Sunday, May 24, 2009

Remembering the Old Days

written all over his face
his best friends gone
remembering the old days
when hindu muslim christian
where born of one race
respecting the earth
as a holy place
sharing and caring
for each other
respecting each others
religious space
a freedom struggle
their ancestry trace
yes it was India
as their motherland
they did embrace
two nation theory
that created a wall
a cultural disgrace
the core ingredient
you cannot replace

dedicated to my friend dacapus

The Hapless Coin/ Tattooed Hate in Muslim Society

I placed a coin on his palm and began taking strangely he appears as a Muslim, he may not be one, he has a tattoo on his forearm, I did not read what it says..but would anyone beat him and take him to the cops, this is the problem with overzealous Muslims who take law in their hands beat up a Pakistani girl for having words written in Arabic on her back..Religiously maybe she was wrong according to these neo Mumbai Talibans but beating her or trying to impose their will on her through a mob is uncalled for and they should be arrested and thrown in the lock up.

And the Mumbai cops buckling against a venomous group shows law and order in poor light specially in Mumbai..

The Pakistani girl was a soft target and it has hurt all of us ..the buck stops at the Police Station and shows the travesty of our street justice and our hospitality..and our treatment to women folk in general..

And the son of a bitch who reads a woman's really shameful.

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