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There Is No Doubt In My Mind That You Shoot Better Pictures Than Me

you see through the eye
of your camera all things
filled with joy beauty your
visions pride neighbors envy
i shoot open gutters over
flowing garbage remorse
pain disparity somebody
has to shoot lepers beggars
you see they are part of a
lesser god doing their duty
i shoot abandoned moments
abandoned memories i freeze
while you only talk about stray
dogs swach bharat and trees
on the soul of my camera
consciousness aided by shivas
third eye ,,,my feelings for the
downtrodden marginalized
wont ever cease a hobbyist
a beggar poet through stories
within pictures i get my release

I Refuse To Believe It Is The Camera That Takes Pictures

but the eye of shiva
within my cosmic
consciousness shoots
a thought a moment
a feeling from the soul
of a person it loots
'sometimes it steals
the entire soul i am
sure you wont dispute
it is the mind that creates
melodious memories
to the environment
surroundings pays
tribute ,,pictures
exuberantly talk
the language of
poetry silent
mute ..

but remember you can only shoot what you were destined to shoot ..fruits of the loom.. branches and roots ,,poetry a medium mystically photography's offshoot ,,

108 Names Of Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha is known by many names. There exists 108 different names of Ganesha in the Hindu scriptures. Many of these are suitable for baby names - for both boys and girls. The following are these various Sanskrit names of Ganesha with their meaning.

Akhuratha: One whose chariot is pulled by a mouse
Alampata: One who is forever eternal
Amit: One who is incomparable
Anantachidrupamayam: One who is the personification of the infinite consciousness
Avaneesh: Master of the universe
Avighna: The remover of obstacles
Balaganapati: Beloved child
Bhalchandra: One who is moon crested
Bheema: One who is gigantic
Bhupati: The lord of lords
Bhuvanpati: The lord of the heaven
Buddhinath: The God of wisdom
Buddhipriya: One who bestows of knowledge and intellect
Buddhividhata: The God of knowledge
Chaturbhuj: The four-armed lord
Devadeva: The lord of lords
Devantakanashakarin: Destroyer of evils and demons
Devavrata: One who accepts all penances
Devendrashika: The protector of all gods
Dharmik: O…

Lord Ganesha Remover Of Obstacles Lord Of Success

Ganesha — the elephant-deity riding a mouse — has become one of the commonest mnemonics for anything associated with Hinduism. This not only suggests the importance of Ganesha, but also shows how popular and pervasive this deity is in the minds of the masses.

The Lord of Success
The son of Shiva and Parvati, Ganesha has an elephantine countenance with a curved trunk and big ears, and a huge pot-bellied body of a human being.

He is the Lord of success and destroyer of evils and obstacles. He is also worshipped as the god of education, knowledge, wisdom and wealth. In fact, Ganesha is one of the five prime Hindu deities (Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva and Durga being the other four) whose idolatry is glorified as the panchayatana puja.

Significance of the Ganesha Form
Ganesha's head symbolizes the Atman or the soul, which is the ultimate supreme reality of human existence, and his human body signifies Maya or the earthly existence of human beings. The elephant head denotes wisdom and its tr…

Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganesh Chaturthi (Vinayaka Chaturthi, Gaṇēśa Caturthī or Vināyaka Caviti) is the Hindu festival celebrated in honour of the elephant-headed god Ganesha. Celebrations are traditionally held on the 4th day of the first fortnight (Shukla Chaturthi) in the month of Bhaadrapada, according to the Hindu calendar. This usually falls between August and September months of the Gregorian Calendar. Festivities usually finish in 10 days, on the fourteen day of the same fortnight (Anant Chaturdashi).

The festival is celebrated both publicly and privately at home. The modern day version of public celebrations involves installing clay images of Ganesha in public pandals (temporary shrines) and worshipped together for ten days. The private celebration involves installing an appropriate sized clay image at home and worshipping with family and friends. In both cases, at the end of the festival the idols are immersed in a body of water such as a lake or a pond.

