Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Piercing Hooks At The Back

Shilpa Koli Pierces Her Cheeks

Shilpa and Nilesh a Story of Love And Devotion and Faith

Shilpa and Nilesh a Story of Love And Devotion and Faith

Shilpa and Nilesh a Story of Love And Devotion and Faith

I Shot The Pain of Her Husband as The Rod Enters His Wifes Cheek

I Shot The Pain of Her Husband as The Rod Enters His Wifes Cheek

I Shot The Pain of Her Husband as The Rod Enters His Wifes Cheek

I Shot The Pain of Her Husband as The Rod Enters His Wifes Cheek

Shilpa Pierces Her Cheeks For The First Time While Her Husband Holds Her

Husaband And Wife And Faith That Moves Mountains

Shilpa Gets Her Cheeks Pierced For The First Time

As mentioned earlier she had a dream she is a Koli married woman with a very devoted husband Nilesh and a 5 year old daughter..Her husband held her while Raja pierced her cheeks this was my most profound documentary of two persons deeply in love bound to a rod of faith.. to a Tamil goddess of fertility Marriammen.


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I got this question on Facebook

My reply

who cares a finger fuck...

buying the soul

of humanity

with petro dollar bucks

if given a choice

instead of a wahhabi

i d rather be a peace loving

ajmer visiting eunuch

born in india a shia muslim

i thank my parents

good luck

terrorism sucks

Hardcore Rod Piercing Mahim Beach

Hardcore Rod Piercing Mahim Beach

Hardcore Possession At Mahim Beach

It happens only in India

Shooting The Unborn Tear In The Eye ..

Muslims are a Divided Race

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sectarian hate
sectarian strife
within the
soul of a bomb
has replaced
allah ho akbar
the call of
the muezzin
now as a war cry
has surfaced
are a divided
one hating
the other
not giving
the other
but all Allah
do embrace
for martyrdom
totally misplaced
a jehad they call it
just in case
his teachings
his piety
his tolerance
his spiritual base
his holy scriptures
a religion
that was once
know for its
dignity and its grace
poisonous puritanism
a bearded face
for sufism shiasm
ahle hadees
has no space
into another world
called akhrat
as we race
the only
path of peace
a detour
as the pilgrim
on the soul
of humanity
by a few

The Rod Piercing For Goddess Marriammen Mahim Beach

The Milk Effect

Milk is used as lubricant it makes it easy to maneuver the rod in the mouth close to the tongue and get the balance equal at both ends ..of the cheek.. a wrong move can tear open the jaw for life..

And it is with his rod these guys spin themselves leap in the air and dance and some with hooks in the back pull vans..Goddess Mari inspires them with divine strength..

I Shoot Pain As It Reflects On The Soul of My Camera

I Shoot Pain As It Reflects On The Soul of My Camera

The Pained Poetry of My Life

No Greater Sinner Than Me

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the first time
a million light years
an aging eternity
when accidentally
she touched me
her voice at the other
end lisping in pain
her sense sensuality
swept me off my feet
drenched the soul
of my pathos passion
poetry cascading
like dancing silks
lashing my inner being
punitively her flesh
her body her mind
bits of her stupidity
killed me instantly
now only a poetic
thought on the periphery
a moment lost in time
i hear her voice
betrayed by lust
betrayed by love
a desire that
could not be
by chance
to her memory
i tried to be
what i was not
what i could not be
in love blindingly
locked as a
tiny pearl
in an oyster
she was a path
but not my destiny

Shooting Hope And Hindutva In Amchi Mumbai

The Barefeet Blogger and Goddess Marriammen

Origin of Goddess Marriammen

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The Origin of Goddess Mari Amman

Goddess Mari Amman is revered and worshiped widely among Tamil villagers across Sri Lanka and South India, where she is regarded as having the power to bestow or remove life-threatening fevers like smallpox and chicken pox. Despite Mari Amman’s great popularity to this day, the origins of her cult remain obscure. The oral tradition concerning her origin, however, may be summarized as follows:

In ancient India there once lived a rishi named Jamadhakni together with his sahadharmini (nowadays called ‘wife’) Renuka Devi and their four sons. They had built an ashram on the bank of the river Ganges, the holy river descended from the heavens in Hindu mythology, where they lived an austere but happy life spent in prayer, worship and meditation.

