Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Mumbai Is Home For Beggars Beyond Caste Color Or Creed

on the soul of humanity
its beggars we breed
beggars who plead
sitting at street corners
is it money or rehabilitation
they need but who cares for
beggars this world of greed
drug addict beggars all kinds
of beggars blind limbless
crippled lepers beggars
growing like weeds kashmiri
beggars with wife little children
at bandra east , beggars with
babies in arms begging at
traffic signals able bodied
beggar girls dressed as hijras
clapping their hands eyeing
the moneyed ..mumbai the
golden city of beggars little
kids carrying little kids beggar
kids potbellied ..beggar children
who will never go to school learn
or read ..beggar ladies weeping
showing you a corpse lying covered
with white cloth asking money
for it to be buried..yes i shoot
beggars . young girl mothers
as they breast feed ..beggars
poor old withering away in
the wind beggars pitied
once a beggar always a
beggar by the god of lesser
mortals it was decreed

a humble tribute to beggars
my beggar poetry ,,,


More Than Me My Eyes Try To Reach Out To God

The Butcher Had A Dream

he had become a chicken
locked in the coop it seemed
he was delirious with shock
i am not a chicken i am a man
he thundered he screamed
the chickens flapped their
wings with joy the butcher
had gone insane they
shouted out they would
not let him sleep they
bullied him as a team
his sullied soul none
was willing to redeem.
travesty of justice ..
chicken guts liver heart
spleen murderous moments
the butcher they blasphemed
curse on his bloodstream..

the butcher had a dream
this poems visual theme

Marziya Shakir And Her Grandfather

I shot Marziya Shakir my first granddaughter from the second day of her birth at Holy Family Hospital Bandra , and  continued the day she came home ,I wanted to capture every moment of her life , every smile , every nuance of her existence .

And the result is her storyboard ..her formative years , her playschooldays , her birthdays , Moharam the most important mother in our life as Shias.

I tried to miss nothing and than when she left to Lucknow  her maternal grandparents house my camera would rest.

Her visits to my workplace , an area full of goats cats and it was here she gained her trust with them , goats following her like magic as she gave her share of biscuits to them too , and animals dont forget kindness like humans do.

Her bonding with Lucky The Labrador .. pet of Omkar Shelar son of Advocate Ashish Shelar . Lucky and Marziya had a special understanding that beats me till days , and Muslims like my family are not very crazy about dogs , ..

She interacted best with Mr Rajesh Khanna who was extremely fond of her treating her like his own granddaughter .
She made an impression on Salman Khan too at Galaxy.. and all my friends clients who came in contact with her .

I gave her the camera at an early age made her shoot St Peter Church, Ganpati Pandals street beggars and she saw the slum kids , she started giving her money to the old homeless lady down the road .

Marziya Shakir is my first grandchild . and her childhood days have been highly adventurous , meeting limbless Appu my friend at Mahim , a torso without hands or legs ..

I have two more granddaughters born after Marziya Shakir , Nerjis and Zinnia but Marziya Shakir now 7 is special for more reasons than one,

I could have left this place blank but I add words when silence does not suffice and I am going through my  old working CDs trying to bring back those old forgotten memories of yore .

This picture shot by my wife tells you everything about me and my first granddaughter Marziya Shakir.

This morning after Marziya left for school her sister Nerjis seeing me on the laptop asked me to show her first birthday pictures , this is the magic of shooting your childrens pictures , you could keep them private but do shoot them and as they grow you grow with them and pictures tell that story ,first birthday second birthday third birthday,,,this is my advise to al, new parents ..I had a camera I made the maximum use of it ,,

Street Photography Gave Me A Poetic Purpose

i leave me footprints
on the sands of flickr
twitter Google plus
simple pictures that
evoke humility without
making fuss RIP Google
Buzz..RIP Orkut another
one bit the dust ,blog
we must so our minds
dont ever rust ..essence
of our crust ,,in god who
also blogs misery on our
earthy souls a blogger god
we trust..caught irrevocably
between love and lurid lust