Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Dead End Called Blogspot

I have stopped blogging at Blogspot the only place that refuses to change with the times ..Blogspot Sucks

All my blogs at

Friday, June 3, 2011

I Wont Be Cross Blogging From Flickr To Blogspot Anymore

St Michael Church Mahim Novena Wednesday

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This was short yesterday from my cab I had to go to Mahim for urgent work on my way back i could not get a cab and walked in the hot sun from Mahim to Bandra ..I could not find Appu my friend beggar without hands or legs so I came via the Marriammen Temple Macchimar Colony Mahim..shooting street pictures ..

And my link button that cross blogs my post from Flickr to Blogspot is not working I will stop posting my stuff at Bloggers .. Google Sucks anyway...

Mona Darling

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This is my only set Simran Dancers Birthday Party on Flickr that needs to be urgently updated but I do it in bits and parts .

This was the first time in my life I shot the hijras transgender and the ladyboys of Mumbai the underbelly of the third sex so closely.

And I did not stay too long but I shot without scrounging , I shot the dark soul of the Androgyne.

And my fascination for the third sex has nothing to do with their sexual orientation , it is not for titillation , my document is the poetry of their life I shot as a poet in blank verse.

I dont think I shot Mona when she was changing almost semi nude transforming from man to women ..she tried to provoke me with the naughtiness of her androgynous mind and deviousness but I was not interested.

I shoot hijra oomph , tits and all to show you their quest to attain womanhood ..even motherhood a hijra breast feeding a child that I shot at Haji was poetry and not porn or semi porn...

At Flickr I am blocking people who innocently add me as friend or contact because they read me wrong in spite of my profile picture my profile status my likes my dislikes.

I am not a poster boy I am not interested in the collection of your genitalia pictures your kinkiness your fetish.. I am not interested in how big how small keep your masturbatory stuff for your kind I am not interested...and yet they keep adding adding me.. luckily my comments are off .. only for my very selective friends.

And I have updated this post now , I shoot people like I shoot the streets I am a street photographer and the hijra is a one way street of pain a cul de sac of chaos and utter confusion on the soul of humanity.

Perhaps in all humility I might be having the largest collection of hijra pictures but I never got them easily I took risks I took my chances and I shot the hijra angst...everyone likes my hijra pictures it keeps them entertained my hijra poems and hijra stories but I took real pains to capture them hijras are like flamingos in mudflats and I shot them in mid flight broken rhyme broken wings.

People steal my pictures use it as their profile pictures to con the gullible who loves hijras hijra sex and hijra flings , here at Flickr and at Facebook too, it hurts me and with my picture as their profile avatar they send me friend request that fucks me dry with my clothes on..

I am not a chutiya for gods sake I have seen more life than most of you.. I mean it..

I dont sell my pictures my text my poems or my blogs I am free for all a whore on the internet myself I give it to you without holding anything back..

And I hope this time someone out there buys me a pro Flickr membership when my membership ends In I am fucked and flat broke..a whore is a whore is a whore even in the guise of a photo blog...

Thanks for stopping by...reading the poetry of my soul too... Flickr wont give me a Pro free account that is for sure..not even a good camera courtesy Yahoo ... and Google Search uses my pictures too without even having bought me a cheap second hand lens..

This is known as one side fuck on the internet.. the bloggers ass is always there pants down ...

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Does She Know That Her Mother Begs To Make Ends Meet

from a
bleeding womb
into a vicious
her life
her fathers seed
bitter sweet
in scorching
mumbai weather
a fluttering
heart beat
her future
in summer heat
her fate even
being a muslim
her prayers
cannot cheat

The Facebook Dog

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my hopes
my dreams
my aspirations
on the side walk
a speechless
pain wont open
its mouth or talk
what is mine
i am not yet
ready to hawk
fragmented genius
shut doors and a lock
romancing a stone
was like making
love to a rock
the spirit was willing
it was my flesh
she mocked
deleted doomed
forever blocked
pathos passion
agony anguish
of a facebook dog
tears on the soul
of a poetry blog

She Wanted Me To Take Her To Ready First Day First Show

But I was not Ready,..
the flesh was weak
the spirit was unsteady
her musky smell
intoxicating heady

Stop It ...

