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Lucknow Ke Living Dead ,,, In A Winding Sheet Red

over the years
he has been bled
one came built
parks statues
power had gone
to her head
she did not
build infrastructure
new jobs schools
hospitals colleges
she came she saw
on an elephant
she fled ..than came
the cycle to take charge
instead ,rapes police
brutality goondaism
hooliganism bred
crime corruption
watershed saifai
will be the next
capital of uttar
buffaloes are
well fed .
watches waiting
for a chance
to raise its
saffron head
promoting 4
per woman
as the new
year marches
ahead .. as for
the congress
well its stone
dead to resurrect
it from its deathly
slumber ..but than
leaders loggerhead
wavering misled
politically overfed

I Am On Ello ...

If wishes were horses, beggars would ride

from wikipedia

"If wishes were horses, beggars would ride" is an English language proverb and nursery rhyme, originating in the 16th century, which is usually used to suggest that it is useless to wish and that better results will be achieved through action. It has a Roud Folk Song Index number of 20004.

Common modern versions include:

If wishes were horses, beggars would ride:
If turnips were watches, I'd wear one by my side,:
If, If's and And's were pots and pans, there would be no need for tinkers.:
A shorter version appears below.

If wishes were horses
Beggars would ride:
If turnips were bayonets:
I would wear one by my side:

The first recognisable ancestor of the rhyme was recorded in William Camden's (1551–1623) Remaines of a Greater Worke, Concerning Britaine, printed in 1605, which contained the lines: "If wishes were thrushes beggers would eat birds".[2] The reference to horses was first in James Carmichael[disambiguation …

The Long Lost Malang From Bandra and Original Content

He was an iconic person , who begged peacefully in Bandra , and was equally humble and endearing to all communities , knew the Shlokas that he recited in Hindu shops , offered prayers for the well being of Humanity .

I met him many a times after I shot him in 2005 but since last three years I have not seen him at all, he was not keeping well but you could not miss his tall figure at the Bandra Station Idd namaz.

And I chronicled such interesting looking people more as a photographer for their majestic photogenic quality ,, and as I shot them they became part of storyboard of my Mumbai Humane Comedy ,,some aged  some still stayed fresh and some simply disappeared .

And there are many who just disappeared in thin air ,,,never to be seen again and I am left holding their captive souls in a cybernetic cage .

Beggars , Malangs Rafaees Sadhus Hijras I shot them all, the Whippers of Ma Ambe , street performers , street vendors and all this came under street photography, I hardly shoot now ,…