Jamadhakni would customarily wake up from sleep as early as 4 a.m. and ask Renuka Devi to bring a vessel of water from the Ganges for his early morning pujas. Rishis like Jamadhakni would perform pujas and meditation between 4 a.m. and 6 a.m., which is known as Brahma Muhurtham, i.e. before sunrise. It is said that, after the sun rises, the sun god takes half the punyam or blessings accrued from one’s pujas. So the ideal time for pujas is before sunrise.

Renuka Devi used to go down to the Ganges empty handed, without any vessel, and due to her tapa balam or benefits obtained through austerities, she would wade through the waters of the Ganges, collect riverbed mud, mould an earthen pot on the spot, and use it to bring water for her husband’s pujas. This miracle was a daily occurrence.

One day as she entered the Ganges, however, she happened to see in the water the reflection of a Gandharva flying nearly over her head. Her mind seized upon the beauty of that Gandharva and inwardly she retained his image. Her mind began to waver, as she reflected that there were also handsome young men in the world, whereas her husband and his fellow rishis were old men having long matted hair and gray beards.

In the process, Renuka Devi’s inward chastity collapsed and, on account of this, she found that she was unable to mould a clay vessel out of the riverbed mud. Without wasting any further time she went back to her husband and expressed her inability to mould the earthen vessel.

Jamadhakni prayed to God Shiva, and came to know the reason for her being unable to mould the vessel. Accepting the command of Lord Shiva, he decided to punish her severely— by beheading her.

He ordered their sons—first, second and third—to behead their mother Renuka Devi. But all refused, pleading that there was no precedent. However, their fourth son, Parasurama, agreed to carry out his father’s severe order. At once, Parasurama, the avatar of Maha Vishnu, beheaded his mother with his axe weapon.

On beheading his mother, Parasurama turned to his father and said that he had carried out the order. Jamadhakni was pleased and offered to grant his son Parasurama a boon befitting the heavy task assigned to him.

On being assured that the boon would surely be granted, Parasurama requested that his mother be back to life. Jamadhakni, though indignant at the outset, was compelled to grant the boon to maintain his word.

Jamadhakni said that the water for that day’s puja had not yet been fetched. However, a remnant of the previous day’s puja water kept in a kabandalam (vessel with handle and spout) was found and sprinkled on Renuka Devi’s body, attaching the severed head.

On sprinkling water on the head and torso, Renuka Devi came back to life. However Jamadhakni told her that she no longer had any place in the ashram as she was an incarnation of goddess Parvati, henceforth called Mari Amma by order of Lord Shiva.

Renuka Devi, or rather Mari Amma, was starting to leave the ashram when from a distance an army of brigands approached Jamadhakni asking for drinking water. The rishi was now in deep meditation (dhyana) and could not hear the tumult. The warlord of the brigands turned wild and told his followers to cut off the head of the rishi, which they did. Since Jamadhakni died in a sacred place surrounded by ashrams, his body could not be kept for long and, accordingly, a funeral pyre was built and his body was cremated.

Renuka Devi, on seeing her husband’s body being burnt, returned and leaped upon the funeral pyre, as a last mark of respect for her rishi husband. Indra from heaven ordered Varuna, the rain god, to drench the fire with sudden heavy rain so that the fire would be extinquished. But in the meantime, Renuka Devi had been severely burned and her dress was also burnt partly.

Then, badly burned but still alive, Renuka Devi managed to walk to a nearby village where, on seeing her familiar face, the villagers made her lay on a long plantain leaf coated with castor oil and applied turmeric powder and neem leaves. One woman touched Renuka Devi and, finding her feverish, ordered that she should be given tender coconut water and butter milk. Then Renuka Devi went to the next village inhabited by washer men who, upon seeing Renuka Devi’s burnt sari, offered her a pure white sari and a red sari that is normally worn by Mari Amma.