The festival is generally celebrated all o…

Ganesha Curses the Moon

One day while travelling round the universe on his rat, Ganesha came to Chandraloka
(the realm of the Moon). The Moon saw him. The Moon, very handsome, was proud of his appearance. On seeing the elephantfaced, big-bellied Ganapati riding on a rat, he- laughed at Ganesha with contempt.

This was an insult and Ganesha was very angry about the Moon. His eyes grew red. He pronounced a curse "Oh Moon, your handsome appearance has made you too vain. Fool, I am worshipped in all the worlds, but you laugh at me. Receive now the fruits of your foolish pride. Let your beauty, which is the cause for your arrogance and ignorance vanishing! From now on, whoever sees you on the fourth day of the bright fortnight of Bhadrapada month, the day of my birth, will suffer because of unjust accusations."

The curse shattered the Moon's pride. He realized his mistake, and felt sorry. Standing devotedly with folded hands before Ganesha he prayed to him. "Sir, forgive me and my ignorance. Ta…

A Magical Moment Called Lord GSB.. GSB Seva Mandal King Circle

By Ravi Gadiyar

 The GSB (Gaud Saraswat Bramhin) Seva Mandal Ganapati utsav this year was the 61st since inception in 1955. The pandal, at Shree Sukratendra Nagar A Rama Nayak’s Grounds in King’s Circle, is among the top three Ganesh Mandals of Mumbai.

 The Ganesh idol at the GSB Seval Mandal is 14.5 feet in height and weighs 2700 kgs. It is made with shadoo (red mud) and grass easily dissolves in water. It’s sculpted by Avinash Patkar and his family since ages. The GSB Seva Mandal Ganapati is widely accepted as the most expensive of all the Ganeshas in the city of Mumbai. The idol is adorned with 70 kgs of gold and 470 kgs of silver, estimated at a staggering Rs 23 crore! The Lord’s crown itself weighs 22 kg gold. The idol is insured at a mindboggling Rs 237 crore! The expenditure for the idol is donated by a devotee for decades.

 A sea of humanity throng the one lakh square feet area of the mandal during the five days of the festival. Yet, the discipline that is seen in the flow of…

Bleeding Heart ,,Tears On The Soul Of Mohomed Akhlaq

Bleeding Heart ,,Tears On The Soul Of Mohomed Akhlaq

in india you can be lynched
to death for eating storing beef
.progress and development a
modi wave in which we believed
that it would bring succor acche
din our nation would turn a new
leaf.. but hindu talibans attack
a house in the heart of the night
like thieves murder a man make
sure he is dead when they leave
impregnable silence of our globe
trotting chief,..our nation in grief
wake up akhilesh yadav from your
world of make belief offering 10 lacs
does not bring a dead man back to
life ..your miscalculated misplaced
relief..pulling out an ace from your
sleeve  does it wipe the tears of
the bereaved what does it achieve

Two Friends ,,, Vinay Parelkar And Me Searching For Hope Beyond The Camera

When I began learning photography under Mr Shreekanth Malushte almost 20 years back Vinay was already an established well known pictorial fine art photographer unlike his pedantic pompous contemporaries he was a thinking artistically endowed photographer.
We met once at National park an outdoor portraiture workshop of Mr Shreekanth Malushte in BW .. during the film negative era ..he helped me put the cut roll in my Nikon SLR and we got along .. perhaps because as a photographer I might have been raw and new but I was not new to life I had seen more pitfalls more life than Vinay..
We belong to the same camera club PSI Mumbai we went to an outing together with Mr Shreekanth Malushte to Konkan and we became good friends ,, at the outing I only shot BW..with lots of filters and used the tripod,, this was landscape photography.
Than from analogue photography I evolved as a blogger once I entered the digital age on the Internet in 2004 ..and camera clubs in their self built walls of concei…