My Fucked Barefeet

There Is More Graffitti On Facebook Wall Than Anywhere Else

The Municipality Has Taken Away This Poor Mans Hand Cart

A Blogger In A Mouse Trap

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painted clown
fucked madcap
to a death chair
of memories
she left him
his deleted
he took a rap
on the soul
of his poetry
her hands
she clapped
with cruelty
pain overlapped
sweet syrupy
words a poet
hitting him
hard on
his knee caps
using his
poems as
recycled scarp
a smelly cat
in someone
else s lap
used abused
a blogger
was merely
a stop gap
deleted doomed
buried in
an unmarked grave
in burlap
a poetic pause
as recap
a stone
one sided love
a painful
death trap

The Human Horse of Faith

The Human Horse of Marriammen

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The Barefeet Blogger And The Van Puller With Hooks In The Back

The Human Horse of Marriammen

Pulling a Van With Hooks In The Back

Pulling a Van With Hooks In The Back

Pulling Coconut trolley With Hooks on the Back

Marriammen Feast Macchimar Colony Mahim 2011

Pulling the Van With Hooks on the Back

Ever Ready My 189,000 Photo Blog At Flickr.Com

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Girl in the picture is hardcore fan on of Uncle Salman Khan and she is with Goddess Marriamen's prayer thali offering her prayers to the success of Ready.. and super success of Salman Khan.

For Dabbang I had carried 5 tickets first day first show Rs 5001 and ladoos given to me by Supermom of Sonakshi Sinha Mrs Punam Sinha .. to place at the feet of Lalbagh Chya raja I gave her offerings to treasurer of Lalbagh Chya Raja Mandal Raju Langewal.. and what happened next I need not tell you or take credit ..

But Mrs Punam Sinha Ke Tofhe Se Lalbagh Chya Raja Bahut Zyada Khush Hua..

I had also placed a chaddar on behalf of Mrs Punam Sinha for Sonakshi at the Holy Shrine of Khwajah Garib Nawaz last year...

So the Gods are happy with Mr Shatrughan Sinhas family and this blog is my birthday tribute to Sonakshi Sinha..a family that is my extended family..

I have been a part of this family for almost 25 years..

And in all humility gratitude this is my 189000 photo blog at dedicated to Mrs Punam Sinha.. Super Mom No1

Marriammen Feast Macchimar Colony Mahim 2011

The Barefeet Blogger of Mumbai

Shooting Hope Hindutva As A Message Of Peace Humanity

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Marriammen Feast Macchimar Colony Mahim 2011

From the beach heading to the Marriammen Temple Macchimar Colony via Mori Road takes over 4 to 5 hours.. lot of dance fun frolic on the way .. I left half way ...

Marriammen Feast Macchimar Colony Mahim 2011

Shilpas Relative Breaks Down On Seeing Her With The Rod In The Mouth

Pain is the Only Human Emotion We Truly Share With Everyone

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I met Shilpa this afternoon as I passed the Marriamman Temple Macchimar Colony today on some work..I had gone to Canossaa Convent to a friends workshop and this was at about 1.00 pm I was to meet a client at my workplace between 3 pm and 3.30 pm so I had time to kill and besides today being Wednesday I thought of searching for my beggar friend Appu who has no hands or legs so I walked from here , I could not find Appu they said he had stopped coming to Mahim .

From Budh Bazar I cut across to Moro Road shooting street pictures and reached the Marriammen Temple..I met Laxmi her family and Shilpa too they were not aware that I had posted over 900 pictures at of their procession and event. these are simple people low profile and not publicity hungry at all.

Shilpa I talked at end as her marks on her cheeks of the rod had healed , she told me she undertook the rod piercing ritual to ask the Devi to end her fathers ordeal , he was suffering from incurable chronic disease and TB too was in great pain and could not eat food only drank water.. for several months.

She prayed for her fathers death as it would end his unbearable pain.. Shilpa told me the day she pierced her cheeks that is Sunday was the day her father breathed his last he died peacefully the same day.. they had him cremated the following day after she had completed her ritual and her rod removed.

She was crying near the Marriammen Temple when she narrated this story to me and before she undertook the ritual she had dreamed she was piercing her cheeks ..

And the night I shot her with her rod in the mouth was a night of pain for me too...I wish I could have shot the removal of her rod at the Temple but I aborted this event halfway at 10 pm and returned home to Bandra this is the second lot I am uploading today.. pictures that were in the womb of my camera.

And while I talked with them at the temple I had no desire to shoot their pictures .. not even a single frame as testimony of my visit.. but I shot a lot of pictures as I walked from here in the hot scorching humid heat till my workplace and reached there in time by 3 pm...

I was totally drenched dehydrated but I did meet Mr Vikas Mohan at the appointed my workplace.

