Sunday, August 4, 2013

From a girl to a woman is a journey of a lifetime

to every
evil crime
talk about
saving her
but she ends
up in the cages
caught in dark
recesses slime
acid prone eve
teasing prone
gang rape prone
who really cares
a dime , words
broken rhyme
ruined by hope
lost illusions
each time

I Went To Taragadh To Salvage The Poetry In My Soul..

The Future of The Beggar Girl Child Is Bleak

her face
says it
all she
to speak
forced to
beg by
her own
to night
if she
she will
be branded
on her cheeks
scantily dressed
like a human freak
beg beg beg
no time to play
hide and seek
i desaturated
her destiny
but her future
i could not tweak

The Lepers Of Taragadh Ajmer ..

The Beggars Of Taragadh..

Sand Ke Tel..Rat Bhar Khel..

Bleeding Feet Of A Muslim Beggar At Taragadh Ajmer

The Beggars Of Taragadh Ajmer ...

I Shot The Terrain Of Poverty ,, I Shot The Beggars Of Taragadh

Climbing Mountains Barefeet To Shoot The Beggars Of Taragadh

We Cry Because There Are Potholes On Our City Roads .. Some Potholes Of Human Life I Upload

You Need More Than A Camera To Shoot The Beggars Of Taragadh Ajmer

The Lepers Of Taragadh Ajmer

Ek Din Hamare Sath Bhik Mang Kar Dekh Pata Chalega Ate Dane Ka Bhao

gale main camera
sala bhikari jaisa
nange pao ..
bata tera gaon
i told him unnao
he made me sit
next to him
told his mother
dastarkan bhichao
es bhikari photographer
ko niyaz ka pulao khilao
photo toh kheecha
copy bhej dena .
he gave me rs 5 .
ab bhul mat jao
ham garib zaroor hain
ham main nahi hai
uch neech bhed bhao
lastly holding my hand
bhai kuch bhi karo
garibon ko mat satao

He Gives You Loose Change For Your Crispy Notes In Exchange

the money changer
looks like a beggar
shabby and strange
he gives you coins
deducting a small
amount as his service
charge when he takes
your notes in exchange
you certainly dont want
to give miserly beggars
your crispy notes
not part of your mental
makeup or range .
or be short changed

The Beggars Of Taragadh Ajmer ...

i shoot
the landscape
of poverty .
clouds of despair
i shoot wingless
birds of doom
nestled in their
lair ..their meals
their apprehensions
with you they cannot
share is cruel
not been fair ..sitting
by the steps to
taragadh they sell
their wares ,, broken
limbs blinded eyes
burnt out hopes
disfigured features
open wounds
that scare maggots
eating their flesh
bodily hair,,,,
spreading a
season of
sitting there ,,,

The Beggars Of Taragadh...Adhi Rooh Adha Dhadh

Hand To Mouth

You Got To Be Nice To Beggars On Your Way Up You Always Meet Them On Your Way Down..

Appu My Friend ...

if a dog
or a goat
attacks him
he cannot
but unafraid
till the end
no arms
no legs
just a torso
to tend
a broken
that needs
money to
a crowd
a star
in his own
in the
he blends

The Beggars Bowl Has A Cosmic Hole

money comes
money goes
beggarly woes
on his toes
pain poverty
his only foe
time passes
very slow
to invoke
Allah bless
pilgrims is
all he knows
the younger
drug addict
beggars rob
him beat him
bash him with
deathly blows
he takes it
as lifes karmic
this old muslim
fellow ..allah ke
nam pe paisa do
is his motto
from the mountains
of taragadh it echoes

human fossils and frescoes
a pain like a withered tree
branches .. but wont grow

The Lepers Of Taragadh Were Perhaps Once Beautiful And Fair

life was nice
every breath
rare than came
the disease
they did not
care thrown
out on the streets
now beg at the fair
close to the market
square open wounds
maggots eat the flesh
a living nightmare
losing fingers toes
the scalp and the hair
caught in a vice of a
deathly snare ..
the beggars of
taragadh lepers
beyond repair

