Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Yule Time of Hate

Yule Time of Hate
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in a few days here in mumbai
or in the western world
the birth of jesus christ
they will celebrate
those that talk
of love peace
yule time
but inherently
the colored man hate
this is part of their mental make up
their bad karmic state
laying traps
they lie in wait
yes with a poisonous
poetic dart
their victims bait
they pretend also to
be champions
of anti racism
call themselves minority
than crash the gate
the colored mans
cybernetic existence
to terminate
searchlight but
than its far too late
in a white mans world
white mans travesty of justice
the sins of a generation
will not expatiate

The Traffic of Life and the Beggar Girl

The Traffic of Life and the Beggar Girl
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she was first a liitle baby
hanging on a beggar childs waist
she became a toddler much in haste
now as she steadily grows
her vulnerability
in an egg shell encased
like her mother her elder sister
15 years already
with child
she has the bitter
sweet kernel
of life to taste
an aborted childhood
like a moving vehicle
on lifes running traffic
at some other signal
misplaced .

The Muslim Poor Man

The Muslim Poor Man
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outside the mosque
oblivious to the maddening
world moving by he sits
writing his lifes
ailing story
in bits
now that time permits
two days before bakra idd
the slaughtering
of the sacrificial goats
lacs spent on kurbani
the sacred sacrifice
while he lives
in the pits
time and tide
lashing him
a few more
black eyed hits
yes he is a poor muslim man
a small frugal head
yet the skull cap fits
the salah his obligation
to omniscient Allah
come sickness bad health
he never omits

Hijdas Children of a Lesser God poem

Hijdas Children of a Lesser God poem
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A new lot of Hijdas have taken over the Turner Road Traffic Signal, I met
them yesterday while going to work, Laxmi the Beggar Hijda who kept
this signal running with her kind face has stopped coming here , and I guess
its their head or Guru who controls and tells them where they beg..
The Turner Road Signal is a prestigious begging point, and the arterial road leads to four distinct points of Bandra..
However the Turner Road beggar kids give the Hijdas a tough time moving in for the kill as the kids really are faster on their feet, semi naked and the little tots completely naked.
Their mothers play cards across the road, food is leftovers from the nearby Stomach restaurant. The Eunuchs eat from the street stalls mostly the Bombay staple food called
the Batata Wada ..which is potato pancake in bread and green chutney…

a new fresh crop a new lot of Hijdas
beg at the Turner Road Traffic Signal now
morning to evening they move from one car to another
a field of no returns
tired as they plough
of the sweat of their brow
to the passengers in the cars
they smile as they kowtow
the beggar kids plunge headlong
the eunuch competition
wont allow
a hopeless fruit of misery
that almost bends the bough
here on the streets of despair
the children of a lesser God
broken puppets on a string
have less human respect
than the Holy Cow

Save Ram Setu

Save Ram Setu
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Last week a chariot bedecked with flowers and a huge stone from Ram Setu was on display, the procession was drawn from people of Bandra Bazar Road..
there was a large crowd taking darshan and prasadam..

'Save Ram Sethu' is an international campaign jointly promoted by a growing number of international organizations to oppose the destruction of Ram Sethu, also known as Adam's Bridge. The Sethu Samudram Shipping Canal Project undertaken by the Indian Government will destroy this bridge.

Latest Ram Sethu News

International groups have jointly launched the Save Ram Sethu campaign against the continuing destruction of a symbol of the Hindu faith in the narrow sea between India and Sri Lanka. Ram Sethu ( called Adam's Bridge by the British ) which is seen as one of Hinduism's holiest sites, is an ancient chain of shoals that once linked India's southern areas to Sri Lanka's northwest. It is being destroyed by the Sethu Samudram Shipping Canal Project (SCCP) to create a navigable waterway in the narrow sea dividing the two countries. [more]

Bedding a Horny Lens

Bedding a Horny Lens
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I recieved this and other more hillarious pictures in Gmail Inbox with a link ..
I could have posted all of them but it would go against my ethics of photography..
But do see the link and laught at some of the most funny picture situations..

