Monday, December 31, 2007

Muslim World of the Poor Man

Muslim World of the Poor Man
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Muslims all over the world talk of Islam and there is an evil force of Jehaddis that go on a rampage killing those that do not agree with their ideologies, yet nothing is done to alleviate poverty ignorance from the poor Muslim mans world.Most of the clerics fill their own coffers build seminaries of sectarian hate and corrupt the young kids in their charge with hatred for other communities..
My words might hurt the staunch Muslims many here on Flickr who just dont want to see the sad state of the standards of human living..
Many here on Flickr with hate for Shias and hope of Islam in Wahhabism..
I have nothing against Wahhabism as long as its members dont litter their hate on my photo stream..I do not go to other peoples photo stream to defecate my views.. against their faith or beliefs.
I do not denigerate my religion, only the guardians of my religion who pass fatwas on everything under the sun, but no fatwa to ban illiteracy and ignorance and the sad state of affairs of the poor Muslim woman in third world countries..
Here I am reminded of a Muslim youth wanting to form a federation of Islamic nations , the youth from Sri Lanka had a lofty thought but can it ever work, we as Muslims are bent on killing each other and our enemies who want to destroy Peace on Earth laugh all the way to the bank , a comment passed by my friend Neal Romanek.. on my post Muslims love killing Muslims and he as a white man has the insight we dont want to have..

A cloistered world of the poor Muslim Man
Peace and Brotherhood part of Allahs cosmic plan
but here on Earth Muslims love killing Muslims
as fast as they can ...sectarian strife sectarian violence
we are hardly Muslims just Shias Sunnis Jamatis Wahabbis Tabbblikis
hate filled members hurting each tribal rivalry as a clan
Jehhadis destroying the world and the Word of God
Man wanting to be omnipresent Superman
The Jehhad against Ignorance Illitercay
the misery of the pooer uneducated underprivileged Muslim woman
with Fatwas of hate the Rogue Mullahs span
after two atom bombs Nagasaki and Hiroshima
from the fires rose a phoenix called Japan
but we destroy each other as Muslims
in Islamic countries from Pakistan to Sudan
we self destruct Talibanisation of our human soul
from the cauldron into the frying pan
An agony sans ecstacy the rise and fall of
the Muslim World of the Poor Man

Jesus Watches

Jesus Watches
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Jesus watches from a corner in shame
much did he try to raise womanhood
on a pedestal
the lot of the suffering woman
remains the same
woman in a mans world is game
robbed of her treasury of innocence
a fallen woman she became
they her own children
of her loins wound
brutalize and maim
disown her
adding her to ill fame
remember her as fleeting thought
on womans day as a Mother
all in name
throw her in the dungeons
of an old womans home
when she becomes an old dame
the mound of her memories
ashes to ashes dust to dust
the worms her flesh and her soul
will reclaim
mother wife sister
a beast of burden to proclaim

Marziya Awestruck

Marziya Awestruck
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A thought that
I am her grandfather
she could not duck
Marziya wonderstruck
a photographer a poet
a genealogy of good luck
a photogenic model
with more than 700
pictures that I stuck
one month old
Marziya Shakir
our lucky mascot
our blossoming good luck

picture shot by my wife

Marziya and Me

Marziya and Me
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a trunk and a branch of a tree
held by love of ahle bait firmly
mir anis a part of her ancestry
pride of shamim and
mohomed shakir lakhnavi
her great grand parents
buried at rehmatabad
the shia cemetery
marziya our hope
our love our destiny