Friday, December 7, 2012

The Andhra Police Are Human And Sensitive To The Shias And Their Moment of Grief

Hyderabads Pride Bibi Ka Alam 2012

My new set at .

After I had cut my head at Bargah shot the Alam Abbas of Choti Bargah I came to my room showered and rushed to catch up with the Bibi Ka Alam that had already crossed Charminar.

My friend Sajjad Bhai and his son Alamdar accompanied me I caught up with the Bibi Ka Alam at Panje Shah , I had an injury on my feet plus my bleeding head , my camera bag Sajjad Bhai carried for me and I shot the journey of the Bibi Ka Alam from this point till the end Chadar Ghat.

And thanks to Sajjad Bhai a policeman I could push my way into the main procession heavily guarded as the elephant has precious pouches of gemstones .

My friend Abid Bhai sits on the Elephant along with the Mutawalli of Bibi Ka Alawa and the Mahout a friendly famous face of Hyderabad .

This Is A Typically Shia Hyderabadi Ritual Where People Lie In The Path Of The Alam

Mujh Se Mat Pooch Mere Dil Mein Kya Rakha Hai Ek Gham Hai Jo Seene Mein Dabba Rakha Hai

Yes We Do Kama Matam To Express Our Pain ..We Love Hussain

Dane Dane Pe Likha Hai Khilanewale Ka Nam ..Hussainiyat Hamara Islam

Every Visit To Hyderabad Bought Me Closer To Humanity And Hussain

Our Birthright .. Is Ghame Hussain

my father
the kama
on my head
i did not
to know
i cried
i felt pain
now the
pain of
i know
i too
will place
the kama
on my childs
head he
has to feel
what we
all know
you are
born with
some things
within your
soul grows
ya hussain
in our
on ashura out
it goes
we were born
but it
is the path of
ali we chose
karbala har jagah
ashura har roz

Now I Dont Blame People When They Wonder Why I Bleed ...

Photography Is Humanity

A nation's culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people. Mahatma Gandhi