On descending from Mount Kailasa, Lord Shiva appeared before Renuka Devi and pronounced her as none other than Uma Devi, Parameswari or Jagadeeswari. Ever since then, Renuka Devi has been called Mari Amman and other names according to local traditions. Because of her association with burning fever, Goddess Mari Amman is respected as omnipotent in every village, guarding people from severe fevers like small pox and chicken pox.

Velamur Veeraraghavan Seshadri (b. 1925) toured villages of Tamil Nadu for twelve years from 1983-95 with Samayapuram Mariamman, singing bhajans and expounding Hindu religious principles. He presently serves as Administrative Officer of Sri Teyvayanai Amman Temple, Kataragama, Sri Lanka.

Shilpa Kolis Family Me Before She Pierces Her Cheeks With The Rod

It was so hot , that I removed my tshirt... Mumbai heat can bring down on a white elephant on heat too..the humidity thirst .. and I was barefeet shooting on an empty stomach..all I had was a few sips of water some cold drink offered by Raja and a cup of coffee from 1 pm till 10 pm.. nothing else..

I went into a trance twice on the beach...

Glenn Losack You Can Beat The Mumbai Heat ..

Mahim Fort Sadly Has Gone To The Dogs

We Fuck heritage piddle on its soul instead we build sea links build lavassa adarsh .. fuck the list ends only with scams and corruption..

Nanda A Cat On A Tin Roof

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I have been shooting this girl child woman since mamy years she grows on the soul of my poetry , she is always well dressed sometimes shy sometimes attacking my camera to be noticed and to be seen,she was accompanying a boy who had his cheeks pierced later maybe from her area, she was a sight kicking up a storm, she was laughing she was crying she was dancing she was touching the feet of the piercers , she was different , so I shot her vivacity her innocence and her Tamil pride .. her vivre de joie..

I shot her as poet using a paint brush on a canvas for the first time...

I Was Blessed Cured Healed By A Childs Touch

In My World of Poetry The Child Is God

Sometimes Touch Heals the Soul of Humanity

The Heritage of Shame And Squalor Mahim Fort

The Rich Mans Link

Filthiest Beach In Mumbai Mahim Beach.. Jai Maharashtra

MTNL Broadband An Everlasting Curse On the Soul of My Blogs And Internetting

Everything was going on well and since this evening it has again started giving me trouble crashing my uploads..

My docket no plastered on my ass this time is 5420.. courtesy complaints 198

Romancing The Stone

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from here
the dream ships
set sail for
every port
mahim fort
soul body mind
yogic health resort
shit as much
as you want
poetic efforts
you need not abort
travel into
gods own country
no visa no emigration
check required
no passport
no hidden charges
moral support
doodle in the sands
muscles contort
what goes in
must exit
out laws
of transport
import export
unless a hijra
comes hassles you
the fucked spoilsport
blackmailing you
he might extort
as parts of
your dreams
on the waves float
wet and dry you
need not sort
on the soul
of heritage
a romance
you need
no consort

Come Shit On The Soul of Mahim Fort.. Everyone Welcome

Mahim Fort Heritage And Humanity

We Love To Shit On The Soul of Heritage And Humanity

An Insult To God Nature Man Governance - The Mahim Fort

Sometimes Life Is A Dream And Death is a Reality.. I Might Be Wrong..

Poets Shoot Pictures Words And Poetry

Life Is Nothing But Blood and A Garland of Dead Flowers

Walking On Blood Water and Spirit

Waking On Blood Water And Spirit

He Is A Butcher And I Am A Sacrificial Goat

I have always had my heart liver and spleen butchered on the altar of one sided love .. I love illusions spectral beauties..what I envision always belongs to someone else.. but yes it keeps poetry of delusion and metamorphosing as a sucker alive..the only two words I was reminded was Sod Off and Fuck Off... two sides of a coin called poetry of love and life... deleted dreams broken dreams..