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O Priya O Priya from Singapore

O Priya O Priya from Singapore
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She is a transgender
She is a Hijda
She is dark dusky
She is a beauty
her feline felonies
you will adore
She is Priya from Singapore
She is seduction
no lip o suction
She is gutsy
She is busty
She walks over
your body
her movements all hardcore
her body hot dripping sweaty sex
a possibilty you wont ignore
before you put yours
you know what
slippery silently
into her minds sexuality
rear sided trapdoor
before it is over
the dance of death
you will be begging
asking for more
this a forbidden fruit
and for more
you will have to loot the store
her hardened nipples
twitching like fireflies
in a carnival
in the darkness of a dance floor
dancing with your left feet
a radio humping
to underscore
O Priya O Priya
from Singapore
love lorn
I cant find
your kind of love

The All India Hijda Sammelan

The All India Hijda Sammelan
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the all india hijda sammelan
park site vikhroli
a place for hijda bonding and fun
hijdas from all over the country
under a mumbai sun
each one beautifully
made up over done
sarv dharm ek..
a thought well begun
looking at me dressed as a sadhu
they all poked fun
i took hundreds of pictures
not yet undone
santosh shetty raju srivastav baby
i thank each one
the myth of a
tantric metaphysical

Painted Veil of the Hijda

Painted Veil of the Hijda
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water colors
from the palette of pain
the hijdas life
a painted veil
with more pain ingrain
beneath the flesh toned layer
weeping in vain
a sabotaged soul
a silhouette remain
living a life of
duplicity for
what it was ordained
misery misanthrope
to a soul enchained
water into wine
a hope
blood stained

The Hijda Heart

The Hijda Heart
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in her hijda heart many secrets she hides
she is a hijda she wont take sides
by her karma her dharma her life she abides
she only to her guru confides
an ancestral pain of her sexuality
within her community resides
a punctuative pause penetrating her insides

Hijda Hopes

Hijda Hopes
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taken into the hijda community
she learns the ropes
falls in love
false hopes
with the best of her youth

The Hijda Face

The Hijda Face
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No births
just deaths
the hijda race
lives outlives
coup de grace
buried standing
in an enclosed
left behind
without a trace
time hurling
abuses on a clock face
two hands on a wild goose chase
ageing and disgrace
nothing ever falls into place

poet and photographer

poet and photographer
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poetic pastures of the mind
to be a good photographer
a good wordless poet
you have to be blind
the world seeing you
through a Venetian blind
as you see a film
of pain and sorrow conjoined
on the projector of your soul
as it unwinds

The Hijdas Fate

The Hijdas Fate
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Only pain
Immortal Pain
He can procreate
Such is his
Androgynous state
Laws of nature
Orientation mixed
Intentions straight
Wounded wings
Old ancient
British warped
Homosexuality laws
Dinasuarus like state

mans love for man
as his soul mate
fuelled to hate
that modern love
moral policing
more hate
empty words
some debate
bloggers beware
big brother is watching
through the
fourth estate

The Racist

The Racist
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The oldest were the English
Colonially hating humans
Imperialistic hegemony
The black and brown man
On their hate list
Enslaving him
Robbing his freedom
Bit by bit
White Man’s Burden
He carried this misfit
Sugarcane fields
Swamps he worked
Yes he too did exist
From the womb
Of the British Vampire
Was born a land of
Blue bottled criminals
Down Under
White Nation
The Refuge of all Racists
White Gods Blue eyed

Most Wanted Hijda No1

Most Wanted Hijda No1
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once castrated
to sing soulfully
at church choirs
ecclesiastical attire
voice reaching
heaven wards
higher and higher
a talent that was death to
most wanted
hijda no 1
In a new avatar
a new attire
Madonna Brittany
soul aspire
love Entrapped
to an internet wire
Prima Dona
cannibalistic desire
amorphous androgynous
beauty on hire
to allure seduce
and to conspire
under consenting mans
ass to light a
till he pleads
for peace
a mutual
cease fire .

The Hijda Death Wish

The Hijda Death Wish
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like a fish out of water
like a goat to a slaughter
born as a boy
wanting to
be a daughter
time and fate
the deviously
dangerous plotter
born in a river
washed away
in the sea of guilt
and saltwater
a broken pot
paralytic hands
of a god
as a potter.

