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The Hindu Niqab In Latur

The Hindu Niqab In Latur, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 152,664 items / 1,187,258 views

a fashion statement on the move
a religious attitude of the muslim
women caught in the spasms
of street style in a groove
while a moment captured aloof
a thought hits the roof whats
ths world coming to wonders
mother of yusuf what are
the hindu girls trying to prove
clandestine romantic encounters
made easy that their parents
wholeheartedly disapprove

Sometimes A Muslim Blogger Sees Faith Face To Face

Sometimes A Muslim Blogger Sees Faith Face To Face, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 152,551 items / 1,186,894 views

the gods and goddesses work in a strange way
through pictures i show wherever i shoot
wherever i go through the inner soul
of my camera humanity glows
paying tribute to divinity in all its throes
the flesh was inclined the soul in repose
a barefeet muslim blogger pain passion pathos
the essence of firoze hope and hindutva
a message of peace as you know
from my heart to your heart
like a bursting dam on the consciousness
of hope harmony as it overflows
being a hindu or a muslim
is not the only criteria
being a good indian a good
human being all other thought
of religious bigotry racism overthrows
a tear drop from my eye on the floor
as it glistened it froze

The Goddess Mahalaxmi Of Latur

The Goddess Mahalaxmi Of Latur, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. I had arrived in Latur and checked in a small lodge I showered and came down to the streets for a cup of tea I was barefeet and as I walked along I reached this small roadside temple in Latur where Goddess Mahalaxmi resides I shot a lot of pictures and the grooming up of the Goddess by the temple priest..

The Hindu Niqab In Latur

The Hindu Niqab In Latur, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 152,534 items / 1,186,789 views

She and others like her wear
it as a fashion statement
in the city of latur
does it make her more secure
does it give her the same spiritual solace
that it gives her muslim counterpart
i am not sure
the muslim niqab as it allures
she endures
most of the hindu girls wear
it for romantic encounters
a thought impure
this was the explanation
given to me
by a maheshwari jain
the niqab as it detours
only eyes piercing the soul
of man in all its grandeur
the niqab a curse on the
soul of the hindu girl
he said pained
the wrong message
short tenure
a garb immature
enforced sartorial way
to look coy and demure
for a woman's artful fashion
prevention is better than
no cure a thought obscure
they must ban the hindu
niqab in latur rest assured

Latur In The Mist

Latur In The Mist, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 152,463 items / 1,186,471 views

where hindus muslims
jointly as brothers co exist
unlike other places in
they are bound
hand to hand
heart to heart
in peace and humanity
closely knit
the hindu cobblers
the muslim pan sellers
outside the jagdamba temple
at golai gossip and sit
a cup of chai some tidbit
when a natural calamity
hits them they get
jointly hit
their life shot
by a blogger barefeet
with a broken wrist
guest of the bhutadas
latur in the mist
dry chicken
spicy gravy
chotu miya
i could not resist
latur sun kissed

My Return Trip To Latur- Benaqab

My Return Trip To Latur- Benaqab, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 152,461 items / 1,186,418 views

The people of Latur are humble souls devoid of pride conceit or arrogance, the poor man was hoping for the return of ex CM Vilasrao Deshmukh so good days would return and work that had been stopped and delayed during the reign of Mr Ashok Chavan would begin afresh, but than it was not to be both Nanded from where Mr Ashok Chavan hails and Latur the hometown of Vilasrao Deshmukh will have to wait , it is now a Russian Roulette of Politics..

Good days for Karad and Western Maharashtra..

The train from Mumbai to Latur halts at Platform no 2 that has no over bridge so you cross the railway tracks precariously and come to platform no 1 to exit out of Latur Station , the Welcome Gift kind courtesy and insult to Indian Hospitality and Ethos the Indian Railways.

Less said the better my return journey from Latur to Mumbai was hell nightmare and I hope to stay away from Latur and…

We Love To Pee In Public

We Love To Pee In Public, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. whitewashing the walls
the roads with our dick
we use it too as a wick
to light up the darkness
while crossing a channel
a seminal soliloquy slick
giving hope
to the virginal desires
of every horny chick
a testimonial
written by a prick
on the masthead
of a hard brick
orgiastic oscillations
a high and some kick