Monday, January 9, 2012

The Shia Blogger Malang of Mumbai

Zuljana And Me Kasim and Zahoor

Pappu Bhais Kurla Juloos Shantinagar 2012

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I shot this last evening, and this is a very important significant Moharam juloos , I have shot it since 2008, this year I came here with Ferman Ali and began the documentary, the highlight is 18 Zuljanas a lot of kama hardcore matam led by Pappu bhai and his son..Zahoor
A lot of women children come here with chidren , there is a shabi of little Bibi Sakinas by Munna Bhai of Imamwada .

There was a young zakir 7 year old who recited the majlis and won the hearts of the gathering not just Shias but other communities including our Hindu brethren..

I had a serious asthma attack so I aborted the juloos without telling anyone not even Ferman Ali and rushed home to the doctors .

Last year I had cut my head here this year I had to give it a miss ..

Marziya Shakir at Ashirwad..

Mr Rajesh Khanna And a Beggar Poet Shot By Marziya Shakir 4 Year Old

Mr Rajesh Khanna had not seen Marziya Shakir since her second birthday, so he asked me to bring her over this Sunday and Marziya took this shot with my Nikon D 80..

There are Rabid Bigots on Google+Too

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As long as I post pictures of transgender or other religiosity it is fine but a few shots of Shiasm and cold blood sends shivers down the few who have added me on Google+ as a general rule I ignore requests I am not interested in having followers I moved out of Facebook for the very reason..

I cant shoot insects sunsets HDR or wild life I am a beggar poet using the same fucked camera for last 8 or 9 years but I am happy I dont whine complain or groan..I am happy to shoot the streets maybe as a blogger I am a bit opinionated but everyone has a right to his opinion..
I dont want to change your views and I dont promote my Shiasm or shove it up your gullet.. you dont like my pictures thoughts poetry please uncircle me and desist from commenting your rabid thoughts on them , find some other place person down the road..

I thought Google+would be a change of scenario from Facebook pokes that almost made me choke on my blogs and I use Twitter Google+ to pimp my blogs I am not into social networking..

You maybe a celebrity on Google+ does not bother me at all I am only a blogger with horns ..and I dont want get rid of them not now .. after 59 years on living on this fucked planet ..

kids crucified childhood and the school bags

The Beggar Hijras of Turner Road..

their pain on the soul of humanity i upload
their restless androgynous angst through
moving images shot from a ricksha
demystifying their myth i decode

waiting for a bed ...outside bhabha hospital the living dead

my world is a window of a rickshah..

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