Thursday, September 16, 2010

Lord GSB Ganesha Kings Circle Mumbai

Lord GSB Ganesha King Circle Mumbai

This is The Divine Moment of Peace Hope and Humanity

Mr Kamath The GSB Lords Helper at Hand

This Is Hope and Humanity in a Photo Blog

Lord GSB Ganesha as Peace on Humanity

A Barefeet Blogger In The Court of Lord GSB Ganesha

Shooting The Soul of Man

Shooting Humanity The Core Essence Of All Religiosity

Shooting GSB Ganesha a Message of Hope and Humanity

Shooting GSB Ganesha a Message of Hope and Humanity

Shooting GSB Ganesha a Message of Hope and Humanity

Shooting GSB Ganesha a Message of Hope and Humanity

He Is a Hindu I Am A Muslim

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in the holy river
of hope and humanity
together we swim
he says om shanti om
i say

Path of Peace and Hope

The Arti Fire of the Lord

The Dan Peti of Charity and Hope

The Ramp of Spirituality and Hope

The Path of Love and Peace

Sometimes I Shoot Pictures But Most Of The Time God Shoots Pictures For Me

The Path of Love and Peace

The Human Soul In Pain As It Burns As It Grows

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reflected on the
soul of remorse
of a poet firoze
fires molten
tears on poetry
god fleetingly
froze poetry
on prose
a pain of a poet
only god knows
on a parched soil
as dead weeds
it grows
karmic fate
doomed destiny
as they come
to blows
a thorn
the angst
of a rose
my mind
a room
a room
without doors
sepulchral silence
imagery enforced
the endless path
for a source
off course

Helping Hands of Lord GSB

Caught In the Throes of a Heartbeat of My Cultural Inheritance

They Created a Moment I Shot In Timelessness

The Lord Lies Beyond The Soul of the Flame

The Lord Lies Beyond The Soul of the Flame

Lighting the World With Hope

The Flames Of Faith Aglow

Hindu Muslim Both Sides of a Coin Called Mother India

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whether he believes
in lord ganesha
brahma vishnu mahadev
whether i as
a muslim
believe in
allah ahe bayt
love hussain
as humanity
a follower
of imam ali
we are Indians
of our
the nation
with our hate
uncalled for
we should
not sully
he recites
'the ganesha mantra
i recite nade ali

Hope on The Wings of Prayer

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As of now I have posted over 350 pictures of the Raja of Kings Circle Lord GSB Ganesha shot day before yesterday .

Such was the spiritual euphoria I could not stop shooting pictures were happening every second all around me.

And i you are as crazy about capturing divinity in light and shade than GSB Seval Mandal is the right place to shoot and be shot by time and space too.

And though my life problems have escalated I steal time fom work to shoot this as my core thesis in a blog to promote Hindu Muslim amity tolerance and mutual coexistence within the framework of the country of my life my birth India my motherland.

I call this wave of thought Hope and Hindutva a Message of Peace and Humanity.,,and not just Lord GSB Ganesha but Lal Bagh Chya Raja as sets collections housed at my photostream on

144,278 blogs on culture / 1,112,058 views as sets and collections .

I dont do this for money fame , bloggers like mee are not even mentioned by erstwhile media ..Muslims like me would be mentioned if we slit a childs throat or rape a minor or are caught as suspects for terrorism or steal money from the national treasury or throw shoes on leaders who have killed more people by watching a city burn raped pillaged ..the show must go on...

And the soul of Humanity has gone to sleep as Kashmir bleeds ...the body count goes on and the CM holds on to his blood tainted Chair of Thorns.

So I found as a 58 year old nationalist Indian the flip side of reality that I blog as a street photographer .

Otherwise good Muslims are a lost tribe in the minds of a biased and racist prone media is how I see it, good Muslims or bad Muslims we are Indians.

Good and bad is the product of what you inherited at birth , through your be bad takes a second to be good is a lifetime achievement.

I have never seen myself only as a Muslim , I think I am as much a Hindu as you are a Muslim as Indians we are above all this or our respective religiosity.

My religion may be based in an Arab world but my definition of faith is embedded as Islam on the Indian soul of my consciousness .

So I shoot all religiosity faith and Humanity is the core to any religions survival and you cant be human if you are not human to others ..

Being a poet I poetize my pictures and what can be greater than Hope on the Wings of Prayer touching him through service to the poor the needy the homeless and the hopeless.

And I am a street photographer showing the walks of life of the human flesh and the soul,,
After this lot gets over I will post the Mount Mary Fair 2010 at Flickr.

Humility The Soul of Mankind

Blowing Gods Trumpet is Photo Blogging

Hope on the Wings of Prayer

Hope on the Wings of Prayer

Dinesh Pai and Dr Bhujang Pai My Karmic Connection With GSB Ganesha

The Path of Peace That Leads Home

She Serves Water To All Living Souls

Lord GSB Ganesha A Karmic Motion in Time

A Divine Moment Poetized On The Soul of Man

Lord GSB Ganesha And His Helping Hands

Shooting The Soul of Faith

Shooting The Soul of Hope and Hindutva

The Humility of Lord GSB Ganesha

Dr Bhujang Pai Blessed By Lord GSB Ganesha

I Am Human Beneath The Flesh of My Soul

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part and whole
i shoot humanity
collect tears
in a beggars bowl
the beggars hope
the politician
the builder
the religious man
surreptitiously stole
to light up the
rich mans
he burns
like coal

GSB Lord Ganesha A Magic Moment Crystallized

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in a world where man
kills man because
of religiosity
a sad moment
of humanity

so at gsb seva mandal
through my camera lens
i saw a magic
moment crystallized
service of god
is serving the poor
the needy the helpless
homeless a thought
my soul romanticized
as a poet as a photographer
a poem fantasized