Sunday, November 18, 2018

If I was not a photographer would you have known me

I am an accidental photographer
a tailor my line is custom made clothes.
A photographer a tailor both
I shoot original content only
that lazy people addicted
to What's up Facebook loathe..
My photography is only a hobby
please note.. humility is the essence
of your all round growth..
Flickr gave me prominence
Flickr added the finishing touches
Kept my mystique afloat..
I smiled the cybernetic seas
Flickr was the boat..

Photography made me human
Compassionate a street poet
a storyteller it was your love
encouragement I sought

I thank you all

this poem dedicated to a grieving
father my best oldest friend
Benn Bell aka Dog Ghost
may he overcome his irreparable
loss.. losing a son is the greatest
pain that hits you utmost..

Often to all my photographer friends
in Mumbai It is Benn Bell my good.
old American friend I boast.

Lord God of the Hosts
Om Mani Padme Hoon
Humanity beyond caste
color creed.. to live as
humans in a democracy
isn't that why we vote.