Monday, December 20, 2010

leta nahin yazid ka koie bhi aj nam lekin jahan main nam tumhara hussain hai

makbuliyat ke bad shahadat to dekhiye har kaum keh rahi hai hamara hussain hai

Hamare Bacchon Ke Sar Dekhar Khanjar Bhi Sharminda Ho Jata Hai

use shimr
ke hath main
apni badkismati
ka waqt yad ata hai
bacche ke khoon se
khanjar aj bhi
apna gunah
maf karata hai
unke sar dekhkar
khanjar bhi
ho jata hai

kiske lahu se lal hai maidane karbala kyon dasht main akele hain sultane karbala

khune hussain tapka zamin par jagah jagah tha khaufnak momino manzar jagah jagah

Some stains on the fabric of the Soul live on forever

Street Photography ..Chennai

Shot during Moharam but not pertaining to Moharam and being a street photographer I could not resist shooting these..

So I have added all such pictures to a separate set at my Flickr photo stream.

This set will also include the Hindu temples the dargahs churches I shot here in Chennai and in Dharmapuri including the pictures I shot of the hijras in the trains both while coming to Chennai and while returning from Chennai to Mumbai.

shahe se kaha abbas ne dar hai mujhe aaka dariya pe kahin roti na ajaye sakina hai sakina hai sakina

kis tarah se dikhlau tumhe shakal dobara jab pani hi mashkeeze se beh jaye sakina

Ashre ke roz sabr ka tha imtihan jiska hai aj us shahid e jafar ki hazri

Karti Hai Maktal Ki Zameen Shoro Shain Katl Hua Hai Musafir Hussain

Our Skin Is Dressed In Color Red But We Wear Black Clothes

The Shias Are About 10000 In Chennai When They Do Matam They Become One Million

It Rains Blood On Moharam.. When The Shias Celebrate New Year

Hum Naya Sal Manate Hain Tere Matam Se

Apni Taqdeer Jagate hain Tere Matam se
Khoon ki Rah Bichate hain Tere Matam se
Apne Izhare Aqidat ka Salika yeh hai
Hum Naya Sal Manate hain Tere Matam se

The Hindu Shia of Mumbai

sar ki zameen par
kabhi talwar chalti hai
kabhi chaku machalta hai
lahu pigalkar pani se
milta hai hussainiyat
ka rang chehra par
nikharta hai
kabhi talwar darti hai
kabhi chaku bhi darta hai
abbas ke parcham se
sahas bhi milti hai
aur gham bhi milta hai

This is a Seedling From The Garden of Zehra

Every Day Is Ashura Every Land is Karbala

For Just a Moment I Saw My Grand Daughter In Her Eyes

Dance of Death Tandav On The Soul of Shimr

Weeping Back of a Chennai Shia

A Single Blade Chennai Zanjirzani

The Cutting Edge of a Single Zanjeer Blade Ashura Chennai

Dont Stop Me Ever Again..

Single Blade Zanjir Matam of Chennai Ashura

To The Mumbai Shia Sometimes A Single Blade In Chennai Does What a Sword Does Not Do

Shiasm A State of Spirituality Based On Humanity

Sometimes A Blog Is More Effective Than a Picture

Wa Waila Sad Wa Waila Ibne Zehra Wa Waila

Dance Of Death Tandav On The Soul of Shimr

Dance Of Death Tandav On The Soul of Shimr

What You Grow In Your Garden Will Bear fruit One Day

I told an eminent Shia of Chennai why do you import clergy from out of India , if you nurture your own plants of the soil they will give you spiritual shade in your old age.

But than it is human nature we always like best what grows in our neighbors yard..

And I found that Tamil speaking Dr Abbas Ali Meer son of late Ali Master was more effective in Zikr E Ahle Bayt and made the heart and souls cry with his recital of Sham E Ghariba.

The Ashura Shahadat Juloos Chennai

The Pain and Pathos Of The Chennai Shia Child

The Shia Muslims of Chennai

They are an extended part of the Dakinni ethos subtle but inherent in similarity to neigboring Hyderabad .
The Shia Muslims of Chennai are simple and without any trace of envy, I met the richest Shia and the very poor one all seamlessly bound to their heritage of Hussain and Hussainiyat.

The hospitality of the Chennai Shia is part of his humility he makes you at home and is there much before you call him for assistance or help.

