Sunday, January 27, 2013

a street house without doors windows .. just a backrest wall

the common man of india ..lost everything in the purge of politics

the basket weavers ..unwoven story of struggle on the streets

The Muslim Beggar From Murshidabad

This evening I decided to take a cab and shoot the walls of Mahim on foot , but a guy Imet told me there were better images at Charni road , so Itook my cab to town but not before shooting the Mahalaxmi dhobi ghat , the Charni road wall was washed out total disappointment , Iwalked and shot lanes of Dhobi Talao and at Princess Street bought a double seat tricycle form my grand daughters Zinnia Fatima and Nerjis Asif Shakir..

I have just returned from town..there is a ladies function at home so the grand kids are all dressed to kill.

The Fish Market Shot By Me ..

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When my grand children are shooting pictures I try not to shoot pictures unless I want to document their presence with the people they are shooting ..this gives them confidence , but here the person in the cap wanted me to shoot him , so I took his shot ...and these are local residents regulars of the quintessential Bandra Bazar fish market .. which has been renovated but could have been better.

All Indian markets lack civic and hygiene sense ..their garbage management is horrendously unhygienic old time and with no modern application of mind or spirit.

Sadly the Municipality thinks it is doing a favor to the public and I can honestly tell you if the upkeep of the markets the roads was given to a private party they would do a far better job..our Municipal outsourcing is to appease caste community , so merit plays no part at all and this is found in almost all services .

Police brutality corruption all comes from bad outsourcing, alleged appeasement bribes and this is not my topic but it saddens me because of a few rogue cops the entire force is tarnished and demoralized.

Everyone knows that the hawker system survives on hafta bribe , but only the people who lead the nation are unknown to this fact or pretend otherwise .

Merely changing one top head or finding a scapegoat does not alter a corrupt system..

While I was making my 18 month old grand daughter take the garbage shots a lady insulted me putting the child at risk by bringing her to the garbage dump.. I kept silent because ,.. Icant change her mindset , the residents are like eunuchs waiting for someone to bell the cap or fight their battles .. we need Anna Hazares Delhi rape case to awaken our somnolent diseased dead souls .