Monday, July 8, 2013

The Muslim Beggar Child .. Mama Hear Me

The Muslim Beggar Child .. She Has Been Begging As A Toddler

hear me
there is
grand fatherly
about this man
who is shooting me
i can see two little
girls in his eyes
twinkling rapidly
it seems with his
cameras touch
he is holistically
blessing me
mama hear me
mama this man
looks kind friendly
now he is giving me
a fifty rupee ..
do take it mama
buy me a nice
dress pretty
a barbie doll too
mama hear me
no mama i dont
want the dress
or the doll fathers
medicines food
is more important
mama hear me
we need money
to pay the doctors
fees ...

mama hear me

Sar Par Azab Hai

meri kismet
kharab hai
bhik mang
kar guzara
karti hoon
beta meri
kharab hai
na koie sawal hai
na koie jawab hai
zindagi ka dukh
beta behisab hai
beintiha musibatein
bure waqt ka intiqam hai
har pal har mod zindagi
nakam hai ...har cheez
par mohar hai paise
ka dam hai ..maut
se khatranak,, yeh
zindagi ka nam hai

Shooting Muslim Beggars Is Not Easy As You Think

it is
like using
a pen
throwing a
in a pond
a thought
wont sink
a picture
to a poem
link ..

Mama How Long Will You Go On Begging For Me

on the roadside
for a few coins
in the name
of charity
they come
search their
drops a few
coins humanity
our pain they
do not want to see
degradation deprivation
gives a bad name
to the community
if they could make
us disappear with
a magic wand it
would be so easy..
but we are eye sores
one takes our picture
tweaks it as beggar
poetry.. to be
or not to be
enslaved yet
not free
mama i dont want
to be a beggar
when i grow up
finally ...
not a mullah
not a politician
not a policeman
not a doctor
not a performer
but a good human
being i want to be
helping others
not just muslims
but all of society
healing wounds
in the name
of garib nawaz
khwajah moinuddin
chishty ...

Motherhood Begs ..

both young
muslim mothers
with their tiny kids
begging for alms
professional in
their attitude
no qualms
begging the
only way out
lines etched
on their palms
one gave me
a gratifying
smile the other
one calm..

Train Travel In Modern India Is A Bullock Cart on Wheels

The Old Beggar Couple Of Bandra West

not destined
to rest . beg
beg beg
a thought
riding a
atithi bhava
guest is god
but a beggar
is a beggar
not a guest
a few coins
you give
they will bless
why is their
life at the end
of the tunnel
in a mess
no address
their woes
is not the
job of our
crappy paid
media press
now with
round the
men collecting
charity for
will become

Mama I Am Dreaming Says The Little Boy To His Blind Mother

you are no more blind
you can see the colors
now when i hide you
can easily find ..
you hug me
you catch me
from behind
mama you eyes
so beautiful with
kohl outlined
god has changed
our world given
us hope no more
begging on the streets
god loving and kind
the savior of mankind

For The Muslim Beggar - Ramzan Is A Yearly Bonus ,,,

Ramzan Mubarak Aya- Ramzan Mubarak Aya

Ramzan Is Just Round The Corner

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I Always Wondered From Where They Got Their Eyes ..

Some of the beggars in this community , have the most beautiful eyes , and they are migrants , tribals who have chosen beggary as a profession , their main revenue comes from begging at traffic signals , but the most profitable days are the festive ones , eid , mahashivratri and mount mary to name a few including xmas and new year.

These girls become mothers at a very early age impregnated by their own relatives siblings strangers .. and the new born child begins working the streets in a few days perched on a sling on the shoulders of another child.

Their elders dont like photographers , mostly they sit where the kids beg , gamble drink and fornicate .. and make babies ...babies keeps hope alive drugged with Benadryl cough mixture .. most of the kids are semi nude .. to satisfy the child orglers ..

Of late you dont see them at the traffic signals because of the hefty RS 1200 fine .. for begging and loitering.

The kids are street smart.. love movies smoking some end up doing drugs petty crime and soft porn I am told .. marketed by the wicked in their community..

The good the bad the ugly once lived on a mound close to where I stay..