Monday, March 15, 2010

Chandiya Ke Bal Gaye

Chandiya ke bal gaye
phir bhi akal nahi aiee
dono hathon se
sametna chaha
woh hath nahi aieen
shayar se pyar karne ka
nateeja muflisi hai
yeh kaheke
woh ho gaee

ab toh sharab pilade
khali he suraiee

Khuda Hafiz

mohabat main
har kha kar
hum ghar
rawana hue
peeche rahe gaye
woh manzar
woh adhure khab
pyas aur
pani ke kue

Laut Ke Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

kabhi kabhi
main apne ap se
poochta hoon
ke pyar karna kya
zaroori tha
pyar karke pyar ki
thokren khana
kya zaroori thi
mere dil par
unka khanjar chalana
bhi kya zaroori tha

majboori tha

Although I Have Deleted Her From My Fucked Consciousness

hum mile the
pahad ki choti par
not long ago
pyar ke nam se
ghabra gaiee thi woh
phir bhi apne
jal main mujhe
phasa gayi thi woh
woh bat aur hai
meri zinda lash
pair ke tale
zameen main
daphna gayi
thi woh
on the sand dunes
of swept aside memories
i flow although
i have deleted her
from my fucked consciousness
i dont know where to go
a few moments spent
together i have nothing
else to show
i should have
not fallen
in love with her
now my mind echoes
curdled pain froze
adding to my woes
to be or not to be a fucked
cosmic poet
bare feet

Yeh Bat Sach Hai Main Tumhe Chahta Hoon

apne akelanpan
ke path jhad main
chup jata hoon
bar bar
tumhari yad ati hai
apna dil khamakha
jalata hoon
yeh bat sach hai
main tumhe chatha hoon
tum kisi aur ko chaho
uska shikwa nahi
mujhe yakin hai
tum meri ho jaogi
isi bat se dil ko
jhoota dilasa dilata hoon
lab pe ati hai bat
sabse kehte hoon
tumse kehte hue
ghabrata hoon

Murud is the Place to Fall in Love With your Own Self sometimes

A Cosmic Poet Waits

she is deleted from
my fucked consciousness
the cosmic poet waits
a woman
he loves he hates
she is in the arms
of an illusion
i wait outside
her gates
in the sweltering
heat of her emotions
with her lover
she mates
a moment this poet
back dates
a tragedy of testicular
he rates
silence of his soul
the best state
sometimes being early
is better than being late
mournful memories
seminal seeping out
through spread legs
of fate

I had left this post blank and today after almost an year i embed my thoughts on her soul through the memory of my mind..dedicated to another poet in pain glenn losack...


Hate, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1.

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photo google images tweaked slightly

Recently an incident took place which really hit me hard, I dont expect everybody to like me , sometimes I dont like myself either for reasons I cannot explain.So I try not to get into any ugly situations I can fight street situations even with my permanently damaged right hand..

I was going to work through a road I always take and a group of guys saw me one of them said something disparaging that was meant for me, I walked up to him and asked him why he said what he said, he simply said that his words were not for me , but I told him the words were meant for a person dressed like me and there was no one dressed like me around, I told him to apologize to me , he thought the matter would end by his not apologizing I raised my voice and started abusing him , a huge crowd of 50 to 60 people gathered without interfering , anyway he reluctantly apologized , and I walked away.

Now I could have ignored his remarks walked on , but there is a hitch, today he passes a remark, tomorrow another guy will do the same and I walk this way everyday , I am not going to change the path to my shop because of him.But his apology was meaningless it hurt me more than his disparaging remarks the way he said it to get this ugly situation to an end did I gain anything I dont know.. but yes he will think twice before he messes with someone dressed like me and he was a grown up guy no 15 year old...
I have not seen him at all is not part of this confession..

So what was his emotion hate or what..I dont hate anyone it is a sheer waste of my kinetic energy..and my spiritual strength which protects me every time ..and I travel extensively to areas where no one knows me ..I carry a Press Card just in case..

Man is responsible for his emotions he is the victim of his emotions most of the rime..I play it by ear.

So My poem

What is Hate
an emotion
the mother
of all misery
never out of date
hate that uses
man against man
hook line sinker and bait
hate that like
a prowling tiger
for its prey 'lies in wait
hate that with intolerance
vanity pride conceit
loves to mate
create more
children of hate
our miserable
our chaotic fate
that plays
second fiddle
to hate
an ugly emotion
loves to dictate
to begin wars
destroy humanity
at any rate
hate with only hate
you can equate
hate that
buries the unborn child
loves to kill and cremate
hate as hell on earth
as its only estate
hate once enters
your blood stream
difficult to vacate
hate diatribe
dangerous dialogue
diabolical debate
hate the lonely hunter
for a soul mate

Hijda Aur Khuda Kaun Kisse Juda

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badi fursat se
bade itmenan se
khuda ne
use ladka
banaya tha
waqt guzra
bandhe ne apni
rooh main
ek naayi rooh
ko basaya tha
khuda ki banayi hui
cheez ko
aur khoobsurat
banakar khuda ko
dikhaya tha
mitti ke putle ko
kya admi
ne devta nahi
banaya tha
pooja ke kabil
banaya tha
mitti ke putle
ko uparwale ka
darja dilaya tha
isi tarah mard
ne apne roop
main aurat
ki parchaee
ko samaya tha
mom ki murti ko
lajawab bemisal
banaya tha
sab kuch hai
sirf ek mamta ki kami
hijda ma ka mustakbil
ma ki mamta ko
main samet nahi
paya tha
na aurat
na mard
woh sirf
ek saya tha
paraya tha

Yes You Do

Yes You Do, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1.

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message sent to you telecom customer care

There Is No Doubt About It Your Service Sucks

You guys at Surat will never understand my plight , the net goes dead every few minutes otherwise I would not be complaining at send me messages my issue has been resolved it never has, because it recurs time and again..why dont you check my log you will know I am not bullshitting ..your service sucks , because perhaps you have joined You Telecom as service head quite recently I have been part of this network since almost 7 years in its various avatars..

You charge me for a 100 % service that is totally unsatisfactory you dont compensate me for your outage problem at all.

I am one really pissed existing You Telecom survivor..

And you would feel what I am feeling if you were in my shoes.

Firoze Shakir


My Poem
To The You Telecom Service Head

for once
just once
try to be me
of YOU
than perhaps
will know
what I
go through
erratic connection
to name a few
innumerable messages
sent to YOU
it is true
my problem is resolved
YOU tell me each time
it does not satisfy me
my problem is not new
thanks to all of YOU
for once pay
what I pay
every month
step into my shoes
you might
feel my pain
the outages
that you dont
compensate me
have no clue
I have nothing
against any of YOU
if you take care
of my internet
do what
have to do
every month
I regularly
pay my cheque
to your Bandra office
clear my dues
so your bad service
to me is no
good excuse

I Shut my Facebook Account ,, Targeted Shia Harassment

27 May 2018 As a Shia I am targeted even  by  Sufis Sufism that  I promoted vigorously as a Malang .. I have renounced my Malang...