Saturday, April 21, 2012

Rest In Peace Mr Dinesh Pai

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Dr Bhujang Pai my closest friend just called me and gave me a shattering news that tore my world asunder , Mr Dinesh Pai who took care of the Lord GSB Ganesha of GSB Ganesha Seva Mandal Kings Circle met with an accident and died this morning ..

His daughter Anita is in Bharain and his son Amit is in Italy ..

The funeral Dr Pai told me might take place tomorrow ..I dont have the details ..

It was Mr Dinesh Pai who personally invited me every year to take blessings a perform Darshan of Lord GSB Kings Circle .. King of Kings .. and I am, thus thanks to the Lord a known face among the Gaud Sarawswat Brahmins of Mumbai.. one of the most peaceful communities of our city .. contributing to the growth success of our beloved Amchi Mumbai.

We all shall miss him and this tragedy will touch all of us , Mr Dinesh Pai was the essence of Humility and one of the greatest ambassadors of the Lord GSB Ganesha.

I offer my condolences to his family his daughter Anita her family and above all his son Amit Pai...

I wish God gives them strength to bear this irreparable loss ,..

It is a loss for all of us in Mumbai..

Om Shanti Om,.,
RIP Mr Dinesh Pai

The Beggar Poet .. Deleted Dreams The Flesh in Silence The Spirit Screams

The Showroom Manager .. In name ..broken wings and lame

my testicular
has lost
its aim
my beggar
poetry covers
my inner guilt
my shame
i came
i saw
i fell
to my
i gave
a bad name
of the game
wild willowy

dedicated to joseph
for my shortcomings
i take all blame

My wife has gone on a pilgrimage .. leaving us behind

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the grand children
are upset as
their favorite
grand ma
they cannot find
listening to
tales from
their grandpa
they unwind
a vacuous
their world
has gone
she was

Blindfolded Love Is A Game Of Chess

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I accidentally at Facbook fell in love with a transvestite from Lahore
she was a poet a commercial worker a socialite whore I gave her an inch she asked for more I deactivated my account from her life I am no more
I shut the door ..she might stalk me follow me on Google + a thought I cant ignore brimstone blood and gore ..a whore is a whore is a whore .. the curtains come down the crowds shout encore ....

she says no
i say yes
she has
deleted me
from her fucked
the recycling bin
of my poetry mind
my thoughts
my pain
belong to her
all that
i possess
a man
who enticed me
in a womans dress
the transvestites tale
continues with no success
her voluptuous mouth
her hunger her thirst
her caress
even in solitary silence
i cannot express
on the other side
of the border
dark side of the moon
her fucked address
a pain humiliating my
soul in distress
unless ...
words i hold back
you can guess
blindfolded love
is the worst
for a street poet
i must confess
a fucked love
on hire purchase
sweet poison
in excess
androgynous angst
of a transvestite
my life has messed


loved by a transvestite
poet your poetry
has been blessed

Burlingtons of Bombay Taj Mahal Hotel

some of the
best years
of my life
were spent
in this hotel
i worked
as a sales person
at Burlingtons
of Bombay
for a short spell
a colonial world
of white men
to dwell
under two
fateh singh
ratan singh
i learnt to sell
benjamin caleb
my manager
so many stories
to tell
lorraine rhubottom
anglo indian
ship time
munni gupta
highstrung as hell
jeannie nowrojee
fashion shows
on the ship
a thought
rings a bell
callaghan of bombay
walking the ramp
with a rose
in his lapel
jenifer kendall
gaby kapoor
styling clothes
giving us
in a nutshell
so many
the mind
cannot quell
of a novel
thoughts that
in life
this stint
i would have
not excelled

As A Poet I Am A Positive Spam

in the wash basin
of my head
cramped and jammed
superfluously wanting to
come out as poems
my ass they slam
as a poet cosmic
or otherwise
i am positive spam
words bursting
an overflowing dam
the river of my mind
they out swam
a pedestrian poet
a sacrificial lamb
my foot stuck
in her doorjamb
with her silence
my soul she rams
though she is a man
i call her ma'am
one thing is certain
if we get married
she wont get pregnant
she wont need a pram
the transvestites tale
in my head programmed
on her soul

Once My Camera Collection I Sold It All For Peanuts

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I had a collection of old antique cameras and when bad times came I sold it all of for peanuts .. makes me sad sometimes

Girish Mistry - Unraveling the Mystery of Light

I shot pictures at Ganesh Gully and took a short bus trip to come to the other end , I walked barefeet to reach Prabhadevi to see the works of Girish Mistrys students..Luxoculus 2009...

Girish and I go a long way back, he too is one of my Photo Gurus , the best of contemporary times.I made Girish Mistrys wedding clothes in 4 hours , as he had decided to get married and wanted a photographer cum tailor do his clothes.

This was the fastest I had done anyone's marriage clothes I rushed in time with the dress , as the Pandit kept saying , muhrat ka samay ja raha hai,ladke aur unke kapdon ko jaldi bulao...

So this is the crux of our relationship.. Girish me and his wedding clothes..

I attended just a single workshop of Girish on Light and that is it, it struck me like a bolt.. I was ready to shoot the streets of pain.

Girishes students are very brave and the best street photographers , creative and fine art too.

His wife too is a very dynamic photographer ..I can never spell her name right so I shall call her Mrs Girish Mistry..they have one son..who reflects light wherever he goes.


Girish Mistry Wont Deny It But He Is My Guru Too

The Only Mystery That Cannot Be Solved .. Girish Mistry

Girish Mistry Blessed Me With Spectral Light..

My Faith Makes Me Climb Mountains Barefeet

I Dont Get Hurt When People Come Offer Me Alms Thinking I Am a Beggar

The Living Dead Lepers of Taragadh..

The shells are equivalent to coins that they will exchange at the Holy Shrine and get paid back in hard currency..

The beggars on this stretch are pathetic morbid and I understood some of the pain as I was barefeet .. my own legs blue bruised bleeding..

I can never forget the beggars maggots eating raw flesh, hidden faces ravaged by a deadly killer disease and all this made me think , I bled within , all my education was nullified by this sordidness of human life and degradation..

This was the most depressing trek of life for me...and I completed it with a white man.. my spiritual brother ..Marc de Clercq..I dont know if it changed his life but it changed mine forever..

Mr Rajesh Khanna Superstar

Eid Ul Fitr Namaz Bandra Station 2018