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Mohomed Ali Aga Iran Zaboli And Me Indo-Iran Amity

Mohomed Ali Aga Iran Zaboli

The Shia Kids of Mumbai Athvi Malad Malwani 2011

The Shia Kids of Mumbai Demystified

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Before the Amary Athvi Juloos reaches the corner where the bloodletting zanjir matam and kama matam take place , little kids begin their scourging on the streets itself, and this is a euphoric , seamless without me glorifying the ritual of blood.

The kids I must reiterate are totally involved , the very young ones are with their parents or guardians but the older kids are out here on their own, there is no parental pressure or gudance as this ritual is part of the Shia ethos at all levels whether you are a rich or a Shia from the slums.. the blade cuts both ways.

Mind you in Juloos such as these or fir the matter any Shia Juloos there is hardly any media coverage..hardly any photographer . just a few stray guys doing video recording for private reasons.

The Shia organizers dont believe in media , they want the juloos to begin and end without any communal skirmishes , and here I must mention earnestly without prejudice or bias that other communities support the cause of Hussain.

The Hindus Sunni Muslims Christians watch from the sidelines as the juloos makes its way to its end.

So as a Shia , as a photographer who shoots all religiosity with sincerity and the same emotion and passion as I would be shooting Lal Bagh Chya Raja or the 14 Stations of the Cross barefeet on Good Friday I shoot the Shia processions during Moharam or otherwise.

I chronicle Mumbai the city of my Inheritance its multi colred culture, I am as much a Hindu as much as you are a Muslim , a thought I believe in , because every religion is bound to Humanity and over personal ideology respect and mutual coexistence and tolerance is the keystone of a Mumbaikar from Amchi Mumbai.

As Shias we are products of our surroundings too, how we translate our spiritual angst is what matters the most, predominantly the Shias of Mumbai are very cool headed and peace oving people , they do what they do, they cut their bodies a form of expression expounding the tragedy of Karbala , the genocide the inhuman manner in which the Holy Prophets grandson Imam Hussain was killed in cold blooded murder by the custodians of Yazidi Islam at that time.

So Islam too though universal in Peace and Brotherhood has a few chapters reeling in blood , persecution hate and bigotry.

What the Shia is trying to translate by his blood letting his matam that Karbala should not repeat itself, and Terrorism is the greatest enemy of Humanity cloaked in any form or disguise.

Imagine a 1400 yea old protest from one generation to the next unbroken as it continues , a banner of revolt as red as the Shias blood on the soul of Humanity by subsequent Yazid and his followers.

This is in short a treatise on the Shia ethos angst that the majority does not want to see ..every corrupt nation or its despotic ruler falls in front of the popular will of the people.

It is people that make or recreate History.

So as a poet I picturize the pain of the Shias , I shoot the coming of Age of the Shia child, the Shia motherhood that produces and keeps the flame alive of Azadari and love of Hussain.,

I shoot all this as a street photographer a canvas that reads as photo blogs.. mind you I shoot without proselytizing my Faith , I dont believe in conversions I respect the Mothers womb the only place you were a human before you become a bigot.. or a faithful believer of Humanity irrespective of your caste color or creed.

So see my world through my camera eyes.. I dont wish to change your views your own religious blog is a blog of peace and the source of my blogs is as human as the tear that falls from my eyes we call it Ghame Hussain.

And with this set Moharam will be over , but than it is a state of our Choice and the struggle continues against Oppression and Persecution.

I will shed my black clothes wear saffron the color of my culture and the metaphor of my surroundings.. so dont blame me if the poet in me calls himself a Shia Hindu..

Yes I shoot Hope and Hindutva too as a message of Peace and Humanity.

Aj Hamara Imam Humse Juda Ho gaya

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Fatima ke dil ka chain haq pe fida ho gaya.
sar shahe mazloom ka tan se juda hogaya

Aj Hamara Imam Humse Juda Ho gaya

Ya Hussain Alvida Ya Hussain Alvida

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With heavy hearts, we take this opportunity to bid farewell to the Martyrs of Karbala as the Ayyam-e-Aza come to an end. We will have to wait for another year to witness and experience maajlis, matam, Ashura, Arbaeen, mourning, and azadari at this scale. As we remove the black cloth from the walls, we salute the Martyrs of Karbala and declare that we are with you, we are with you, surely we are against your enemies. We will endeavor to perform your Ziyarat, and will endeavor to shed tears in your remembrance every Thursday night. Furthermore, we will strive to apply the principles you stood for in our daily lives; the foremost of which is dedication and loyalty to the Imam of the Time (A).

