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Braveless Brevity Girl Child

Braveless Brevity Girl Child
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with my camera lens
i probe non sense
a soulless world
demystifying suspense
a past a future tense
girl child life commence
childhood to menstrual womanhood
a trail of teary sequence
vulnerability immense
a tattered hope
flesh fisted defense
in a society
where woman is
a piece of pleasure
to fuck forget dispense
satisfied unfulfilled orgasms
a malfunctioned manhood’s only pretense
fire and brimstone
either side of the fence
make more babies loveless
cupidity culpability no expense
from a prostituted cradle
torture tyranny eternal offense
woman and womanhood
to be burnt on the altar
smokeless fragrant incense
a closed chapter
life condense

Chehlum Saddam Hussain

Chehlum Saddam Hussain
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photo courtesy

Saddam Hussein Abd al-Majid al-Tikriti (Arabic: صدام حسين عبد المجيد التكريتي Ṣaddām Ḥusayn ʿAbd al-Majīd al-Tikrītī[1]; April 28, 1937[2] – December 30, 2006[3]), was the President of Iraq from July 16, 1979, until April 9, 2003.[4][5]

A leading member of the revolutionary Ba'ath Party, which espoused secular pan-Arabism, economic modernization, and socialism, Saddam played a key role in the 1968 coup that brought the party to long-term power. As vice president under the ailing General Ahmed Hassan al-Bakr, Saddam tightly controlled conflict between the government and the armed forces — at a time when many other groups were considered capable of overthrowing the government — by creating repressive security forces. In the early 1970s, Saddam spearheaded Iraq's nationalization of the Western-owned Iraq Petroleum Company, which had long held a monopoly on the country's oil. Through the 1970s, Saddam cemented his authority over the apparatuses of government as Iraq's economy grew at a rapid pace.[6]

As president, Saddam maintained power through the Iran-Iraq War (1980-1988) and the first Persian Gulf War (1991). During these conflicts, Saddam repressed movements he deemed threatening to the stability of Iraq, particularly Shi'a and Kurdish movements seeking to overthrow the government or gain independence, respectively. While he remained a popular hero among many disaffected Arabs everywhere for standing up to the West and for his support for the Palestinians,[7] U.S. leaders continued to view Saddam with deep suspicion following the 1991 Persian Gulf War. Saddam was deposed by the U.S. and its allies during the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

Captured by U.S. forces on December 13, 2003, Saddam was brought to trial under the Iraqi interim government set up by U.S.-led forces. On November 5, 2006, he was convicted of charges related to the executions of 148 Iraqi Shi'ites suspected of planning an assassination attempt against him, and was sentenced to death by hanging. Saddam was executed on December 30, 2006.[8]

my urdu poem

Eshale sawab ka Koran

andhe hafizon se padwayenge

kale kapde pahankar

apni masjidon mein

yeh matam majlis


ya saddam hussain

ya saddam hussain

ka nara lagwayenge

jhande uthwayenge

yeh bharat desh ke rahne wale

sadam hussain ke jay jay kar

ke nare lagayenge

bangalore mein danga karwayenge

yeh bhule bhatke

yazidiyat ke chahne wale

yazid saddam hussain

ka chehlum manayenge

ek zalim ko yeh apna

devta banayenge

kyon ki

akhrat mein

saddam hussain hi

enke gunha bashkwaenge

shaheed to yeh shaitan

ko bhi baneyenge

bhul bhatke musalman

yeh hind par

vande matram kya gayenge

yeh to sirf saddam hussain

ko apna massiha


yeh hum sare watan parast

muslamanon ki

beizzati kareyenge

kya yeh apnon ka

apna banyenge

is desh mein rakhar

yeh saddam hussain

ke gun gayenge

this was written in december in lucknow...

My Camera is Nothing

My Camera is Nothing
Originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1

My camera is Nothing
Only a box.
It can do Nothing.
It needs me to take pictures.
I shut my eyes prior to taking a shot.
I shoot on one leg.
I am in hancuffs when I shoot bracelets my rings.
But I am not a magician I dont let Nikon take any thing away from me.
People shoot pictures I shoot pain..
An object in pain shot by a subject in pain.
both beyond pain.
I can smash my camera on the street and still shoot pain.
The pain of the wounded and writhing camera..
my soul that is is a camera too.. all filters. lenses , flash, attached.. pictures take the shape of poems..
I am hunter and also the haunted.
And this was Gods gift .
This picture.
This flash in the pan.
Thank you God.

