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Showing posts from February 13, 2015

Shalin Vaz The Kind Lady -Feeds Stray Cats In Bandra

I could never get her name right but I have been shooting her feeding the stray cats in the alleys and back lanes of rustic Bandra ..moving about  with her cart of fish .. and I have seen her in the Bandra fish market haggling with the koli women ..she does not pickup leftovers but buys fresh fish for the stray cats...
The stray cats can smell her from a mile .. and come rushing towards her the Christian spirit of Compassion fills the air and the hungry cats consider this lady their Savior .

I spoke to her and she was grumbling that the few who gave her money to feed the cats have now become stingy..and yet there are kind folks who help her give her money..and she manages to feed them every day ,, every season.

These are people that are the humility and pride of our cherished Bandra .. talking care of others ..

Than there is a Gujrati lady too who feeds the cats ,,

Bandra has some people that media needs to talk about add humanity to their stories instead of running after Bollywood c…

The Winding Sheet Sleeps

This morning my fourth day of walking I decided to carry my mobile phone ,luckily my phone is not connected to the Internet ...outdoors only to the WiFi at home .

This was near Rang Sharda , first I thought it was a ragpickers bags , than I looked closely it is the ragpicker sleeping cross legged yoga style.
Next to him another ragpicker I presume but as Indians we have more than the rope trick up our sleeves ..

I completed my Bandra Reclamation routine walking from my house till the end and taking an about turn frrom Agasti Building .

Than a turn from Leelavati to MET Grounds to complete the next part of my walk.. I took 8 rounds each round is 280 mts I complete a round in about 4 minutes .. this morning I took 9 rounds and returned via the Bazar Masjid back home .

I shot two new garbage sites to add to my tour of  Open Garbage in Bandra a BJP Stronghold with a lone uninterested Congress corporator .. least interested in the civic affairs of the Bandra he represents ,,Unless Congres…