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The Last Strand Of The British Empire in Lucknow

he is standing there forgotten by those who left him...on native soil.. oh how his blood boils
the thought away from home away from snow he recoils
standing at the british residency without pay leave gratuity
he toils ,,catches the flu dengue his white alabaster body
riddled with boils ,,every night he watches whores getting
fucked under the moonlight as he pukes smelling their body oils ..his dreams spoiled

to my dear friend meld
who inspired this poem ..
from the soul of turmoil

We Shoot Memories Etched In Stone

the siege of 1857
british residency
beneath Indian soil
lie writhing english
blood sweat tears
bones by the great
empire they were
disowned left
alone ,,no one
to call their own
on their forgotten
semen stained
graves trees have
grown dreams
tattered torn

none will mourn
brave british soldiers
their wives children
watch from afar
the changing world
beyond the stone

He Is Dreaming

that one day
he will be free
from the reality
of pain..heavy
legs manacled
a common man
bound to chains
all his life he lived
on the roads he
made no gains
even in his dreams
he is totally drained
sitting on the edge
of life to god above
he complains his
sorrows his trials
tribulations that have
made him insane
death watches him
from afar as he feigns
decides he will come
for him another time
nodding his brain ,
he has to rush to
another spot where
a man is writhing in
agony a stroke migraine

this man is sleeping outside a municipal hospital in bandra they have no bed for him he is a diabetic and his condition was serious when i shot him.


Ye Lucknow ki sarzameen
ye Lucknow ki sarzameen
ye Lucknow ki sarzameen
ye Lucknow ki sarzameen
ye Lucknow ki sarzameen
ye rang-roop kaa chaman
ye husn-o-ishq kaa watan
yahi to wo muqaam hai
jahaan Awadh ki shaam hai
jawaan-jawaan haseen-haseen
ye Lucknow ki sarzameen
ye Lucknow ki sarzameen
shabaab-o-sher kaa ye ghar
ye ahl-e-ilm kaa nagar
hai manzilon ki god mein
yahaan har ek rah-guzar
ye shahar laaladaar hai
yahaan dilon mein pyaar hai
jidhar nazar uthaaiye
bahaar hi bahaar hai
kali-kali hai naazneen
ye Lucknow ki sarzameen
ye Lucknow ki sarzameen
yahaan ki sab rawaayaten
adab ki shaahkaar hain
ameer ahl-e-dil yahaan
ghareeb jaan-nisaar hain
har ek shaakh par yahaan
hain bulbulon ke chahchahen
gali-gali mein zindagi
kadam-kadam pe kahkahen
har ik nazaaraa hai dilnasheen
ye Lucknow ki sarzameen
ye Lucknow ki sarzameen
ye Lucknow ki sarzameen
ye Lucknow ki sarzameen

Lyrics-Shakeel Badayuni,

Before You Shoot A Picture You Should Be Able To See It In Your Minds Camera Eye

This was shot in 2005 in Lucknow at the Gomti Ghats , and I liked this place mainly because of the Dhobis that dyed the chicken cotton clothes , and put it up to dry on rows of clotheslines ,, lovely Indian vibrant colors ..and the morning ablutions at the Ghats , the Sadhus who looked at me curiously , my cosmic rings my malang attire though I looked like a Malang I became one in 2011.

I met Aghoris at the ghats who requested me not to shoot them but sit with them chat and I could not eat what they offered me refusing the meat politely .

Lucknow has great memories mostly pictorial..and I shot alone , I hardly mixed with people ..and with my dread head , my beads I looked like an ascetic on a journey.

I like three cities for street photography Lucknow Hyderabad and Delhi.. and because of my work commitments in Mumbai I hardly get to see what others shoot , and now that I have flowerhorns at home and birds I hesitate to go out of Mumbai. I lost all my black ghosts over 75 when I went …

I try not to shoot pretty pictures but this was a long time back..

Sometime back I wrote a very long blogpost on this pictures BW version and I dont have back up on my laptop and it got accidentally deleted , I have never written such a long post  and I have a lousy memory so here I am posting the colored version and making an attempt to recover the lost blog from my mind ,

I shot  this in Lucknow 2005 , and it was almost 10 years back.. this year due to lack of time I did not visit the Gomti Ghats were this picture was shot , I had no time I came to shoot Chehlum 2014 and was here for two days , I cut my head with two daggers this time  in both my hands , and my kamzani pictures were shot by my relative Guddu ,, however on instructions from my mother in law he took away one of the daggers but I cut my head with the single dagger again twice , than before I could proceed my mother in law took away this dagger too.

I walked from Nakhas barefeet till Talkatoa a long distance in my wet clothes and a bandage on my head thanks to the first aid guys on th…