Babita the Feline Beauty of Najafgadh

Babita the Feline Beauty of Najafgadh
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heartbeats chaotic and unspurred
androgynous aesthetics unheard
Babita the feline beauty of Najafgadh
that she is a incomplete woman , a
a transgender , a hijda sounds absurd
mona the eunuch child adopted
a foster mothers love
we met at
all India Hijda Sammelan
Park Site Vikhroli
that she was an overwhelmimgly
a very exotic rare bird
to me her lanced luminescence
was that of a eunuch
it simply never occurred
me a blogger a cybernetic nerd
hitting the keys words and pictures
bollywoods most wanted
flightless bird ..
multi cultured mind cuisine
culture vulture undeterred
my camera , my mission
following the footprints
of a hijda herd emotions
agony and fears all
on the cyberscape of
my heart interred
which you see more
focussed blinkerless
unequivocally and

Old Maharani the Hijda

Old Maharani the Hijda
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a tragic travelogue of a
world has that has passed me by

the mujras , the kothas
the nawabi shaan
my almond shaped doe eyes
kohl laden , hair henna dyed
my hourglass figure
my injured
meaningess manhood
concealed and none could pry
my stealthly smile
bancing love
on the tips of my toes
every movement fine
now in utter depair robbed of all the shine
my faded glory , my widowed wrinkles
my weathered woes regret and a cry
those memories lashing and lacerating my soul
when I danced a vestigial virgin
at new born children’s badhai
at wedding s my prancing feet
the dhol , clap beat s
the harmonium sweet notes of the shenai
tears of joy, young unblistered soul
love a freedom unfettered to a sigh
my lovers , my lords , my patrons
all gone away leaving me old to die
my looted wares, my stolen charms
my robbed frivolity, all sordidly
secondhand now..what is left
unfit for sale , no one wants to buy..
I am old shriveled Maharani the Hijda
Time cruel sadistic Time I cannot defy
I look thunderstruck
at the new breed tenderfooted
transgendered souls ,
see how they relive a lie
they have palpitating youth
its the cyber net savvy brains
old hijda life goodbye..

the open wounds of a hijda

the open wounds of a hijda
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in a far corner
away from human eyes
at the Shrine of the Holy Saint
of Ajmer
Khwajah Moinudiin Chishtis domain
I saw an apparition
a woman like form
angelic appearance
holistically unhealed
open wounds of a hijda
her wet eyes and crying
muffled hankey held sobs
Ya Allah
Ya Moulah
she kept sighing
wireless woes
a connection
she was trying
while me with my pictorial eye
camera less spying
a night of chatti
a night of a new beginning
an old night of a failed hope
that was dying
babloo the dancer
her friend held her hand
both ropes of predestined doom
untying ..
and above their heads
wings of Angel Gabriel
such was their faith
in Ajmer no denying
shredded petals of roses
fell on their heads
yes God was pleased
it drizzled
was replying
the winding winds
the doe eyed draught
the hijdas Chunni
as timelessness
hastly was
a flying
truth of
a divinity
stronger than death
not lying

The Hijdas of Ajmer

The Hijdas of Ajmer
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beauty is in the eyes of the beholder
beauty skin deep soulfully singing
at ajmer ..
black tarnished skin ,
androgynously amorphous
a beauty that does not scare
or blaspheme the lord for wear and tear
a beauty held by a cosmetic charm
tweezer pulled , bleached waxed hair
two portuberance on a pectoral muscle to spare
silicone valley pomp and vanity fair
hijdas who lift their ghagras too dare
melifulous melancholy
no menstrual machinations to bare
baichuramata by the name of the Goddess
they swear
yes we are the proud race of Hijdas
betrothed to Aryavan they declare
married in the night and the next morning
broken bangles bloodied sindoor
death of the bridegroom and more unending despair
next April at Koovagam another conquest prepare
but it is Kwajah Garib Nawaz of Holy Ajmer
who loves us like orphaned children
answering our unanswered prayers
life has certainly been unfair,,
crippled body lusting for woman hood
a pain within a pain beyond repair
yes we are hijdas ..hermaphrodites transgendered , eunuchs
the invisible
the untouchables
searching for love and tender loving care.
that lies at the doorstep of the Khwajah
in the Rajasthani city of Ajmer

Moti Katra Hijda Feet

Moti Katra Hijda Feet
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you miss a heart beat
with sounds of claps
the hijdas greet
moti katra hijda feet
for some its ugly
for some its sweet
hidden thoughts
beneath the bed sheet

Neither Man Nor Woman

Neither Man Nor Woman
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Not superman
Nor superwoman
Neither Man nor Woman
Born Betrayal
Housebroken Hijda
Third gender
But human

Bhaichura mata
Emasculated agony
A saree a bindiya
A bangle
Torn testicles
A pall bearer of
A pubic mound
Phased out phallus
Paralytic penile
A pitcher like peephole
From door to door
From street to street
Like a stray cattle driven
Dance, beg prostitute
A Barren life
Fecund strife enliven.