Being Born a Woman In India Is The Greatest Punishment

burnt alive
for insufficient
dowry after
a thought
a crime
now a regular
event ..
acid thrown
on her face
for refusing
to marry you
to her detriment
gang raped
sold as a
in red light
is how life
went ..
a bar dancer
she wants to be
to deter her rules
they will amend
but to reduce
crimes 'against
women sadly
they cant prevent
rules were to safe
guard politicians
criminals is what
rules were meant

god save girl children
their first step advent '
tears and lament

hope humanity
broken into million fragment

The Beggars of Tragadh Ajmer ...Open Wounds That Dare

Who Really Cares For The Poor Muslim Seniors ...

Who  Really Cares For  The Poor Muslim Seniors ... by firoze shakir photographerno1

being poor 
their life 
a curse 
every day 
a depleted 
life a depleted 
purse ..

Sundar Majha Ghar

a world at lalbagh
like no other ..
neighbors may
have differences
but live like brothers
for better or for worse
all this will soon
fade away .. when
the chawls are
demolished up
come concrete
monstrous towers
political chicanery
bureaucracy mafia
builder power

When God Makes A Beggar Blind

he does him
a favor by
being humane
kind .. shutting
the beggars eyes
from the evil world
of mankind ..
both sides darkness
you will find
vision .. hope
unaligned ...
man by his evil
ways reflects
a god maligned ..

They Say Muslim Beggars Go To Paradise After Death..

a paradise
of plenty
a paradise
unlike the earth
total mess
a paradise
that is not
part of 72 virgins
god bless
beggars have
a separate entrance
to this beggars paradise
others denied access
those who gave them coins
alms food serve them as
servants yes.. they share
the same house in paradise
the same address..
shooting beggars is shooting
the dark side of my poetry
i must humbly express
words words .. some stress

We Are The Untouchables - Please Dont Shoot Us

we are the lowest
rung of humanity
in islam we are
not jehadis mind
you ..we dont
kill murder rape
suicide bomb
we dont kill
each other
as muslims
or otherwise
we only invoke
you to give
us food and alms
we are in peace
with followers
of jesus buddha
guru nanak or ram

we are a raging storm
of lost hope illusions
beneath the calm...

Shooting Beggars Shooting Pain By The Kerbside ..

what is pain
within the beggars soul
what secrets does he hide
only god knows what the
beggar has inside ..
a fate devoid of pride
shadow of greater god
by his side ..but if you
ask him earnestly
he well tell you when
he was born a beggar
a ripped umbilical cord
his orphan parentage
his god died...

Shooting Beggars Is Shooting Hope And God

are the only
chosen people
who invoke god
every second
sitting in a corner
round the bend
with the walls
behind them
they synchronize
align blend
gods covenant
of peace humility
they tend...
reciting his name
a million time
they spend
with each coin
you throw at them
a signal to god
make your
pain sufferings
less than theirs
they send ..
yes i shoot beggars
broken fences
that wont ever heal
or ever mend..
lost illusions
doomed delusions
pretending to
be contend
beggars have
no enemies
or friends ,,
their funeral
only barking dogs
of death attend
their umarked grave
near the garbage dump
emptiness portend

from a beggar poet
of mumbai..
happy weekend

Har Har Mahadev

Sukh Karta Dukhharta Varta Vighnachi Noorvi Poorvi Prem Krupya Jayachi Sarwangi Sundar Utishendu Rachi Kanthi Jhalke Maad Mukhta Padhanchi

If Everybody Shoots Sunsets Mountains Insects Chubby Kids - Who Will Shoot Beggars

i decided
i will shoot
poverty pain
as long as
i am alive
a photographer
i remain
shoot beggars
leashed to
cosmic predilection
bound to chains
i shoot the mad
the challenged
insane .. i shoot
broken window
panes ,,.no
i cant shoot
sunsets wildlife
insects ..
fuck i wont
shoot wet people
drenched seminal
in the rains

Maha Gauri ..

