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Why Is Bandra Bazar Road Dying ? An Interview With Clarence Gomes

Happy Morning From Bandra ,,,Garbage Inspires My Fragmented Creativity

This is my first stop I pay my solemn tribute to the Lord Of The Flies ,, This is Gods other Temple where Man where godliness is reflected through the garbage ,,

And since the time we came to live in this part of Bandra it has always been like this or worse .. it did not matter to the residents or the people that live around this holistic spot , it did not matter to our BJP Mumbai President who lives two buildings away and this has nothing to do with progress or development ,,

But I assure you if Hon Narendra Modiji was to visit the BJP President for tea ,, would you see all this ,, tell me honestly ,,Bandra Municipality BJP volunteers would go out of their way to showcase their efforts cleaning all this hiding it beneath the red carpet ,, Modijis Swach Bharat ,

15 years of tepid lackluster Congress Rule was the same , and despite the Congress civic presence it is is worse ,, this entire stretch is like acid bomb , the stench the filth , all the markets around this place are fulso…

I Shoot Simple People Simple Stories

He has been selling hankies here at the Kurla overbridge for 60 years and we became good friends,, every time I come this end to go to Nehru Nagar he greets me and I inquire about his health and he says Allah keeps him happy and fit ,, Allah Malik Hai ,, Allah is my Master .

He boasts to all the vendors hawkers of our Friendship.. and he feels proud that I am his friend ,these are the simple people I shoot , heroes of my blogs ,,besides you have to be human to be a good photographer , you should be able to feel absorb another mans pain.. photography is about being humble , down to earth .Arrogance has no place in people photography, like him I am thankful to God that I can shoot pictures and add emotions as moving text.

I asked a guy to take this shot and he was over smart he hit the video button too.. sometimes the hanky seller offers me tea , and I take it though I only drink black tea without sugar .

I think I have learnt a lot shooting these simple people I have understood their cha…

Blind Beggar Kurla Station Overbridge

This bridge connects Kurla West to Kurla East and I take this bridge that houses a commercial shopping mall of hawkers at the go to Nehru Nagar to meet my friends who are in the Tropical Fish Trade

I was seeing this beggar for the first time .. I spoke to him , he is totally blind I gave him money too , the Dalit lady who begs on the bridge steps was missing instead there was a blind beggar Muslim lady I gave her money too .. but an inner sense tells me there is a guy who brings the ladies to beg here I had spotted him once , he may be the local goon and all this not very far from the Kurla West Station Police Chowky ,,and why should all this matter to our cops , this is not a law and order problem..

Even if a cop sees someone making nuisance invariably he will just walk away pretending he has not seen it ,, In Mumbai the local goons that allow beggars to beg at prime spots get protection money money that is moved further up to those in high places ,, there was a lady dwarf b…