Hanging Limes With Needles Attached to the Back

Happy Birthday Ashok

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I would love to give you
so much so more
i told my home folk
also a facebook poke
but ashok
this barefeet poet
is always broke
his voice strangulated
by love before she left
she made me choke
luckily that one limb
did not get a stroke
from a nightmare
i awoke seminal
body mind soaked
blocked ignored
permission revoked
tell me ashok
why the is love
a riddle fuck a joke
god made women
to fuck menfolk
white and some egg yolk
the wrath of nemesis
fate invoked you
are lucky you dont drink
or smoke a rapier
edged sword your tongue
your wit god save
the asshole
whoever provokes
our own dear ashok
on his birthday
in the swimming pool
filled with champagne
doing breaststroke
raw human
totally uncloaked

The Death of the Gaothan..

Hafiz Bhai of Kings Shoes Linking Road Bandra

Life .. You Drag It From The Cradle To The Grave

The Municipality Took away His Hand Cart

Muslim Motherhood

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has always
been very good
it was in
most cases
the madrsa
the rogue mullah
the soul of the child
with sectarian hate
as fast as
he could
suicide bombers
was what he
killing bombing
his face covered
in a hood
because of him
his dastardly deeds
Islam misunderstood
martyred motherhood

The Blogger

The Darkness Within The Soul of a Blog

Hai Allah Yeh Kis Alam Main Hai

Yar Ek Four Square Dena Aur Ek Goa ..Jaldi Kar Yar Date Par Jana Hai

The Only Thing We Are Good At Is Producing Babies ..

Our kids studying in a Catholic orphanage at Bandra rape a eight year old does not matter if the rapist does not know the basics of sex he has learnt enough from watching his peers and where were the Christian nuns fathers running the children's home.. when all this was happening..

Sometimes segregation as important too I think.. and this bit of new being a Bandraite hit me real hard..the greatest crimes unreported are committed in children's home everybody knows it but fuck who cares..

Bloggers Are Partially Self Obsessive..About Their Flaws

Because I Pass The Same Roads I Shoot The Same Things..

Street Photography Is Shooting What Everyone Sees But Fails To Notice

I Shoot Life On The Move ..Muslim Beggars Is My Main Menu

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Now you want to know her story the woman in blue shawl, she lives produces children at the feet of the Khada Parsi.. while she is being screwed every night by a drunk husband Khada Parsi who is as fucked by fate as they are, turns his face away... though he knows all her children by name they have beautiful names too.. Ma Ke Laude , Madar Chod, Kute Ki Aulad , Chinal Chodi ka, Badhwe , and I can go on .. but than Khada Prasi is used to it all unless if they transplanted him gracefully to Cusrow Baugh his agony would end , but I am sure he wont like it he is part of our changing pathos ethos and pigeon shit..

I am sure he would not want to go to Malcolm Baugh too far away, or Dadar Parsi Colony.. too upper lip .. he prefers the Signal the over bridge and he loves watching Lalbagh Chya Raja being felicatated by the Byculla cops the Byculla firemen on his way to Duncan street felicitated by Muslims though Khada Parsi cant see that far..Phiroze Dastoor have yet to change the number on his existing glasses..

His long coat too has seen bad times it was made by Dean and Co.. once upon a time his mojdis were hand crafted by Dexter and Co..

Once many years back I had a car so I passed him frequently when I visited the Kamatipura flea market and Chor Bazar on Fridays.. but when bad times came I sold my car .. and hardly pass the Khada Parsi nowadays..

Though all in all after Keith Kanga Rayomand Framroze and Eruch Irani Khada Parsi is my only favorite bawa integral part of my own pathos poetry and blogs..

I cam imagine Bawa ladies asking for smelling salts when they Google Search for KhadaPrasi. I mean erect Parsi and finding..instead Muslim beggar ladies Madarchod and the rest I wont repeat..

So now you know why bloggers like me wont ever be featured in fucked Mumbai newspapers.

Ha Ha Happy Anti Tobacco day.. just dont stub this one out as yet..

And When I Have Nothing Left To Shoot I Shoot My Fucked Hand

Of Course With Due Apologies I Shoot Hijras Too

And I Shoot The Beggars of Amchi Mumbai..

And for the beggar it is tough he pays hafta or pays a fine of Rs 1200.. but you cant extern him like a Bollywood Brat that easily.. he will be back.. you can remove him from Mumbai can you remove Mumbai from him.. Fuck You Cant

I Am a Poor Mans Photographer I Shoot Their Taj Mahal..