This one I am using as my poetry subject

no woman I would want to sleep with
discordant times recession makes sense
I d rather sleep with a life size horny
telescopic zoom lens
a libido far flung and immense
no nagging no bragging no wifes regular nonsense
no more viagra no more spanish fly
if it does not get up no need to get tense
no more old days no more new days
to reminisence
no more taunts no more
she getting pregnant
no more gestational suspense
an indian dress a mere lioncloth
gandhi wore it churchill took offence
no for a million bucks
I wont wear a kilt
I may be stupid I am not dense
Love poetry hate Racism
I am shocked at my poetic moderation
are words to my racist antagonists
as my only ahinsa based self defense
it takes two hands to clap
two hands to repair a broken fence
what shocks me a mere insignificant
Indian gutter fly
caused a fluttter not worth two cents
bashed up egos albaster white faces
bashed up hollow poetic pretense
wounds that will take time to heal
add it to the exchequer as incidental
cybernetic medical expense
my soul banned at poem hunter
smoked out with the fragrance
of a pest killing incense

To Mr Danny Reynolds-Bandmaster

To Mr Danny Reynolds-Bandmaster

*uck you danny reynolds my fight is not with you keep your scottish ass in the kilt it looks better in there ///
you would not want someone to play it like a tabla would you.

intimidate you dont scare me at all
if you have time come scratch my left ball
living in a glass house
dont throw stones at a brick wall
what you thing is big
you dickhead might turn
out to be small
so over expose it
to your white women
this New Years Ball
with a new kilt
made from your
maid servants shawl
bowel cheek and some jowl

Mr Danny Reynolds is a poem hunter member who has been harassing me at Poem Hunter whose remarks to me have been no less than racial slurs..

Firoze Shakir Bollywoods Most Wanted Poet Of India

The Waters of Racist Hate

The Waters of Racist Hate
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I recieved the following message from Flickr Support I have the highest regard for their
decision and abide by it without any regrets, i may be deleted as a picture here at Flickr but Truth is already easily available on the Internet and can never be choked.
I took up photo blogging to share my world of pictures not to proselytize my religion or my beliefs on others..
I also took up photo blogging as a weapon against Racism, and I need not tell you that it is very powerful and has the greatest strength backed by a collective society of hate minded people..My case in all its humility, a fightthat was at Poem Hunter maded its way to Flickr.
People who treated me racially at Poem Hunter hacked my accounts , had me banned , now moved against me at Flickr, that they were Flick members I never knew, but they collectively placed blocks on me, without me ever visting their photo stream.
I still dont know their identities ,but yes racism , specially White Racism exists and is not a figment of my poetic mind proves it completely in my case.
I am a blogger in transit I will be judged by my actions and my posts will tell you that against my aggressors I habe nothing but words as my defence.
I am a poet of no consequence yet my rise at the top of the spire of poetic fame bought me more brick bats and racist punishment..

The message from Flickr Support

Hello, firoze shakir photographerno1!

This is an automatically generated copy of a warning we sent to your primary email address:

Hi firoze shakir photographerno1,

We've seen an unusual number of "blocks" against your
account. Also, we have deleted the kilt photo in which you
inappropriately called out another Flickr member.

In joining Flickr, you agreed to abide by the Terms of
Service and Community Guidelines. Specifically, you must
not abuse, harass, threaten, impersonate or intimidate
other Flickr members:

If we continue to see an unusual number of blocks against
your account, we will likely delete your account.


