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Karmic Recall -Call of the Kundalini

Karmic Recall -Call of the Kundalini
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vakratu.nDa mahaakaaya koTisuuryasamaprabha |
nirvighnaM kuru me deva sarvakaaryeshhu sarvadaa

Meaning of Shree Ganesha Shloka II
O God Ganesha (large bodied with a large belly), radiant as millions of Suns, Please, remove obstacles in all of my tasks all the time

On crutches holding on to his faith
A step at a time and awake
Beyond the pantheon lies the
Face of humanity
That no god can forsake
Good bad ugly he did make
Truth in a mirage presented as fake
Crippling faith weight of remorse
Karma dharma give and take
Was being born a man
A godly mistake
Ohmkara the silence
Of our soul much at stake
The cycle of birth and death
Fleshy soul soulless flesh
Does partake
A mongoose that will be born a snake

Control Alt Delete ?

Control Alt Delete ?
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This was shot from a moving ricksha..

The man on the street
Lives life to excrete
May not have enough to eat
But fuck he must
To satisfy his women
Always on heat
To get over his blues
I repeat
Making children
Is a national pastime
In the face of defeat
Condoms one does not need
If it is children
You want to breed
Children a commodity
Ugly precocious but sweet
Alive and dead meat
To beg to use abuse
Running about naked
Snot nosed dirty bare feet
These children do not fall sick
These children do not need doctors
Yes bacteria parasite virus infections
They cheat..
Flesh made of sandstone
A soul made of concrete
A file even death cannot delete
A cycle of life saved forever
On the comic consciousness
Of a ravaged human society
A quiescently tired heart beat
Overwriting the pathos of
The dregs the incomplete
The homeless the hopeless
In retreat

A Poor Womans Lot

A Poor Womans Lot
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Near the stairs of
the Bandra over bridge
tired hungry overwrought
She has her begging spot
Touching moving legs
That won’t halt
With her spindle like hands
One or two get caught
A few coins
A battle well fought
Day after day
The same piteous litany
Her eternal rot
A poor woman’s lot
That the god who created her
Also forgot
a lesson in hardship
an empty stomach taught

The Death of the Red Mail Box

The Death of the Red Mail Box
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Time has passed him by
Back broken
Withered old
At Bandra Hill Road
Covering his shame
From the passers by
Once his belly full of
Xmas Cards New Year Cards
Diwali Cards ..
Soul stir fry
A post card to the
Sophers from Mount Sinai
A letter to Mr Adenwalla
From Brunei
But the Internet
Hot Mail
G mail
Choked him
Strangled him
The Final Good Bye..
The Red Post Box
Is dying
a cancerous tumor
Do and Die
High and Dry
A vacant emptiness
No reply
Monsoonal flood becomes Venice
Disaster management turns blind eye
Municipal apathy
Choked gutters
Boats that ply
The political honchos
Want to make it Shanghai
The red post box utters
A silent cry..
Sheds a tear
Without a sigh

Innocence for Sale

Innocence for Sale
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Fathered once in drunken state
Mother left him at the hospital gate
Picked up by the beggar mafia
He was slung on another child’s waist
Used as bait..
Being born mans child
better never than late
He sleeps with dogs
Mans best friends
Such is his fostered fate
Railway station tunnels
Empty stomach dreams
Nightmares to date
No love only oppression
Torture and hate
Yes he has been raped
Rented out by the overseers
To older men
Whose libido in dire strait
They say if you sleep
With younger children
You will regain your manhood
Old folk tales they narrate
No venereal disease
When with the
Children of a lesser god you mate
So the trade in little children’s
Flesh won’t abate
Even parents to make a fast buck
Take them to Goa Pushkar
Manali a syndicate
That has tentacles
Lying in wait
To connect them with
Pedophiliac pederast
their virginal souls desecrate
Crime escalate
The law catches the guilty
With loopholes in the law
Brilliant defence lawyers
money to emotionally blackmail
They go Scott free
Blindfolded Justice
A Sucked System
Third rate

King Tuts Real Face

King Tuts Real Face
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** FILE ** A photo released by the Supreme Council of Antiquities and the National Geographic Society on May 10, 2005 shows a model of King Tutankhamun made by a French team based on facial reconstructions from CT scans of King Tutankhamun's mummy. Teams of forensic artists and scientists built models of the boy pharaoh's face based on some 1,700 high-resolution photos from CT scans of his mummy to reveal what he looked like the day he died nearly 3,300 years ago. The linen wrapped mummy of King Tut was put on public display for the first time on Sunday, Nov. 4, 2007, 85 years after the 3,000-year-old boy pharaoh's golden enshrined tomb and mummy were discovered in Luxor's famed Valley of the Kings. (AP Photo/Supreme Council of Antiquities and the National Geographic Society, HO) ** EDITORIAL USE ONLY; MANDATORY CREDIT; NO SALES**

This attachment came in my Gmail in box I share with all of you..



