Friday, August 29, 2014

Why is the Bhaiyya crying ,,because Hindus Muslims Sikhs In His Beloved Uttar Pradesh Are Unnecessarily Dying

unless newspapers
as paid media are lying
#wakeupakhilesh a twitter
hashtag is underlying
the fact of the matter
polarization in politics
humanity in India
is casteist sectarian
religiously biased
against each other
implying jihad
a moniker dive
a nation leaders
viciously segregated
silent not replying ,

I Am Upto My Neck.. My Ass Gets Poked Tearfully Tagged and Strainfully Stroked

at facebook
most of the times
my poetry ridden ass
gets ruminatively choked
a beggar poet born broke
dreams up the chimney
going up in smoke ,,,
a bread of loaf a bottle of
coke dire straits different stokes
hooded agony in  tattered cloak
a kick up his ass suddenly he
awoke at facbook.. bhai ab toh rok