Monday, October 25, 2010

Grieving On The Tomb of the Mail Box

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once upon a time
he was looked
upon endearingly
as the hope
of humanity
all in all
the wide world
with postcards
aerogrammes `
making it small
than came the
the internet
hot mail g mail
yahoo mail
fucked it all
cut of his balls
a testicular
a eunuchs call
like humpty
a very
great fall
where there
is a mouse
who needs
to scrawl
in the waters
of goa
thanks to
the rainfall
match making
match fixing
is cricket
why play
sweet nothings
echoed on
her facebook wall
it is not height
or grandeur
but humility
that makes
you tall

Waqt Ne Ghalib Nikamma Kar Diya

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Warna hum bhi the photographer kuch kam ke
muflisi main phir rahe hain nahi uthainge
sadak par pheke hue paise haram ke
hume woh izzat se rozi de aur paise
hamare name ke zindagi ke intaqam ke

Thank You Uncle Renie Ranvin

Marziya Shakir
2 Year 11 Months Old
is the Youngest
IndiBlogger till date
from the womb
of photography
into the soul of a blog
not a very long wait
shooting briliantly
with a Nikon D 80
hope is humanity
she states

kick ass photographers
she berates
with her vision
her inner sight
a street photographer
her destiny awaits

to renie ranvin
father of indi blogs

Ab Meri Kab Tak Bajaoge

A Tribute To The Departed Soul of Mr Keshu Ramsay

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Sometimes the departed soul beckons people to share the pain of the people he loved and people he has left suddenly on a journey across the shores , a journey we all will inevitably take one day..

As I carry a camera on my person always I shot these pictures without flash and discreetly , without getting into anyone's way.. or disturbing the sanctity of a decisive moment called Death..and its Aftermath.

Chautha is the four day prayer meet after the human soul is was performed at 366 Khatwari Darbar Linking Road Khar.. It was a crowded event unlike the funeral service at Oshiwara I shot to ,, and posted at Flickr.
I shall include them in this set .

This is my new set at Flickr of the Chautha of late Mr Keshu Ramsay I shot about 89 pictures ,, I normally shoot wide but I used a telly this time the new lens is a gift from a well wisher who is a patron of my street photography.

All three brotthers Dinku Mayur Sagar were there and there were kirtans for the eternal soul of Keshuji may it rest in peace..

Mrs Akshay Kumar finally did make it to the Chautha..a thought that should make Keshuji happy , and death being an equalizer , all bad memories should be forgotten and his death uncalled for should be taken positively , he was called by God and he left the shooting floor of life..

Bollywood is a door that leads to Hell and Paradise too..

i wont name those who attended the chautha but I shot as many as I could..

Om Shanti Om..