Mahalaxmi Dhobhi Ghat

Mahalaxmi Dhobhi Ghat
Originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1

Below a bridge
the washermen
beating awat their blues
mahalaxmi dhobhi ghat
everyone comes shoots them
adjacent to a railway plot
the most happening
tourist spot
dont ask
fuck what
elephant dicks
tits and twats
dirty seminal stained linen
being washed in public
as your most memorable shots
posting them at fuck fotothing
some at word press buzznet
bollywoods most wanted
brain dead menstrual blood clot
fuck me i am all that you have got..
may my soul at the gates of whoredom rot.

the famous open air laundry, this was a buznet featured picture...

man superman eunuch...pedestrian poetry

man superman eunuch...pedestrian poetry
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my lord
in my next birth
make me a pebble
a stone an insect
an animal
a piece of shit
but dont create me man
i would not want to be a part
of his cosmic plan
born in an impregnated womb
of chaos
with dreams fisted
to become superman
make me a sea anemone
a seedling or a plant
my lord i beg of you
dont make me man
even a eunuch
in times like this is
better than man
give me death
to a human life span
my lord i beseech you
dont make me man
the messiah unborn to man
born in a crib of biblical elan
saw the world
from the eyes of a cross
speared blood drawn
man made glory god made pawn
anti christ too
from this world has withdrawn

dedicated to paxgitmo

‘I am the Decider ‘ Bush

‘I am the Decider ‘ Bush
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photo google images
The war in

Shia Sunni split

Getting dangerously

Wider and Wider

Seeing this

Says the White House

Omnipresent god

I am the Decider

Me an American

Saint George

Easy Rider

To hell with

Nancy Pelosci

The Democrats will

Misguide her

Flying high on

A Bushism glider

A weeping web

At the mercy of a spider

America is Addicted to Oil’ Bush

America is Addicted to Oil’ Bush
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google images
this was posted at word press ....

Fred Shapiro


Book of Quotations

A gem of a gem of an airfoil

America is addicted to oil

War in Iraq

White mans toil

The going is good a few body bags

for the good of a nation

must we such feelings spoil

says the Prez a gun

reverberating a recoil

Sherlock Holmes

What’s up Dr Watson Rumsfeld

Pages from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Bushism overflowing

From a white house gargoyle

Weapons of mass delusions

Concealed in the brain

Of a presidential top soil

Create situations for war

New wars embroil

Peace harmony tranquility

Of this planet despoil

.It takes just one moron

At Word Press

To create a poetic turmoil.

Wit Of Washington

Wit Of Washington
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courtesy google images

I am going the way very few people do.
Art Buchwald

Failing kidneys
Setting sun
Leaving home
Work is done
Perpetual smile
Cigar chewing fun
Americas pride
Serious thought
Poking fun
The cutting edge
Wit of Washington
political satire
that he spun
my condolence
to joel his son
his dear father
humorist no1
Stella in Heaven
He will stun
Have you ever read
Art Buchwald
he will ask each one

The Racist Tree of Life

The Racist Tree of Life
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1

Laundry is the only thing that should be separated by color. ~Author Unknown

Racial superiority is a mere pigment of the imagination. ~Author Unknown

There is a strange kind of tragic enigma associated with the problem of racism. No one, or almost no one, wishes to see themselves as racist; still racism persists, real and tenacious.


Racism has been an integral component of American culture since its founding upon the genocide of Native Americans, and the forced slavery of Africans and Afro-Americans.


Racism rests upon and functions as a kind of seesaw: the persecutor rises by debasing and inferiorizing his victim.


we are slaves of pigmentation
our skin our worldy fascination
our hate for the other mans skin
a biblical revealation
yes the browns the blacks
under the domination of a
White Gods own White Nation
on the soul of the colored man
wounds scars and lacerations
several other brow beating
yes the dark man is angry
on the verge of revolt
uhuru he is loosing
his ancestral patience
racialism the most hated
mans own wicked creation
unjustified horrifying
human aberration

Love Poetry Hate Racism

White Man has a Change of Heart

White Man has a Change of Heart
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photo courtesy

you act as a joker
in a pack of cards
you are a racist
within a poetic range
you know it
i know it too
to people it may
not seem strange
but if you gave up
your wicked evil
white heart
take a black mans heart in exchange
there is a possibilty you might
for the better change
your miserable sick life
to a better life
more fulfilled one arrange

firoze shakir photographerno1

Top 500 Poets- Poem Hunter

Top 500 Poets- Poem Hunter
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photo courtesy

Top 500 Poets

"Racism is man's gravest threat to man - the maximum of hatred for a minimum of reason."
-- Abraham Joshua Heschel

