will be retiring Knol. From now through April 30th, 2012, Knol will work as usual, but we’ve made it easy for you to download your knols to file and/or export them to From May 1, 2012 through October 1, 2012, knols will no longer be viewable, but can be downloaded and exported. After that time, knol content will no longer be accessible

Holi Bash At L.S.Raheja College of Architecture, St Martins Road Mumbai

Holi Bash At L.S.Raheja of Architecture, St Martins Road Mumbai

I was passing by this lane to work, I told the kids I would like to shoot them also requested them not to color me .. they were good kids and kept their word and I shot them stealing the color of their faces on the drabness of my sultry scorched soul..

The Dalit of Mumbai Was Wary of the Elephant .. Shot By Marziya Shakir 4 Year Old

the uncommon - common man shot by marziya shakir 4 year old Canon EOS 7D

Marziya Shakir 4 Year Old Shoots The Slow Death of Bandra

Marziya Shakir Shoots 5 Years of Garbage That Will Lie There Till The Next Elections

The Kolis of Bandra Shot By Marziya Shakir 4 Year Old

Ek Chief Minster Ne Banake Hathiyon Ka Shehar Ham Garibon ki Ummedon Ka Udaya Tha Mazak..

khatm ho gaye sapne unke
unkke pairon ke neeche
kuchal gaye mahalon ke khwab
duaen mang rahen hain
kabr main dafan avadh ke nawab
apne mohar na lage ke hathi par
khoob kamaya hai swab