She is worshipped on the eighth day of Navaratri. Her power is unfailing and instantly fruitful. As a result of her worship, all sins of past, present and future get washed away and devotees get purified in all aspects of life. Maha Gauri is intelligent, peaceful and calm. Due to her long austerities in the deep forests of the Himalayas, she developed a dark complexion. When Lord Shiva cleaned her with the water of the Ganges, her body regained its beauty and she came to be known as Maha Gauri, which mean extremely white. She wears white clothes, has four arms, and rides on a bull. Her right hand is in the pose of allaying fear and her right lower hand holds a trident. The left upper hand holds a ‘damaru’ (a small rattle drum) and the lower one is in the pose of granting boons to her devotees.

The Muslim Man - God Gave Him Hands Legs But Her Prefers To Beg With His Family

The modus operandi , I lost my ticket money someone stole my wallet I need money to go back home .. I saw him at several places , some maybe genuine but most of them con innocent people .. this happens everywhere ..

Gods Greatest Followers On Twitter Are Beggars ...

god is on twitter
and blocks
dickeads galore
that prostitute
ignorance political
for eyes brains
all closed indoors
intelligence unheard of
i am sure ,, live beg
tweet endure ...

Did God Or Man Create Muslim Beggars ?

like an
to his
an empty
in hand
he waits
for a few
a beggars
his world
he eats
you put
in his
he is unaware
of other muslim
worlds where
muslims kill muslims
bombs detonate
suicide bombers
in search of virginal
paradise ..where
souls mate ...
another name
for Hades

The Muslim Lepers Of Taragadh Ajmer

The stretch through barren terrain , from Ajmer town to Taragadh Fort , is a path of pain , with beggars in bad shape, deformed , lepers on the last legs, and they beg pleading invoking.. all the Holy Saints ..

The shells are proxy money ,equivalent to coins that the beggars change with the change money dealers , they get money with a deduction...those who bought the shells pay a percentage for buying it as it is difficult to get coins to distribute to hordes of beggars.

Most of the beggars have open wounds with maggots , they have wounds that need urgent medical attention , but showing their open wounds generates more money..

Its a very sad world I shot it to show you their plight ..the authorities are so busy with the security and law and order , that there should be a contingent to evict them forcefully take them to a hospital and treat them free of cost and pay them too.. with the money that comes in their coffers during the Urus..

The Spiritual Brokers In Islam Keep Quiet

when muslims
kill muslims
shed muslim
blood ..mosques
bombed scriptures
bleed in the mud
a minaret of
hope falls with
a thud ..the
world hears
the sounds
the agony
the pain
the rulers
of islam
dumb deaf
nothing heard
no remorse
no reprimand
empty words
fatwas against
everything but
not against
the faceless
killing in ramzan
peace goes
hate comes

aao mehnat ko apna iman banaye apne hathon ko apna bhagwan banaye

ram kee iss dharatee ko gautam kee bhumee ko
sapnon se bhee pyara hindustan banaye
naya khun hai, nayee umangein, abb hai nayee jawanee
ham hindustanee

She Waits For The Arrival of Her Lord,,, Lalbagh Chya Raja

she knows
he will pass
by where
she sits
his royal
he will
touch her
bless her
with his
holy spirit
she is
one of
his favorite
heart of
heart she
knows it
he has
saved her
many a
when her
life was in
the pits
she is a
you cant throw
her out of
believe it
her blood
sweat tears
bound to him
her faith
her devotion
to lalbagh
chya raja
she willingly

Khuda bhee aasman se jab jamin par dekhta hoga - Mere bandhe ko kisne besahara banaya sochta hoga