One day our descendants will think it incredible that we paid so much attention to things like the amount of melanin in our skin or the shape of our eyes or our gender instead of the unique identities of each of us as complex human beings.
~ Franklin Thomas

"I have no color prejudices nor caste prejudices nor creed prejudices. All I care to know is that a man is a human being, and that is enough for me; he can't be any worse."
-- Mark Twain

We will have to repent in this generation not merely for the hateful words and actions of the bad people but for the appalling silence of the good people.
-- Martin Luther King, Jr

the racist
among top 500 poets
he hides his face his ugliness
of race resurfacing
among dead and living poets
hideously as Dr Jeckyl and Dr Hyde
moronic demonic monstrosity
hides in the blanks
within a poetic planetarium
an australian binary
as numbers mocking
knocking down
the august pillars of poetry
in poetic pretentious finery
the racist hiding his agenda
behind the lofty titles
empty worded poems
sold as second hands goods
in poem hunter haberdashery

dedicated to a very fine mother , grandmother , a great poet
among the true top 500 -marci made

indian poets do not like indian poets

indian poets do not like indian poets
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1

photo courtesy

indian poets
do not like
indian poets very much
local poets
colloquial poets
national poets
humility and hospitality
words are not poems
soulless sanctity
they smudge
emotions feelings
human bonding
as from one moment
to another moment
seeking cybernetic
into the unknown
as we trudge

Tears for Poetry -Suicide Poemhunter Forum

Tears for Poetry -Suicide Poemhunter Forum
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1

icture courtesy

at the poem hunter forum
on the floor lies
with bleeding wrists
the corpse of poetry
yes despondent lady
gangraped committed suicide
tears flowing as blood
on the soul of posterity
no more forum quotes
for mr ian bowen
no more cajun recipe
no more scarlet treats
no more liberal pussy
trade martin in agony
no more hogs or dead logs
courtney kane to be or not to be
no more wine and sherrie
no more toodles to ferry
fires in California
ben cassel bidding farewell to evacuees
racism a dark silouhette
wicked and ugly
david hazel at cross purpose
christian alien territory
micheal shephered silver haired
lost in the whirling words of rumi
ted sheridan sepulchral silence
writing her obituary
howlin dervish at koyna
with tunisia lativia
belafonte multiple personality
the only serious poet
goldi locks in shock
crying copiously
as the ship began to sink
the Aussie racist rats began to flee
words without borders
words beyond language
words holistic science
words in all humility
paying for one last time
homage to poetry

Tandav on the Soul of Racism

Tandav on the Soul of Racism
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1

my eye
her eye
yet we dont see
eye to eye
catcher in the rye
games goddess play
break our hearts
than deny
frivolously fucked forever
in a question mark
of a why
a single photo blog
fighting racism
a rallying cry
to those white washed walls
of a poem hunter forum
of hate that turn a blind eye
my poems my pictures
my attitude with
all the money in the
world you cannot buy
yes dear elysabeth
this brown
mud colored man from mumbai
yes dear angel
championing cheering
an english poets racist slur
on my indianess my language
a martial art poet called tai
humility the holistic art of poetry
is more important than
disembowelling superior racist hate
or pretending to be quite retired
machiavellian wise guy
an old oak tree facing this Indian bonsai
go find another punching bag
i dont intend to be your fall guy
firoze shakir poet photographer blogger
perched on his camera lens
Shivas third eye
love poetry hate racism
a roar a screaming soul of
a battle cry
tandav a dance of death
on the body of the bad guy

Traffic Signal Woes

Traffic Signal Woes
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1

begging for
a few dollars more
as cars rip roar,,
some spit out of the
car windows
some slam the door
almost exactly
like the day before
feet honeytoes
we cant take it any more
life human soliciting
like a second hand
celestial whore
tears unveiled
on her trembling door
traffic signal woes
beginning of a new dawn
as the sun crows

The Chinchpokli Girl Child

The Chinchpokli Girl Child
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1

The Chinchpokli Girl Child

a womans pain
from birth to death
an umbillicaly blood rusty chain
spawning a future
in a seed of a grain
creating man
a mirror image
in vain
the girl child
awakening atrophied
before she is slain
more for her flesh
less for her brain


Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1

This was an exotic minature mountaain goat I shot at Chor Bazar that was bought for the Bakra Idd Sacrifice...

the shadows take fright
beast of burden thy plight
slaughtered by faith
flesh thy soul despite
sacrificial goat
monochromatic sorrow
colored black and white
on idd your mutton as
biryani will taste right
savoured with
basmati rice
each gluttonous bite
only your picture
slaughtered memory
web site