Gujrat Bleeds

Gujrat Bleeds
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An Indian Muslim man stranded on the first floor of his house and surrounded by Hindu rioters begs to nearby police to rescue him in Ahmedabad, the main city in the western Indian state of Gujarat, on March 1, 2002. Troops arrived in India's riot-torn western state on Friday to crush religious violence that has killed more than 190 people in two days, the worst communal bloodshed in a decade. REUTERS/Arko Datta

photo courtesy
gandhiji s gujrat bleeds
carnage genocide misdeeds
what happppened than
on tahelka as a sting
one reads
political babus of hate
proud of their evil doing
indians killing indians
weeping weeds
muslim sorrow
chaotic creeds
hatred of ethnicity
nothing but more
division of human values
division of the heart of a nation
enemity hooliganism vigillantism
mobocracy breeds
the words of the holy koran
the words of the bhagwad gita
the words of human inner conscience
no one heeds
yes a single man myopic morbid
his demonic battalion leads
in mothers wombs
a graveyard of unborn seeds

Lynched in Louisiana

Lynched in Louisiana
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in the mirror
of her eye
she sees a cyst
a pictorial poetic image
through the mist
words of hate
on a poem list
her posthomous anger
manacled to her frail wrist
she who lives
in the shadow
resurrecting the ghost
of an english racist
she who emotionally blackmails me
my injured arm twists
she is white she is right
she persists
erased on the copy book of her heart
thoughts reminisced
all her sanctimonious salve
i resist
an open palm
the mound of a venus
becomes my clenched fist
black and white as poems
breathe and live
yet as poets cant mutually co exist
lynched in louisiana
in absentia..on her hate list


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Racism is a sad state of a corrupted mind..
a squinted one eyed man kicking the blind

firoze shakir photographerno1

Unite Against Racism

Unite Against Racism
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Venice Angel
I am not me
Thank you
Mighty One
For your Message
But your door is locked
And muted the silence
Of your door bell
Now you can be evermore
Sarcastic and say
Brown poet goes to hell
But I think
You are more human
More emotion sensitive
Than Ivan Donne Carsewell
Or the Poet of Racist Hate
Called Allen James Saywell
Yes forgive me
I was once the
White supremacist Racist whore
Under a devilish spell
To know the hate that white folks have
for colored folks
And how they revel
I killed her prematurely
Racism in Poetry
Poem Hunter Forum
I don’t need to tell
My fragmented genius
My pictorial poetic pathos
Truth in broken bad English
I give free I don’t need to sell
I could write this in my
Own language..
But translating my eunuch soul
In a mans body
A New Born Poet Rebel

The Hijdas of Moti Katra

The Hijdas of Moti Katra
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Moti Katra
a home away from home
at Ajmer
fools enter and angels fear to dare
hijdas,eunuchs , transgendered
wing broken, incomplete identity
open hair ,
anklet bells ,
androgynous shenai
all at this festive fair
soul to souls body to body bare
on the khwaja moinuddin chishty s
mazaar sandal, a new hope , share
bhaucahara mata , aryavan of koovagam
also there
Urus time , hijda resurgence
Khwajas Karam
lyrically lilting tilting the air
Basanti queen of the Hijdas
beauty beyond compare
zeenath in serpentine snare
sohel on the balls of his toes
leaps in middair
his entire body in prayer
kaajal her bodily muskish odour
attired emotions in good care
babita, priya from singapore
samba footed on the holy square
O Garib Nawaz..Shakila Syed
Najafgadh a thought do spare
All roads lead to Moti Katra
the Servant of the Lord God
his omniscience
his omnipresence
even the poorest of poor
becomes a millionaire
at Urus time in Ajmer

Stop Racism

Stop Racism
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From: Ted Sheridan (Virginia Beach United States; Male; 59)

To: Firoze Shakir

Date Time: 10/25/2007 9:47:00 AM (GMT -6:00)

Subject: Re: Re: I don't usually like too many of what I write...

