Saturday, May 7, 2011

Piercing The Cheeks With A 18 Feet Rod

Piercing the Sides With a Rod

Marriammen Feast Juhu Beach

Marriammen Feast Juhu Beach

The PowerBubble Whirl In A Twirl

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the plot got thicker and thicker
a unforgiving unrepentant morbid moment
of memories galore a lost link cant
click her was it me or a dreamy moment
why the fuck did i pick her i wonder
i gloom i bicker a poet barefeet
a beggar in tattered knickers
sometimes not blood but
a karmic chaos
the ultimate kicker
as her ego her conceit
gets bigger and bigger
luckily it was not me
wanting to trick her
for a ticket into her world
a green card a thought
that makes her sicker
wet hopes drenched
to the bone shivering
in a basket of wicker

Dont Cry For Me If I Die

The Power Bubble Moment That Wont End

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reminding me
of lifes mysteries
choked on a river bend
she came touched me
invoked me and went
my most memorable
barefeet walk during lent
by good friday
everything crashed
my life
lost its meaning
its content
i lost hope
i lost a friend
my story
to an abrupt end

far away
from my
deleted dreams
an olive branch
i extend

The Hanging Limes and Faith

Narrottamdas My Very Dear Old Friend

Where do I begin, I have known Narrottamdas since his ISKON days , and we lost touch for a few years till I accidentally met him shooting the Marriammen Feast at Juhu beach, we hugged each other and Narrottamdas loves India which is his karmic home.

We had no time to talk or catch up on things we were both involved with shooting the elusive moment of life and mystery on Juhu Beach..

Dedicated to You ..In Humilty and Gratitude

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Thanks ...its first time in my life someone is writing poems on me ..I feel good ..

i dont believe you
your heart
made of stone
your soul
made of wood
you dont forgive
vicious no good
if you were
you would
you should
your emotions
all plywood
you have
never loved

a beggar poet
his integrity
his honesty
his intentions
that he considers
you his muse
you misunderstood
not your fault
your unrepentant
on wood
you are
a victim
of delusions
the free spirit
of a poet
with matchstick

time and tide
in a puddle

Faith Moves Gods Too

"Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare"

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"Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare
Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare"

a maha mantra they chant
as the rays of the surya god
touches their soul their inner spirit
on the soul of humanity a message of
peace hope and humanity they plant
to the beat of the drums
krsna consciousness enchant
from the soul of divinity
on the paper soul of man
they transplant blessings
that bhrama vishnu shiva
from the cosmic fires of hope grant


Since 2007 I held the domain name but I asked my good friend Anil Shejale of Vamanpeople to make a web page ..which he has done accordingly.

I started the hijdaeunuchblogs at Word Press in June2008.

I began copying all my stuff from Flickr and my parent site to the hijda eunuch blogs ,pictures and text relevant to the transgender community of India called Hijdas, Hijras, Aravanis or Kinnar.

My first tryst with the Hijras began at my parent site , which I have not updated since 2007.

my parent site

The hijdaeunuchblogs will complete an year in June 2009.

Till date 200128 people have visited my blogs.

I thank my Hijda Guru Laxmi Narayan Tripathi for having given me the direction and blessings to begin the same.

Another person I owe much is Stephe Feldman the web master of Androgyne Online a walking encyclopedia of Androgyne Hijdas and Transgender.

Also to Malaika

Also to Zagria
Another person who keeps me informed on Hijda issues is CD Rekha..

Thanks to all of you.. and above all my readers too

Thank You Cheru of Alpha Inventions for all the mind boggling traffic to all my sites

update 6 May 2011

I have locked up my hijda eunuch blog from public view..I have an issue with Wordpress Supporrt Anthony whic is not yet resolved..

The Source of Shiasm.. Mother Of Hussain

she wept tears
they fell
like drops
of rain
from the
soul of her tear
god created
the follower
of hussain

The Hijra On Womans Day

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her pain
is greater
the woman
she emulates
a martyred womb
a clitoral
a testicuular
on her plate
but womanly
traits coyness
her fucked fate
even god godly
hesitated to create
so to be born
from the fucked rib
of man
the hijra had to wait
entry only
through a back gate
rectal rhapsody
melodiously mutates
gyrates a cosmic dance
of death mutilate
castrate homophobic hate
society considers them ugly
untouchable but men
love fucking hijras
on the soul of this
poem originates
mans thirst
for the forbidden fruit
of the gods
the hira in satiates

hijras celebrate
womans days
with tears
on the soul
of humanity
as the metrosexual
woman seductive ornate

dedicated to my hijra guru
laxmi narayan tripathi
as a facebook update

You need to be a poet to shoot the poetry of pain

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Kabhi Tanhaiyo Main Hamari Yaad Aayegi

tere pyaar ki duniya
na phir tu jee sakega
aur na tujh ko maut aayegi

You need to be a poet to shoot the poetry of pain

You need to be a poet to shoot the poetry of pain

Hame Toh Neend Nahi Ati Hai

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ap khush kismet hain
kam se kam ap to
gehri neen lekar
so jati hain
waqt ane par
apnon ko bhul jati hain
ap mom se
pathar bankar
ham garibon ko
faisla sunati hain
ajab dastan hai
yeh zindagi
ap doshale
main chipkar
khuda ban
jati hain

Marriammen Feast Juhu Beach

Thank You

Thank You, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1.

Lubricating the rod in the mouth with milk

Hooked To Faith

I Was Hooked The First Day I Talked To Her

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her voice
on the phone
she me time
all alone
i had said
to myself
i am hooked
her throaty
in muted tone
but than came
a long distance
pause from
she turned
to a goddess
in stone

my pleas
my pain
of the window
of her heart
the dustbin
she has thrown

in a few
days she had
her ego bloated
over blown

a beggar poet
the seeds
he had sown
into wretched
weeds they
had grown
out on
the streets
on his own
lost in her
deleted dreams
unknown zone

yes from
the gilded cage
of my poetry
my bul bul has flown

Happy Birthday Dr Glenn Losack MD

Two Whippers

The Beggar Poet And Sarla Hijra

Sarla The Forgetful Hijra At Juhu Beach

She had given me her number I called her up , but she did not remember me , I dont blame her somebody had spiked her drink on the beach and she was in a bad shape , she had asked me to get her a ricksha and in the meantime her friends had come and taken her away, on the night of the Marriammen this is hijda memory lost on the sands of time..

The Human Lime Tree In The Garden of Marriammen

Pain In The Eye of a Needle

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i was reading sad thoughts
from the past lost thoughts
that she had cast over
my minds landscape
deep and vast thoughts
that made me aghast
from the reservoir
of pain a damning blast
thoughts that in the
in box of my
deleted dreams
i had amassed
but than a poet
figurative on
a chord of her
sensitive nerve
i had trespassed
she seemed
tired weary
cheated once
upon a time
by light
shade and contrast
to her pain
she holds
on steadfast
tears on the soul
of my poetry of pain
a beggar poet
as i fade in fade out
zoom in zoom out fast

Cheek Piercing Marriammen Feast Juhu Beach 2011

Cheek Piercing Marriammen Feast Juhu Beach 2011