I came to Chennai through a contact Ashfaque bhai in Dubai, he put me on to Mesaq who runs the local Moulah Ali Channel in Chennai Royapettah.

Mesaq was the one who helped me get a room at a lodge , I stayed a single night of 13 Dec shot a short procession.. and than shot the 7 Moharam juloos the following day , 7 Moharam is real big in Chennai and memorable zanjir zani on the streets and back to a municipal school where Tabbaruk or Niyaz is served to the Momeneen.

I met Maulana Ahmed Ali Abidi from Najfi house Mumbai he was reciting the Ashura Majlis in Chennai at the Shiat Ashurkhana I met my dear friend and well wisher poet Bilal Kazmi from Lucknow .

8 and 9 Moharam are not event based in Chennai like Mumbai or Hyderabad , I met Dr Abbas Ali Meer son of eminent teacher late Ali Master who bought me to his house to stay, his father had passed away on Eid E Ghadeer , his mother also a teacher was the finest host.

It was Dr Abbas who took me to Dharmapuri where he works with the poor and than to Jigedevi Krishnagiri district 250 km away from Chennai where I shot the Ag ka Matam, the ladies walk on fire too I could not shoot this.

On my return from Krishnagiri I shot the Hindu temples of Mylapore and the temple of Maryamma a goddess that has a large following in Mumbai and their rituals I have shot non stop for three years at Juhu Worli Mahim Sion Koliwada.

I Shot a Sufi monks tomb and a few Christian places , and a lot of street shots of Dharmapuri and Chennai.

On 10 Moharam I shot the Ashura juloos and left Chennai on 11 Moharam..

This is a documentary of images seen through my lens , and not just the Shia ethos culture I shot other religiosity , paying tribute to the heart beat of Tamilnadu.. the city of temples at every street corner Chennai.

I also decided I will learn Tamil a language that magically played poetry on my soul.. thanks to Dr Abbas Ali Meer.

A Single Blade Zanjeer of The Chennai Shia

Reliving a 1400 Year Old Pain Through a Blog

I Found My Karbala In Chennai

Live like Ali Die Like Hussain

Dushmane Ahle Bayt Ko Hum Dikhate Hain

155,654 items / 1,235,969 views

ke hum apna khoon
dusron ka khoon
nahi bahate hain
1400 sal se hum
yeh manzar dikhate hain
phir abbas ke parcham
se lipat jate hain
ya hussain ki sada
main ubhar ate hain
hum hussaini hain
hum shia kehlate hain
hamare khoon ki
parchaie se
hum apko karbala
ka waqiya sunate hain
hussain is humanity
path to peace and brotherhood
hum ane wali naslon
ko padate hain

Yes We Bleed Everyday Every Place We Curse Yazeed

On The Back of The Shia Child Lies The History of Ghame Hussain

Bleeding Touch of Faith

Shot By Marziya Shakir 3 Year old

Documenting The Soul of Shiasm in Chennai

155,572 items / 1,235,683 views

in sheer humility
a brand made
in mumbai
through images '
a story board
of pain in
of hussain
within a cry
bleeding wings
blogs that fly
as a tear
on the parched
bowl of the earth
'from the sky
for what you live
for what you die
silence greater
than speech
needs no reply
on a riverbed
that wont dry

Jis Ki Rago’n Mein Aatish-E-Badr-O-Hunain Hai Us Soorma Ka Isme Girami HUSSAIN Hai

Dedicated to my dear friend Dr Abbas Ali Meer Son of late Ali Master of Chennai..

Har Kaum Pukaregi Hamare Hain Hussain

If a Jehadi Bombs Humanity It Is Pardonable But If A Shia Cuts Himself It Is Heresy

155,539 items / 1,235,554 views

different rules
for different people
first and foremost
is what matters
the most
hate comments is
what the enemy
of hussain loves
to boast so
i have blocked
all comments
on my flickr
facebook post
in a paradise
with 72 nubile
i definitely
do not
want to roast
to hope and humanity
i raise a toast
silence is the eloquence
of the human soul
the killer of hussain
was not a christian or a jew
or a hindu no he was not
a ghost he was accursed
yazid says the
writing on the signpost
for 1400 years
in the court of humanity
we fight a law suit
the case is not yet closed
hussainiyat a land
without barbed wires
we have reached
there almost
dance of death
tandav on the soul
of shimr
a dagger
a bleeding head

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