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Poets Are Born Losers in Love

Poets Are Born Losers in Love, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 124,630 items / 875,161 views

tried and found guilty as charged...?

like a mad bull into
the porcelain pillars
of your heart i barged
your silence
your anger
your speechlessness
my soul recharged
now you have the
upper hand
you win
from the
bower of your
spectral light
a poet dismissed

a picture captured
as poetry
but cannot
be enlarged

Forgive Me I Have Sinned

Forgive Me I Have Sinned, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 124,630 items / 875,079 views

following her
like a canine
to possess her
in the
of my desolate
i pine
every time
i come online
she belongs
to my poetry
but she is
not mine
my hopes
on a decline
only love
can make
into wine
a damsel divine
after nine
her deadline
she is coy
she is feline
to my poems

This was a poem I wrote called Love Online a long time back before I became a victim of my delusions and lost illusions

27 April 2010

she wears a mask
a poetess benign
it is her silence
that kills mine
by this
poet swine
like a speck
of dust
i kiss her
as she tramples
my soul
on my spine
Cleopatra like
serene divine
a sphinx
almost a shrine
older than history
her bloodline
very feline
like a creeper
to her destiny
i am entwined

the path
to her
heartless heart
i still cant find
yes cosmic
love has made
me blind
a karmic passion
swift streamlined
online love

The Birth Of A Hijra

The Birth Of A Hijra, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 124,630 items / 874,290 views

he may have been
a beautiful boy
is all i can say
the other boys
were famous for
he did not play
he liked
his sisters doll
as it came his way
or his sisters dresses
that he envied
secretly tried
them each day
the birth of the hijra
a game replayed
leaving his home
changing his destiny
the hijra became a
nubile goddess
on her dainty feet
dancing away
on the edge
of a razor blade
doing ballet
body made
of honey
feet made
of clay
new lovers
new hopes
where she
under the bough
of moonlight night
love that
they made
every night
she cries
to god
she prays
when old age
will come
her beauty
like a deathly
sting ray

one of the reasons
why the hijras
do not celebrate
their birthday

A Shia Bloggers Back

A Shia Bloggers Back, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. I had scourged severely , I had used the sword too, but they pulled it from my hand thereby accidentally cutting my tendon , I thought it was a small cut but the next day on my way to Mumbai in the train it turned gangrenous , blue my blood sugar was 500 and from that day I became insulin independent , luckily I did not have to amputate my right hand ..

My right hand is completely damaged , now in the shape of a cobras hood , that has however endeared me to the Naga Sadhu and My Naga Guru Vijay Giri Maharaj of Juna Akhada and an Islamic scholar too.

I type with one finger and all my blogs are the gift of an index finger of the damaged right hand.

Well Its True I Shoot Hijras

Well Its True I Shoot Hijras, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 124,629 items / 873,881 views

well its true
i shoot hijras
all colors and hue
even those
that are
but few
into the gallery
of their angst
i give
you a ring side view
the mutative hijra
all glossy brand new
the fucked nest of humanity
he flew borrowed wings
of a female angel
its true
the hjjra
blood muscles sinew
waiting to be accepted
by sanctimonious
in a long queue
like a lost illusion
in a garden of eden
between man woman
he grew

Dheere Dheere Bol Koie Sun Na Le

Dheere Dheere Bol Koie Sun Na Le, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 124,628 items / 873,824 views

mera nam
hai mona
main teri kismet
main aiee hoon
ban ke khilona
na aurat
na mard
the missing
main hoon
bistar gilaf
no menstrual
no bacche kacche
no rona dhona
ab rootho mat
jaldi se
mere jism
ki ag bujha dona
jalti hoon main
ankhen malti
hoon main
black magic
jadu tona
mujhse shadi
shayar saab
jaldi bolo na
kapde utaro
hosh sambhalo
jo hona he hona
meri kismet
ki suee ko
dhage se pirona

I have written this between two chats..and I got this message in Flickr inbox

A Note to my Favorite Poet

I continue to look at your work daily, I do so enjoy it. In particular however I must thank you for opening my world to include the Hijra. Several of your pictures with those magnificent people as object of your photography moved me very, very deeply, as well as emotionally. Thank you again.


Mardon Ne Janam Diye Hijdon Ko

Mardon Ne Janam Diye Hijdon Ko, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 124,627 items / 873,807 views

hijdon ne unhe barbad kiya
jab chaha sar pe chada diya
jab chaha unhe abad kiya
aurat bankar aurat ka pyar diya

The Hijra Is Not a Religious Bigot

The Hijra Is Not a Religious Bigot, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 124,626 items / 873,761 views

he does not
wear a belt
of bombs
his waist
he doe not
blow up
a thought
in spiritual
bad taste
the religion
of hating
peace and
he has not
by rogue
ahle hadeez
on his
heart and soul
he has not placed
hardships insults
for loving
the shahenshah of peace
khwajah gharib nawaz
he has faced
from a cleric
mehraj rabbani
who has hurt the
the hospitality
of the Indian race
inciting hatred
inciting religious
hate with his
the soul
of my country
he has
he should
be locked
up forever
or thrown out
bag and baggage
post haste
satyamave jayate
sarv dharm ek
to the world
we have
the hijra is human
unlike a rogue
cleric racist
two faced

dedicated to the khadims of ajmer