Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Dilli Hai Toh Manti Nahi

Worlds youngest street photographer

shot by kim dorff

holding the camera
with godly ease
resting on her
grandpas knees
she readies ..
shooting beggars
lepers amputees
in a world of pain
devoid of peace
life and fatality

Thank You Mr Ben Johnson

Hi friend I am a banker. I want to transfer an abandoned USD10.5Million to your
BANK account. 40/percent will be your share. No risk involved. Contact me for
more details my No +226 74738965 feel free to contact me
MrBenard Johnson.

thank you ben
for your kindness
compassion trust
i had sold everything
including the shirt
of my back i had
gone Bust..
i gambled my
devilish soul on
wine woman and lust
i tried to cut my wrist
dried blood ,, refused
to burst a rusty blade
what could be worse
i tried to hang myself
from a ceiling fan
it broke on my head
i hit the dust .. i tried
to drown myself in
the kitchen sink..
i demeaned death
by quenching my
thirst first..i put my
swollen head on
the railway track..
but at the railway
crossing before
the train could
do any more
damage i was
discovered by
a nurse ,,, thereby
angering the driver
of the hearse
with your 4 million
i know i am not
cursed heart
regains its lost joy
my babe has come back
to me with lips pursed

A Message From Mr Abu Garba My New Friend

Urgent Assistance Needed

Dear Friend,

This message may Surprise you. Please accept my apology if it does embarrass
you. However, it’s my urgent need for a foreign partner that made me to contact
you. I have an opportunity to transfer US$25.5 Million Dollars (Twenty Five
Million Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) I'm Inviting you for a
business deal where this money can be share between us, I intend to offer to you
40% of the total sum on a provision of a foreign account where this fund can be
remitted immediately.

Meanwhile, arrangement to facilitate the easy transfer of this fund without
problem has already been put in place by my humble self, if you are interested
kindly reply to indicate your interest, then i shall intimate you with the
method of application and how you can apply to the bank for the release and
transfer of the fund into your nominated bank account. In fact , the bank law
stipulates that if such fund remains unclaimed over a given period of time,
precisely 9 years ,the bank shall automatically transfer the fund into the bank
treasury account as unclaimed or lost fund .Hence no one is putting claims to
such funds , I want to also inform you that once you apply to this funds , no
other person owns the right or eligibility to this account any more therefore
the bank sees you as the true next of kin by making you the genuine owner of
this account legally , even if the law has to prevail you are genuine and
ascertain with all proofs of eligibility that I shall intimate you with later
on, as we proceed in this transaction.

This account has been dormant since 2000 that i have been monitoring it .I do
advice you to keep this as a top secret. I wait for your urgent reply once you
are interested to be my partner kindly send the below information’s

5. AGE………

Mr Abu Garba

thank you
for your kindness
generosity compassion
dear friend ..i was deep
down in trouble with your
assistance my problems
will soon end ..i need the
money desperately
have the right to know
on what i will spend..after
all it is your privilege this
much needed stipend
your money let it be known
i wish to lend .to the beggars
of open a grand College
of Beggary reap rich dividends
a beggar brain drain the new trend
everybody will ask for our beggar
students Microsoft Google Yahoo
Facebook..a thought to comprehend
our beggars the best in the world will
change the economics .how you
outspend ..Indian beggars every
nation will recommend ,,this college
of international beggary ..high end
thank you dear mr abu garba ..
you are the hope of all beggars
god send ...all good things
dont always come to an end..
on the soul of humanity your
kindness over extends ...broken
fences of borders barbed wires
with beggar knowledge we need
to mend love to your missus
mrs abu gharba i send ,,,,good things
copious happiness peace i portend