Thursday, December 10, 2015

World of Tennis With Coach Surendra Pawar Bandra

A crazy man in a crazy dress no he is not and could never be a member of the press a blogger does not change his stripes or spots I must stress don't lick ass of no photo editor you have rightly guessed we shoot what others don't shoot urban chaotic mess sometimes in some places even the press card does not give you access dam madar beda par east is not west ...Matam marks on my head and chest I bleed curse yazid to Hussain and humanity my humility I attest ..the day I die will really be my birthday peacefully I will rest .
You my friends at Facebook your love your blessings has always been the best .. we are all hatchlings in a cosmic nest .Being fucked tagged. poked added to groups is the only thing I detest ...sometimes being a host is far better than being a guest.
Shot by Prashant Parab