Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ek Gadi Ek Khiladi..

Blogger Bawa from Bandra

Aj Kal Ham Bekar Hain..Na Kisi Ki Ghulami Ham Apne Sarkar Hain

The Beggar Poet Of Mumbai Has Gone For a Change

Phoolon Ke Rang Se Dil Ki Kalam Se Tujhko Likhi Roz Paati Kaise Bataaoon Kis Kis Tarah Se Pal Pal Mujhe Tu Sataati

Chhota Safar Ho Lamba Safar Ho Sooni Dagar Ho Ya Mela
Yaad Tu Aaye Man Ho Jaaye Bheed Ke Beech Akela

I Can Drive Anyone Mad Without Wheels ..

a photographer
a beggar poet
on the streets
but amorphous
to steal
with his blog
the soul
of humanity
what is pain
through his bleeding
head the power of hussain
reveals hope humility
as humanity ...a blog
a cog of a cosmic wheel
a picture a pause
empty stomachs
dying without hope
a prayer is greater
than a morsel of meal

The Three Wise Men of Gotham City - Indiblogger Vodafone Speedfest Meet

The Camera is a Dead Body We Add Our Soul To It ...

Deepak Magic Eye Uma Shankar Pandey and Me

If You Have A Camera You Can Conquer The World On Line


I Am Trying To Change For The Better ..

my lifes weather
gets dark gloomy
wetter and wetter
pictures as poetry
once a beggar poet
an incorrigible
inter netter
an envelop
from sender
minus the letter
her bark was
worse than
her bite
when i
tried to pet her

Photography Is Shooting God and The Unknown

no you dont
rob a persons soul
no what you shoot wont
turn to stone in a crowd
or if you are alone
now photography
is digital easy
you can even
shoot on your
mobile phone
thank you
renie ranvin
shashi bhushan
of vodafone
is poetry visuals
all sins atone
no need of words
flighty highflown
fuck f stops
light shade tone
photography is
heaven hell
no matter
what camera
you own
that moan
is habit addiction
but not injurious
to health just
photography prone
inborn passion
once it enters
your system
just cant dethrone
beg borrow
or steal or
take a camera
on loan

We Reach Grand Hyatt For The IndiBlogger Meet Mumbai 2012

The Indiblogger Vodafone Speedfest Meet Grand Hyatt Mumbai

This is my new set Part 2 of the Lewis Hamilton Speedfest series, I shot this first, but posted the racing pictures first..

I am an Indiblogger?

What is IndiBlogger...?

Indiblogger is a platform for Indian bloggers based In India overseas..and are bound by a holistic mantra of Bloggers beyond borders beyond caste color community or creed and the ethnicity is purely Being Humane ..

I joined this band of bloggers a few years back and though I have been blogging since 2005 , this Indiblogger experience is one of its kind baptism by Blog.

My blogs are photo based poems of drama of Life ..and I pimp my Flickr blogs on IndiVine ..at Indiblogger ..

My grandaughter prolific street photographer 4 year old Marziya Shakir is a Indiblogger ,,with a Twitter handle ..

My other grand daughter street photographer photoshooting blogger 1 year old Nerjis Asif Shakir joined IndiBlogger the moment she landed on this planet from the time machine of her mothers womb..
She has a Twitter handle to, both have Facebook accounts I have deactivated because they have a very long friends list and managing their accounts was a tough task.

Both shoot on Canon EOS 60D both have their web presence on Flickr and Blogspot.

Marziya Shakir shoots on Canon EOS 7D .. with the vertical grip..I have never deleted their pictures as I think God hits the shutter button .. as he likes what they see , he loves their vision which is his vision too, a vision of a better world is possible if we nurture our children , our progeny at a earliest age on the path of Peace Hope and Harmony.

So this post is less about Vodafone more about Indiblogger and Indiblogs ..picture of Lewis Hamilton is as a encouragement that you can reach the skies or scorch the streets with the racing marks of your destiny...speedfest of time space ...and passion....in our case photography and blogging.

This Indi Meet was one of the best ..and I am lucky I sat with Deepak Magic Eye and Uma Shankar Pandey both passionate bloggers and keen avid photographers and here I must reiterate with more knowledge of camera settings light shade than me .. I am frickin point shoot artist .

As I am not much of a descriptive blog writer my narraion is purely visuals more like a story boad , so even if you were not there you will enjoy and feel what we felt when we shot these pictures for you.. those who could not make it..

I dont upload pictures on Facebook Picassa ..all my uploading is done at Flickr as a batch ..

I initially did not want to come to this Meet as I was to shoot the Media Darshan of Lalbagh Chya Raja I shoot every year but I have shot most of the Mumbai meets as a chronicle of Indiblogger Timeline.

I missed the Lalbagh Chya Raja shoot though I gave Rs 100 extra to the cab driver to do a Lewis Hamilton from Sion to Lalbagh..I missed the shoot by 15 minutes or so.. but I shot Gauri and the Lalbagh Market the umpteenth time..

So thank you Renie the Vodafone Speedfest pass got as the best strategic position and I shot Lewis Hamilton after all..without flash..

Thank you Shashi Bhushan Vodafone you did a great job you were the best after Lewis Hamilton.. yes dude .. you hit a ace..

Thank you all fellow Indibloggers firstly beautiful very beautiful mind soul ..Wafa ,,Trust in F1 paid off , newbie Scheherazade , more famous than Lewis Hamilton our neighbors envy bloggers pride Blogwatijee .. han Jee ..

Puneet Dubey , Binoy , Adi Iyer the greatest blogger inspiring dude , one of his kind ..Kaushal and so many others I am bad bad bad with names .. forgive me I include you all .. even those that were not there Amit Agarwal, Anupam Patra Nabita , Saru Singhal,Nona , Naddy, and Twitter Queen Purba Ray.. and again all of you ..
And Anup Johnson in New York..

And I am making a band gala for Vikas Khanna ..Master Chef as my love for his Junoon.. And I making it without taking his measurements by the way I forgot to tell you guys I am a high end Darji by profession.. Cut Wont Copy Wont Paste ..A Blogger a Tailor a Tinker in Oxymoron Haste .. good breeding beggar poet with culture and taste ..


bloggers are born.. and the camera has got nothing to do with it

the touch of peace .. hope and humanity ..

Hamari Politics Hai Kadaie Sab Neta Apas Main Garam Hote Karte Ladie ..

Bahar se ake kafgir karta hain un sab par chadaie
Media khaush hokar karta unki badaie ..kaun bane ga
crorepati is election main na padai na likhai

Raju Langewal Hon Treasurer Lalbagh Chya Raja

Lewis Hamilton # The Vodafonespeedfest at BKC 2012

I have posted 207 pictures of this event on my Flickr photostream..

Thank you Renie Ranvin Vineet Rajan Deepak Ambebal Magic Eye volunteers and all fellow Indibloggers ..

Lewis Hamilton-#Vodafone Speedfest BKC..

Lewis Hamilton Speeds #thevodafonesuperfest #indiblogger

Lewis Hamilton Does The Doughnut #thevodafonesuperfest #indiblogger

Lewis Hamilton Box office Hit #thevodafonesuperfest #indiblogger

Lewis Hamilton Speeds#thevodafonesuperfest #indiblogger