Is Aasrey Pe Dil-e-Beqarar Zinda Hai

Is Aasrey Pe Dil-e-Beqarar Zinda Hai

Koi Tou Ashqo'n Ka Umeedwar Zinda Hai

Gham-e-Hussain Ko Biddat Zara Sambhal K Kaho

Abhi Hussain Ka Ek Sogwaar Zinda hai

The Hindu Taking The Blessings Of Hussain

Eid E Zehra Is The Mother of All Eid

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two month
eight days
the shias
9 rabilawal
eid e zehra
the mother
of all eid
decked in red
chewing pan
high speed
they soulfully
the kamina
lafanga yazid
his evil
lust for power
his evil misdeeds
along with him
they curse
three more
persons indeed
i am in mumbai
but nostalgically
in lucknow
they will burn
the effigy
of these serpent seeds
stoning them little
kids on the burning embers
with their little members
will have peed
a total stampede
cheek in mouth
poets in the lead
without profit or greed
in every street corner
in every shia house
nook and crannies
curses on yazid
women at home
dough will knead
to make mouth
watering gul gules
the neighbors
they will feed
a reminder
any pharaoh
or yazid
against the
popular will
of the people
can never succeed

tyrants of the middle east
wake up your time starts now
lightning speed pack up your bags

Zuljana Athvi Amary Juloos Malad Malwani 2011

Athvi Amary Juloos Malad Malwani 2011

Malaika And Ghame Hussain

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karbala ashura
two lamps in her eyes
our path to paradise
a love of hussain
no taqqaya
no disguise
he gave his head
but not his hand
he paid a price
to save
the pillars
of islam
on the soul
of humanity
a great sacrifice
hussain lives
yazid is dead
only his followers
their canard their lies
hands folded
their hopes
yet to reach
the skies
its resurgence
its rise
now you know
why the shia bleeds
why the shia cries
with his faith
he does not
every yazid
he defies
the bleeding blades
his kamazani
his zanjir matam
sword matam
he replies
on the killers
of hussain
an act of terrorism
we all despise

Against The Wrath of The Peoples Will No Pharaoh Can Survive

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The Nation
will survive
dead for
30 years
now once
more alive
with the blood
of the martyred
once again revived

Egypt the land
of the River Nile
love without guile
dont ever
under estimate
the hope of
the people
rank and file
tyrants of
the middle east
your time has come
the will of
the people
by the people
for the people
you reviled
your pomp
your billions
your grandeur
will soon
home on a
garbage pile
says Time with a
smirk and smile
change your ways
your dictatorial
despotic style
be human
less hostile
think for
a while

Allah Ke Bandhe Bagair Hussain Bilkul Andhe

Zuljana Faith and Fidelity

Zuljana Faith and Fidelity

Zuljana Faith and Fidelity

Athvi Amary Juloos Malad Malwani 2011

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This is my new set at shot this evening at Malwani No 6 Malad.

Athvi brings to an end two month eight days of Shia mourning of Moharam.

Tomorrow the Shias will celebrate Eid E Zehra the Mother of all Eids..paying tribute to Princess Fatima Zehra the only daughter of the Holy Prophet mother of Imam Hassan and Hussain.

I have shot Athvi in Lucknow , and Mehmoodabad I have shot Athvi at Govandi but I find solace at Malad , so this was second year of shooting this event that begins with a caravan called Amary, a juloos with camels and several Zuljanas, taboots and the last day of mourning for the Shias.

This juloos at Malad has grown ever since , huge crowds of Shia men women and children come here , and take part in the procession that ends with hardcore kamazani and zanjir zani.

I was accompanied by Mohomed Ali Aga Iran, my dear friend , he too did fierce zanjir matam , I shot the JUST First Aid guys of Jafari United Social Troop India cleaning the wounds doing exemplary service to the Shia mourners and matamdars.

I bought Mohomed Ali Aga home to have dinner with my family and see my Flickr Shia sets , I have been shooting Mohomed Ali Aga Iran in Mumbai but just came to know him this year at HussainTekri Jaora.

He is based in Yazd very close to Tehran...His children ar Abul Fazl, Mohsin , Mujtaba and Amir and two grandchildren Fatima and Subhan.

Marziya my three year old grand daughter the youngest street photographer in the world shot him during his last trip at my home, Marziya is now away at her maternal grand parents so Mohomed Ali Aga missed her the most..