Sunday, June 10, 2018

Pre Monsoon Boat Pulling Vasai

 This was shot on Velvia 50 ASA during the film days however I moved away from scenic photography ,, I now shoot the tears pain remorse of the poor ,, I shoot misery cavorting with hope ,, I shoot the poor mans fate and the mercy of false promises of politicians I shoot delusions and lost illusions ,, thank you all visiting the humility of my timeline ,,

Photography mind you
is not only what you see
or what you shoot ..
Photography is the
essence of poetry
silent mute ..
Photography has
many layers as
thoughts feelings
passion pathos ,,
pursuit ,,
Photography is not
simply clicking pictures
self aggrandizing selfies
but your inner visions
solemn tribute to God
the maker that you
distribute even if you
are an atheist agnostic
photography is a new
religion you have all right
to refute
a science of being that
does not pollute ..

the darkness with spectral light
it uproots is
karma dharma absolute ..