Saturday, March 26, 2011

Bloggers Dont Merely Take Pictures They Poetize The Soul of Humanity

Freedom Is Hope Beyond Caste Color or Creed

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we are human
we are shias
we follow
him blindly
yes agreed
the hope
of humanity
to him
we plead
in the lead
are the shadows
of accursed yazid
1400 our protest
against terrorism
imperialist hegemony
that began at karbala
you did no heed
he gave his head
but his grand fathers
he did not concede
in his memory
from one generation
to the next we bleed
wear black clothes
azadari is our
fundamental right
our basic need
we curse mauwiyah
his poison breed
we are shias
we cant be bullied
bahrain too will
soon be freed
dark back clouds
will soon recede
the power of our
prayer moves
ya ali
mushkil kusha
we will succeed

The Power of the Camera As A Holisting Healing Tool

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in a world
of chaos
pain and despair
the camera rules
shows you
without bias
the wise
the good
the bad
the ugly
the foolish
the stupid and the fool
the camera an instrument
of peace hope humanity
a learning school
sharp and cool
those blinded with
absolute power
ears filled with wool
despotic and cruel
the camera is a
destructive tool
a weapon
of mass education
an instrumental tool

to pablo bartholomew
a one man photo journalist school

Woh Izzo Manto Shaho Woh Zillo Manto Shaho

Ya Hussain The Flag of Freedom Hope and Humanity

In The End It Is Hussain Who Wins

Islam Zinda Hota Hai Har Karbala Ke Bad

Shah ast Hussain, Badshah ast Hussain Deen ast Hussain, Deen Panah ast Hussain Sardad na dad dast, dar dast-e-yazeed, Haqaa key binaey La ila ast Hussain

Mumbai's March of a Million - Pro Bahrain Protest

Good Morning Mr Obama Are You Listening To The Voice of The Oppressed

A Bloggers Hand Rises Against Oppression

People of Bharain We Share Your Pain ..We Are With You Through Hope and Hussain

Shia Sunnis United Front of Muslims In Mumbai Against Oppression

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we may have
ideology differences
but on the soul
of Islam
we are one
we stand united
as Muslims
for those
who are
by the gun
self respect
for every one
saudi arabia
terrorist regimes
we condemn
those they bludgeon
on the run
Matrix of Evil
America and Zion
in Egypt
the power of vote
tested and proven
for everyone
we condemn
all evil actions
in Bahrain and Yemen
Muslims of Mumbai
Shias Sunnis
a United Front
of this we are certain
Allaahu Akbar
a single shadow
of Muslims in prayer
Amchi Mumbai
Jai Maharashtra
under the rising sun
at Azad Maidan
Mumbai's March of a Million
- Pro Bahrain Protest
mothers sisters
fathers brothers
daughters and sons
condemn act of
Saudi Terrorism
on the soul
of the Shias of Bahrain
rabid rotten inhuman

dedicated to the Bahraini Students in India

Crimes against humanity in Bahrain

Why is The Media Silent Over the Brutal Killings of The Civilans in Bahrain..

Mumbai's March of a Million - Pro Bahrain Protest

The Courageous Shia of Mumbai at Azad Maidan

Enemies of Shiasm Are Enemies of Humanity

Jooton Ke Bhoot Laton Se Nahi Mante

Saudi Troops Enter Bahrain To Suppress Protests

Puppets On A String..A President And Two Tyrant Kings

Mumbai's March of a Million - Pro Bahrain Protest Azad Maidan 25 March 2011

Rise Against The Hitler of Bahrain

Mumbai's March of a Million - Pro Bahrain Protest Azad Maidan 25 March 2011

Saudi Terrorism On The Soul of the Shias of Bahrain

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I begin my new set at titled Mumbai's March of a Million - Pro Bahrain Protest that was held at Azad Maidan this afternoon at 3.30pm to show our solidarity with the oppressed people of Baharain and Yemen.

This was a momentous gathering a memorable moment as the scholars and religious heads of both the Shia and the Sunni sects came together as Muslims condemning the act of Terrorism on Humanity by Saudi Arabia and other Arab troops in Bahrain.,.this was highly commendable and spoke volumes of the secular spirit of Amchi Mumbai and its Muslim community.

The crowds were predominantly Shia men women and children holding banners flags and placards.

Every member of the respective school of though came on the dais including Mr Ahuja a Sikh gentleman ,Maulana Darybadi of the Ulema Council was vocal and stressed the pain the Muslim community feels collectively against the oppression of the people of Bahrain and Yemen.

Maulana Hasnain Karari too was evocative and stressed the need of the international community raising its voice against the matrix of evil Saudi Arabia America and Israel.

There were slogans and despite the heat and the discomfort of the burning sun the crowds listened avidly.

However one man held the crowds in rapt attention he had the crowds eating out of his hands a young versatile dynamic Maulana from Pune Mr Noor Ali Abidi , he spoke in chaste Marathi the poetic language of peace of the proud people of Maharashtra , he was cogent to the point and his words laced with satire pleased the Urdu speaking crowds..And for once I thought I will invite this Maulana to recite a Majilis in Marathi for my Marathi Facebook friends Aaditya Thackeray and Purvesh Sarnaik and their friends.

There were other Maulanas too both Shia and Sunni who each came and added to the task at hand.

Than came the Bahraini students studying in India they were overwhelmed wit the support for their people of Bahrain.

Mr Abbas Kazmi the Shia poster boy of Mumbai was there too gracing the occasion with his wit and charming personality.

I shall keep text minimum I shot a 9 GB card and this set is dedicated to the Bahraini students and the proud valiant people of Bahrain.

Mr Safdar Karmali Mr Javed Shroff other Shia luminaries were there too this was a over 15000 crowd..

If Jesus Had A Camera He Would Shoot More Pictures Than Me

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a nikon D80
held in his
healing hands
the soul
of humanity
would shoot
more pictures
than me
trigger happy
gospel truth
spreading love
on the soul
of disparity
shooting beggars
the homeless
the hopeless
selling pictures
giving the money
earned to the
as hope and charity
if jesus had
a camera
in his hands
he would
shoot blindfolded
black and white
as equality
but he would
be crucified
for being
a psychic case
a rarity