Go beyond what racist think because only their own discrimination will wake them from their sleep. You my friend are a man. Stand your ground even if your ground is but as wide as your two feet are apart. Others are with you.


Ted Sheridan
At Poem Hunter
Racist Pool
My good friend
heaven sent
Yes he is White
The color of hate
Not kicking my butt end
Rules that we bend
His words comfort me
As swimming with
English and Aussie Man eating sharks
Vile venomous
My path I vend
Fences that we break on Gods heart
On Mans heart we won’t mend
Lofty poetry
Lofty titles
Top 500 as a poet
But Racism is their dogma
Path breaking trends
The Arsewells the Saywells
Disemboweling their hate
For the brown man who
With words his honor defends
Good Morning
A thought to extend
Viking Goddess who talk
About loving India and Indians
Bharthari in such
hate colored environment
Yes earning their poetry stipend
Recipes in a cauldron
India Masala Crab Curry
Dirty Rice
Jambalaya a fusion
Cajun cuisine
To make amends
More hate portend
Yes this is one
Of their lady friends
Racism in Poetry
The Color White
At the tail end
American Women I could
Never comprehend
Good poets perhaps
But bad humans
Puckered lips
As they pretend
I hope to God never to befriend

My Hijda Stories Will Never End Bushed

My Hijda Stories Will Never End Bushed
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Me Man Metaphoric Man
Choked on a Hijda River Bend
My Pictures My Poems
As Hijda Stories that will never end
Yes call it Conceit for the Hijdas
I am God sent
I show you their
androgynous amorphous world
every moment a Hijda spends
soulless shrieks that
stained window panes of hearts
thunderously rends
making its way into choked
gutters of mankind
as it wends
economizing on handful
of poetically second hand words
recycled as renewed sorrow
to make amends
yes hijdas are friends of friends
how you see them how they see you
is how it depends
a simple thought
beyond materialistic odds and ends
trinkets on dancing feet
a prayer to God
from the Holy Shrine
of Khawajah Moinudddin Chishty
to a Hijda Paradise transcends

Well , here I am at my shop , I walked from my house via Jain Mandir, without a camera, but I have come to a conclusion, that now my eyes watch what I see as a window that opens up as pictures, its a crazy thought, but I see what I see as pictures,about 18 months back Yorriik from Woolongong at Buzznet told me Firoze I like what you see, I want to add now that I show what I see , as the Almighty a Picture God himself is a better Photographer No1 than me, he shoots , from the lips unlike me, he captures his own divinity in a drop of a tear that falls from a human eye.. he is omnipresent his photography omniscient , his picture a Raw Image , you see it as digital rendering, or at times he uses the analogue Nikon F100 than you see his scrptured silence as negatives, he was using the Nikon D 70 but that troubled him no end , the tuberculosis condition, the pictorial phlegm choked his picture taking.
Yes God uses Japanese Cameras…
Like me God loves poetry, his poetry is more violent in nature , his titles are scary.. An Ode To Lady Hurricane , Tsunami, Cloudburst, Earthquake, Famine, what he cant shoot , well the American President shoots for him, from the hips of course, the Presidents titles are Consumer friendly.
Bushism is here to stay I am the Decider
Death is Terirble
I call it Pure Evil
An ideology of Hate an ideology of Hope
7.5 pound largemouth bass in my lake.
A Charge To Keep,
“I aim to be a competitive nation”

So God likes Hijdas , the Children of a Lesser God , God is dichotomous by nature , the Man God the Woman God, it is only recently that a new God came out breaking away in rebelliousness with a clause the Hijda God…The Hijda God is the all powerful, God , there is is a Hijda Gospel, there is a Hijda Messiah, there is also a Hijda Anti Christ .
The Hijda Bawas represent the Hijda God.
Unlike the Hijda Messiah the Hijdas get crucified everday by the Dichotomous System that sucks .
So my Hijda Stories will never end.. once the Hijda gets Net Worth Savvy at a click he will be transported to Hijdaland a cybernetic poetic pictorial creation of my mind..its metaphoric euphoric mindlessness.
Indian newspapers dont use my kind as photojournalists or my kind of writers…my kind is yet to come out of the closet…
We are a rare breed of bloggers the world forgot .. blogger rubbished ha ha ha

April 27th, 2007

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