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photo courtesy google images

america is turning islamic they say
iraq afghanistan soon pakistan
will show them the way
to bow and pray
5 times a day
begum liberty in hijab
her feet made of clay
church spires
to domes and minarets
will give way
a muslim skull cap
or an arab raghead
instead of a stetson or a toupee
no more suits only dishdashas
kanduras in islamic america
by the way
work is silently going underway
no jeovahs witness
no catholics
no evangelists
no seventh day adventist
no presbytareans
no new born christians
no more celebrating thanksgiving day
all islamists on st patricks day
no exchanging of hearts on valentines day
no more whoring
no more drinking
no more drugs
no homosexuality
no lesbianism
no wanton ways
fasting during ramzan
in a well mannered way
saving big brother
from early decay
the Mullahs
the American Emirs
cultural attache
a harem full of
beautiful women
guarded by eunuchs
on digital display
no more pork
no more sausages
as part of your buffet
good muslims you
will become without any further delay
your recession, your inflation problems
will clear away
no pederasts
no thieves
no criminals
will be swept away
just decapitating of heads
amputating of arms
sharia will give way
peto dollars of saudi arabia as vitamin k
the capital in Riyadh..
Republic of Islamic USA
I woke up from my dream
a kick from Trade Matin
on my posterior all the way
photoblogger poet dreamer
Bollywoods Most Wanted
Boy from Bombay
on the run from
the Feds the FBI agents and the CIA.

Dedicated to my Friend Trade Martin..Poem Hunter Cult Figure

Cutting your wrists to emotionalize your pain is not poetry

Cutting your wrists to emotionalize your pain is not poetry
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Cutting your wrists
To emotionalize your pain is not poetry
Words profusely bleeding on the web page
Of your heart is certainly not poetry
You need medical attention care
Holistic healing love in all its purity
From your family friends
Spiritualistic salve surety

A Drop of Faith in a Drop of Water

A Drop of Faith in a Drop of Water
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A Drop of Faith in a Drop of Water

that falls from the parched goblets of our eyes
sands of karbala dried blood ..
through which we seek our paradise
a supreme sacrifice
that yaziidiyat covered
it with layers within layers
lacerating truth
reflected as shia lies
each year we keep our
beloved hussains memory
alive with our blood
we pay a price ..
uncloaking wounds
that were inflicted on Islam
by Shimr and Yazid
serpents of Satan in disguise
ya hussain a battle cry
against petro funded terrorism
should not take you by surprise
nade ali words without borders
wisdom wise
ali ibn talib
always on the rise
for us the wealth of words

Man kunto maula,
Fa Ali-un maula
"Whoever accepts me as a master,
Ali is his master too."
The Holy Prophets
advise does suffice
on the face of Falsity
an exploding device
our path to salvation
towards Allah
to be precise

Sabils -Who Killed Imam Hussain?

Sabils -Who Killed Imam Hussain?
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I dont think cutting foreheads, or scourging by little kids is the the only way of distinguishing them from other kids.No Shia kids , have been bought up by their mothers right from a young age on the travails of Karbala ,the sufferings of Imam Hussain his family the blockade of water, this one aspect of inhumanity is greater than a million genocide.
But than the Arab word hardly knew about hospitalty , barbarism was their creed much before Islam arrived.
In Indian homes the first thing a stranger recieves from his host is a glass of cool water from the earthen pot , this is hospitality .Water the life force , even your worst enemy is never denied water, later on when the Muslims perfected the art of appeasing the Almighty with the sacrifice of a lamb on Bakra Idd , the animal was first given water , the butcher uttered Bismillah, the meat was made Hallal..
The only problem is that these rules were forgotten on the battlefields of Karbala , no water, at all, for the extended family of the Holy Prophet.
This was a personal vendetta, settling of old scores by Yazid, for all his ancestors that took a short cut through a sword called Al Zulfiqar.
Hazrat Ali alone had decimated his relatives , this was something Yazid could not forget or forgive.An Eye for an Eye , this was Revenge , absolute revenge.
Who killed Imam Hussain, how daft can you get, distorting holy scriptures, distorting history , this was the Ummayad Caliphate .
Blaming the Kufans, blaming the Jews , the Christians , luckily there were no Hindus, so who killed Imam Hussain , so the best way out of a tricky situation was to say the Shias killed Imam Hussain..One thing is certain Yazid was not a Shia , but if you bring it down to a simple method of investigation it was Islam of that time headed by Yazid that killed Imam Hussain.Stop your one sided rhetorics, let Allah Ho Akbar be a call to the faithful instead of using it for the purpose of dessiminating sectarian hate on the Internet.
You guys oops make me puke, instead of making efforts to bridging two warring communities you want the split open wide.You dont like Shias too bad, make your own faction answerable to their cowardly acts , that they cloak as Jehad, nothing but terrorism.
Teaching young kids to wield the sword to decapitate the enemy..You guys are your worst enemy..a Tree watered with Hate produces fruits laden with Hate.
Sabils are watering holes , where Shia kids sit , hand out mugs of water to the thirsty , all color caste or creed.
Yes the thirsty, we do not deny the inalienable right of man to drink water.
Water is a fundamental need, I have seen thisty men in parched areas drink gutter water, this is what thirst does to Man.
I am happy to have been born in India , this is what makes me different , more human, less Arab, less warlord like ..I am proud to call myself an Indian Muslim it makes a world of a difference , in the context of Karbala , water and Thirst.
The Martyrdom of Imam Hussain, was a heinous crime , unforgivable , blaming others does not help, the leader of the wolf pack baying for blood was Yazid.
Yes it was Yazid and Yazidiyat that killed Imam Hussain.

Shah ast Hussain, Baad Shah ast Hussain,
Deen ast Hussain, Deen Panah ast Hussain,
Sar dad na daad dast, dar daste Yazeed,
Haqqah ke binaaye La Ilaha ast Hussain!

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