My reply sent to them by Yahoo Mail

From: "firoze shakir"
Subject: CASE 463563
Firstly I have had no problem with any Flickr member I reietrate, the few months that I have built my reputation painstakingly on Flickr, all my poems were replies to attack I recieved at the hands of a few racist members of Poem Hunter site who may be members of Flickr site..
I have never visited any members from my Flickr site to their site..
I have taken much racial abuse and if you keep alluding that I threaten intimidate Flickr members I feel you use these words harshly against me..Even now as I write this everyday at the Poem Hunter I am being thrashed poems written denigerating my character .
I think if people from this group keep blocking me and you take their version to admonish me than I too will have no alternative but to move out from Flickr..a move that would hurt me too as I have more than 14000 pictures posted here of a photo jornalistic nature.. showing a human world of pain and rituals and Hinduism which is my cultural inheritance.
I have from the day I joined Flickr leaving aside theThink Flickr Think poems or Bonk Flickr poem never deliberately maligned the management or Flickr members..I have nothing in my defence I have fought my opponents through my Blogs ...single handedly.
All my poems talk of Poem Hunter racist treatment meted out to me..but I have realised that Racism in a strange way makes the victim the aggressor..
If you unnecessarily knowing what I have been fighting for keep reminding me
"Specifically, you must
not abuse, harass, threaten, impersonate or intimidate
other Flickr members:"
Than it shocks me, and hurts me even the kilt picture as a poem was written against a Poemhunter member has racially continued to trouble me , and still does from the forum that is read by many bloggers and poets.I never in 50 years expected a member of a Scotts race to behave in such a degrading manner..

Tell me by posting any thing to hurt someone what could I gain..
I had to show my pain and my wounds..
If this does not convince you I have nothing to say.I thank you all the same.Merry Xmas
Firoze Shakir.

I will be posting this dialogue as a blog

Poem Hunter Junction

Poem Hunter Junction
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at poem hunter junction
a secluded racist spot
they sit
firoze shakir poems
love poetry hate racism poems
hubcap shit head poems
lost in transit
like just hatched chicken babies
in a venomous snake pit
blocked banned
yet to get a clean chit
the few white racist poets
under this brown poets ass
a dynamite stick shaped like a dildo
they lit for his occupying
Top 500
Top 200
Top 100
Top 20
Top list
for this daredevilry
they show him their knuckle dusted fist
betty wants to strangle him
danny wants to piss on him
louisiana lass wants to lynch him
metamorphhh acidic groaning pain in the ass
wants to punish him
hog and flog him
a bowel shit on him
an arsewell fart on him
all poetic hate
of a collective antagonists
threatened by a blogger
a photographer
a wannabe bad poet
a story with a twist
accusing him of a hacker
a crasher of votes
these pompous pretentious
literary garbage filled anarchists
from poem hunter they had him dismissed
white mans hate sun kissed
mutually black brown and white
in a game of numbers
where reaching the top
is of prime importance
will never mutually co-exist
baying for his blood
at flickr
these hooligans
skin heads
white supremacist racists

Edwin Drood Top 500 poet Poem Hunter

Edwin Drood Top 500 poet Poem Hunter
Originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1

photo courtesy

listen@poemhunter says that it was Ferocious Fakir who crashed the lights to delude
...abusive and lewd
no not related to Mahmoud Maksoud or Masood who sell pet food
Closely related to Firoze Shakir with whom the racists had a feud
They sent him packing leaving behind his poems in the nude
In his place to keep Poem Hunter poets entertained with not so funny stories
He has sent Santa Banta brother Edwin Drood
a rascal Indian storyteller very very shrewd “the right step” “dirty pictures” “fastest”as much as he could exclude
“Correct or wrong” poem hunter forum racist asses skewed in foul mood
venomous vituperative vapors imbued a war of words ensued
Funny funny stories to get you screwed served piping hot as racist food
Danny the pisser his little pecker cubically pubically unviewed
To block a brown ass at Flickr with his racist friends he connived and pursued
Louisiana lynching Lass and Betty Strangler he did include
A thought in all its xenophobicness as an attack on freedom of speech
And poetic creativity on love poetry hate racism did intrude
Hogging the limelight the snout of a swine that did obtrude
God is always with the righteous when he is in good mood what say you dude
Edwin Drood the Top 500 poet at Poem hunter I conclude
“Who’s the Ass” I wont allude
A poetic pact the Devil renewed
Metaphorically on the metamorphhhs posterior in menstrual blood tattooed