The Old Milk Maid of Kamatipura

The Old Milk Maid of Kamatipura
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1

she sells milk in polythene bags
her milk is better than the Nagori milk she brags
her old frame from home to the street she drags
she looks at me with hate each time i shoot her picture
thinking perhaps it is for celebrity mags
besides her the dog his tail wags
kamatipura sand bags
her huband dead and gone no more
this old lady s nags
hides her money in the folds of her saree
no handbags.
the old milk maid of kamatipura
now will relive through technorati tags

this is a featured picture at buzznet some comments

[delete] michaelbell: 01/16/2007 3:04 PM
Greta poem. Powerful Image.

[delete] panasonicyouth: 01/16/2007 4:24 PM
Absolutely amazing.

[delete] bennbell: 01/16/2007 6:51 PM
Congratulations on feature, Firoze. Wonderful photo. Very touching

[delete] tolovemoon: 01/16/2007 11:57 PM
A real strong person she is, here in the us not many on the streets like her there. The elderly live in nurse homes or are taking care of by nurses

[dele commentatorno1: 01/17/2007 6:18 AM
thank you myopic buzzbot
my pictures street pennies and pence
finally sees emotional sense
prior to this he was pictorialy dense
images , imagery are made on the emulsion
of a mans soul
not by camera or lens
see ahead to a future

featured past tense..

[delete] commentatorno1: 01/17/2007 6:20 AM
thank you friends… sometimes visit me at word press photographer no 1 ..i am featured ,, on their hearts too

[delete] lillyclaire: 01/17/2007 7:44 AM
other than the poem her face by itself is telling a story !!!

saddam hung up

saddam hung up
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1

this goats name was saddam.
he was slaughtered on idd
hung up butchered
clandestinely filmed
by hoodlums
what a traffic jam
a presidential pardon
from one president to another
not part of this exam
a kangaroo court
political flim flam
weapons of mass deception
baghdad security
headstuck in a doorjamb
send more troops
some more scam
to save american people
this hegemony heralding programme
a corrupt white house
what a sham..
said the prez
my political detractors
i outswam

god call me home

god call me home
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1

all the sufferings
wasted yesterdays
untasted tomorrows
i took in my stride
my karma was bad
not much could i hide
i loved johnnie
i married peter
yes lord
i lied
i wanted a home
security but johnnie
was booze eyed
every time
he made love to me
i died
peter is methodical
a missionary position
push pull dull eyed
now lord
lover husband both gone
please call me back
i am fed up
of this lonely ride
a widow
who was once a bride
now it is the internet
god forgive
a cybernetic
friend of a friend
once a poem hunter
a poetic vanity
hidden in a
unpoetic pride
a silence
within a silence
no more my new muse
no more my guide
o hi o doth god labour
love denied

oh my blog goddess divine

oh my blog goddess divine
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1

Make hay while the sun shines
poems written to appease her soul
from the criss cross of my pre destined lines
yes she sprawled on my mind
sheltered sue pine
why does she make me
like a distempered doggie whine
yes cybernetic love burning my souls flesh online
dangerous, demented, deluded dude she did once define
her silence ... to my poetic speech a way out of line..
every word wanting to live unpickled on her soul dish
watery brine...
bent unctously archered bow of my spine
arrow headed hate incline
shoot me kill me oh my blog goddess divine

ram ram ram ram

ram ram ram ram
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1

this is my first bhajan dedicated to my childhood friend ramesh mulchandani, who has saved me and my family from self destruct ...yes he is a much as i am a muslim..we share a single mother the land we love..beyond man made religiosity...

ram ram ram ram
ram ram ram ram
bhagwan tere kitne naam
tuhi allah tuhi ram
ram ram ram ram
ram ram ram ram
jab jab liya tera naam
pura hua mera adhura kam
bhagwan tere kitne naam
tuhi allah tuhi ram
ram ram ram ram
ram ram ram ram
tu dil mein to charon dham
bhagwan tere kitne naam
tuhi allah tuhi ram
ram ram ram ram
ram ram ram ram
sitaram sitaram
jai siyaram jai siyaram
ram ram ram ram
ram ram ram ram
bhagwan tere kitne nam
teri bhakti ka parinam
maine dekha gokuldham
ram ram ram ram
ram ram ram ram
sitaram sitaram
jai siyaram jai siyaram
bhagwan tere kitne naam
teri bhakti mera kaam
mere lab pe tera naam
tuhi allah tuhi ram
ram ram ram ram
ram ram ram ram
apas main bair
aur tu badnam
ram ram ram ram
ram ram ram ram
sare khun pe tera naam
tuhi allah tuhi ram
tu ghanshyam tu ghanshyam
jai jai ram jai jai ram
jai jai ram jai jai ram,
tuhi amrat tuhi jam
jai jai ram jai jai ram
jai jai ram jai jai ram

