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Kids of the Gutter Diggers

Kids of the Gutter Diggers, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 121,787 items / 818,946 views

These are the children that are born in the gutters of a woman's womb, and this is without disrespect to womanhood or motherhood..their mothers and their fathers spent their lives in the sewers , open gutters and this is their path to nirvana..they work as daily paid workers for the local municipality , their bodies are always smothered with dirt filth and feces..

Normally this lot that I shoot on my way to my work place are gutter scavengers , they search for gold particles at Bandra Jain Mandir Road where there are gold smith shops..and gradually collect a bit of gold that they sell back to the jewelers and return to their family homes in Andhra Pradesh.

I normally dont shoot kids in a state of undress but this childs look at me got the better of me as a street photographer , she was conveying a million things in a cosmic second.

And they play close to open gutters but they…

Marziya Shakir Press Photographer No1

Marziya Shakir Press Photographer No1, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 121,787 items / 819,411 views

gifted grand daughter
a born photographer
before she learnt
to crawl
she played
with a camera
before she played
with a barbie doll
fuck f stops
shutter speed
aperture and all
the soul of humanity
rise and downfall
children of the streets
the beggars big and small
even a tiny brick
can be a soul
of the wall
its not your height
your grandeur
but your humility
that makes you tall

The Hijras Cup of Sorrow

The Hijras Cup of Sorrow, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. man made
sculpted silently
woven sorrow
on a loom
boxed in airtight
a feminine ferocity
musky man woman
like perfume
a bride for the
reluctant bridegroom
the hijra on a path
of androgynous
animosity and doom
for the elusive
mothers womb
her trans gender
tragedy a painful
buried standing
in her tomb
only a handful
of tears
when she
is exhumed

Zindagi Ki Is Mod Par Sab Milte Hain

Zindagi Ki Is Mod Par Sab Milte Hain, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. zindagi
ki is mod par
sab milte hain
rahe guzar main
chirag jalte hain
jaise bagiche
main phool
khilte hain
ki ad se bachkar
insan hone
ke nate
ka ahem farz
ada karte hain

Slumming The Soul of Mumbai


Beggars Love Shooting Photographers Too

Beggars Love Shooting Photographers Too, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. Firstly all the beggars I shoot I give them money I am not just shooting pictures but shooting the unchanging face of human society.

Beggary will always remain as long as this world is run by cannot disappear by using a magic wand.

Being a photographer who shoots pain , this is my subject on the canvas board of life.

Can you imagine a world without beggars you cant stop bullshitting ourselves to sleep beggars sell God more effectively than religious leaders or saints...Allah ke Name more often raucously heard in most of the streets of despair..than Bhagwan Ke Nam Pe..

For a beggar his God is a God that belongs to everyone..and beggars dont need cameras to shoot the bareness of a photographers soul ... they shot me effectively too..

I dedicate this to my American friend family all rolled in one Dr Glenn Losack MD the patron Saint of all beggars in Delhi ..and Mumbai.…

The Black Hole of Silence

The Black Hole of Silence, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. My work space
is next to a shop
that sells
sanitary ware ..
i look at them
my thoughts
i bare
each time
i see the toilet seat
i know the only
time we are human
our humanity share
relieving a ritual
on the toilet seat
or on the road
getting rid
of our delusions
our bad dreams
our despair
a messy job
beyond compare
has sat
on this seat
of wisdom
religious heads
poets writers
political hacks
without fan fare
the black hole
of silence
that leads

to bernie my best friend

Sometimes I Hate Shooting This

Sometimes I Hate Shooting This, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. no not to
your guilty
a thought
you can
street reality
even god
wont change
so does it matter
even if you
take it amiss
being born
as a woman
was an
a reservoir of
pain as is where is

Why Does My Camera See What Your Eyes Dont See

Why Does My Camera See What Your Eyes Dont See, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. because
you have no time
you are so busy seeing
beautiful things
littering your path
my path is narrow crooked
cobbled poetically
raw and unrefined
i see
the ancestral pain
of womanhood
as it falls
on my cameras
freezing my emotions
till i hit the trigger
capturing a dream
that has gone sour
a dry wilting scar

please read this as reality as I was not attempting poetry anyway..

The End Of The Road

The End Of The Road, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. the road of pain
no beginning no end
muslim beggar woman
her pain
her childrens pain
she must tend
a few alms
will not change
her future
her doomed
she must fend
we build
grand mosques
great madarsas
house of bricks
we are contend
while we have no
time or the inclination
broken houses
or broken souls mend
the malaise
of sanctimonious
male dominated
Muslim society
expensive goats
money spend
the slaughtered soul
of her doomed
no time to attend
a helping hand
we wont extend
jihad for a better life
for the Muslim woman
education we suspend
a woman's reservation bill
is all that matters
for political machinations
for political convenience
why do the netas pretend
while the muslim poor woman
waits at the end of the tunnel
back bend her faith her
only best friend from
the hand that rocked
the cradle into
the cavernous hole
of her grave
she will blend

Rehabilitation is something that is Missing from the Life of a Poor Muslim Be…