Sunday, July 31, 2016

Bandra Bandra Bandra ,,, Street Photography And More

moments slithering away in silence
essence and core Bandra the majestic
queen of the suburbs the Municipality
open garbage has made it a whore ,,
god alone knows after the civic elections
for the common man what next in store
carter road bandstand where the khans
reside serenity and more ,,but bandra of
the gaothans bandra of the slums ,,is a
tapestry of pain apathy neglect shut doors
our local representatives have no love for
bandra ..roads become flooded with a single
downpour ,,congress free bandra a siren call
progress and development was supposed
to be at the fore a few years it might be
BJP free Bandra when the common man
will roar ,, Fuck we cant take it anymore ,,