radhe shyam radhe shyam
radhe shyam radhe shyam
jai ghanshyam jai ghanshyam
bhagwan tere kitne naam
tuhi allah iswhar aur ram
jai jai ram jai jai ram
jai jai ram jai jai ram
Hindustan ek aisa naam
Bhaichara mohabat satyakam
Hindu muslim ek sammaan
bhagwan tere kitne naam
tuhi allah tuhi ram
ram ram ram ram
ram ram ram ram
bhagwan tere kitne naam
bhagwaan tere kitne naam
tujko hum karte hain salaam
bharat mata tere naam
bharat mata tera nam
Hindu muslim ek sammaan
Allah ishwar tero naam
jai jai ram jai jai ram
jai jai ram jai jai ram
tuhi allah tuhi ram
ram ram ram ram
ram ram ram ram

Aussie Racist Hijda in a Hijab

Aussie Racist Hijda in a Hijab
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1

photo google images

racism is the game
a few play
in the poem hunter forum
behind the back of an indian poet
his poem they slay
defenders of anti-racism who love to betray
siding with a loose bowel kindness repay
as for awsome wells dickenson
snob assed allen james saywell
castrated balls on a tray
an Aussie Racist hijda in a hijab
in the israelis pay
also takes blood money from the CIA
pederast loves bonnie babies
yes allegedly he is gay
giving competition to Irish Roman Catholic priests
on St Patricks Day
he is on the hit list of the IRA
at the poemhunter forum in a poetic fray
his hate his racism for muslim women indian women
as wretched poetry display
he has lost it all I can say
say well loves Gangubai the Gonrroheal whore
mother Boy o Boy of Bim Bombay
who is a Mumbai Cages veteran
does the mujra and the cabaret
she has given him a venereal bouquet
for not having paid her for her services
Feb 14 2006 Valentines Day

Play Xris for Me She Said

Play Xris for Me She Said
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1

Impeach Bush
on a keyboard he played
The brilliance of Xris Taylor
had me waylaid
My first journal post
compliments I paid
Than came an epic
a blog a goddess
What a raid..
Love lost for you
Designer stuff
poems each
online trade ..
to her
who called me a journaler
ready made
thank you steve
for the upgrade
shia thug
whose ass she laid
grapes of wrath
that fate forbade
a forehead
a cleavage of my mind
her hate my blade
why a spade for once
cant be a spade
fuck she her
worded tirade
stolen thoughts
some escapade
castrated crab..
punctured pelvic
eyes of jade
in the waters
of her mind

loves to wade

Xris Taylor is a prolific photographer atBuzznet

Catch 22

Catch 22
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1

photo courtesy google images,

Send more US troops to Baghdad
Ground reality situation very bad
Radical Islamic elements gone mad
Hold us to ransom our gonads

Our enemies would have a safe haven in Iraq
From which to plan and launch attacks on the American people.

A disturbing thought my gad
Where mistakes have been made the responsibility rests with me
He did further add

It is clear we need to change our strategy in Iraq

For the safety of our people America must succeed
Presidential prerogative of hegemony petro greed

More deaths chaos pestilence breed
Democratic donkeys do pay heed
Let peace mutual co existence take the lead
A wounded nation to you plead
Words as epitaph you don’t read..
A healing touch is what the people of Iraq need
Hanging Saddam for his misdeed
More terrorism Misplaced Martyrdom indeed
Weapons of mass destruction white house weed
Baghdad security plan slow death on speed

Saddam hanging

Saddam hanging
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1

photo google images

the king is dead
long live the king
dead man walking
an american president
with imaginary hallucinating
weapons of mass destruction
started the whole thing
to invade iraq a pretext
an anchor ring
a master plan of his making
kangaroo court
did justice bring
saddam hussain
sunni martyr
a noose a neck that was aching
my body broken but my soul unbreaking
I faced death without faking
now on a upswing stock taking
death where is thy sting
I am alive
On the consciousness
Of my nation
a surprise knock
I did spring
By wringing my neck
You made me an angel
All be it with a broken wing
I bought down george
With a noose like sling
Idd ul azza
Sacrificial goat
Pictures of saddam hanging
All search engines head banging

This was an old poem posted at word press..