Saturday, February 6, 2016

Happy Morning From Bandra .

I have not been keeping good health and I am planning to switch over to a new Diabetes specialist ..Dr Shashank Joshi hardly has time for quintessential beggar poets like me ..but all in all he has been very kind considerate .

This morning I was sluggish while playing tennis but I try not to overdo it so after 30 minutes of tennis under Coach Surendra Pawar I set out on my walk clocking myself I keep changing routes today I walked from MET grounds till Mount Mary from the back steps I passed Marys Clan paid my tribute to the Madonna and her child in the Mount Mary basillica shot pictures than came down to Bandstand near Vastu building asked a guy to shoot me against Amitjis Deewar I had done his costumes for Bade Miya Chote Miya and Lal Badshah .

From here I passed Galaxy and entering Waroda road I said hi to Felix Sequeira builder old friend and cut across Bandra Bazar Road back home I had walked 5 km in 1 hour 30 minut