Monday, May 18, 2009

Davendar Bhima removing the Rods

Its because of Davendar Bhima the person with the orange scarf and Velu the Maryamma Temple priest not in the picture and Raja that I am informed in advance about this event and they render all help and cooperation, allowing me to shoot all this..

And it is because of Davendar I got to shoot the Mahim Fishermen Colony Maryama feast last year.

This year I befriended Suresh of BMC who stays at Nehru Nagar who invited me to shoot the Maryamma Feast of Madras Wadi near Atrium Mall Worli..

Here I met Shanmugham who will now invite me to other events.. in my kind of photography building inroads into peoples religious hearts is very important I wear saffron clothes I am bare feet and above all I am a Muslim covering the event sincerely with the insight of a Hindu and the viewfinder of photo bloggers camera has no religious bifurcations or discrimination..we are all born equal..yes we are human and I shoot this as the underbelly of Pain.. and a series I cal Hope and Hindutva a message of Peace.

I am respected by this community as I respect them too, their rituals their passion and their divine Faith..I wear my Bandra Samachar Press Card given as a talisman by Clarence Gomes my Christian mentor friend and guide.

The Worli Maryamma Feast 2009 was something I have never shot before and shot so close that will surprise you .I slept on the floor in muck dirt and blood to shoot guys hanging above me on hooks..yes Worli Seaface crowds were in shock and awe..with slaughtered chickens lying on the streets ..

The highlight of this event was Shanmuham and his friends carrying heavy clusters of Tadgola nuts on hooks on their backs for about an hour till the Temple.

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