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Now Public Flu

Now Public Flu, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. uploading the soul of misfotune
a pain that grew hours and hours
of pictures and stories old and new
stuck with sweat the only glue
editorial reprimand strange but true
hate and animosity without a clue
cultural calamity as on cue
woman's international day
a cosmetic compliment
prostitutes in mumbai cages
who get hurt too
kidnapped raped sodomized
sold as a cheap commodity
in a human captive zoo
the system looks the other way
a nelsons eye who cares a screw
poetic postulations a news preview
till he succumbed to a now public flu
being a muslim a thought to rue
attacked by his own and a motley crew
as he walks bare feet among the few
he could not fling an imaginary shoe
so this impassioned pedestrian poem
for all of you
deleted pain a face mask imbue
toothless gumless dentures chew
muscles bones blood sinew
others like him now waiting to get out
standing in a serpentine queue
recommended a kick on the butt
giving a hornless devil his due