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Shooting the Fleeting Soul of Poetry Through Pictures

I Shoot Reality Embarrassed To Show Her Face To Me

My titanic got sunk in cyberspace ...

Poetry is the Essence of Hope And Humanity

photo courtesy sangram musale talented young photographer ..

Aaditya Thackeray Yuva Sena and the Barefeet Blogger at Mr Pratap Sarnaiks Dahi Handi Vartak Nagar Thane

give birth
to essence of
hope and humanity
a banyan tree of poetry
growing on the soul
of mother earth
humility is what adds
to grandeur and girth
a drop of tear
mankind's worth
be it keats shelly
or wordsworth
within the
of spectral light
a poets rebirth

dedicated to a father
udhav thackerayji

Aaditya Thackeray A Star is Born

a cub of a lions cub
now a lion reborn
ushers a new dawn
in the world of poets
politics may he live long
aditya thackeray
to the new world order
peace hope humanity
has sworn the yuva sena
following him along
we are all marathi manoos
whatever caste color
religion we belong
jai maharashtra
is also our heritage
our karam bhoomi
our lifelong song
you and the youth of today
will correct all wrong
make our nation
healthy pure and strong
mumbai will always
be mumbai
it is only the myopic
who would want it to
become Shanghai
or Hong Kong

Firoze Shakir.,1976..Kenna

Alas how swift the moments fly ,
How flash the years along
Scarce here, yet gone already by
The burden of a song
See childhood, youth , and manhood pass,
And age with furrowed brow;
Time was .Time shall be - drain the glass-
But where is Time now?

quincy adams ..the hour glass

1976 I used to work in a branch of Burlingtons of Bombay , this was at the branch at Oberoi Sheraton .. this was a world within a world. ..I was learning fashion designing from Mrs Jennifer Kendal wife of the actor Shashi Kapoor who acted in all Ivory Merchant Productions., Mrs Gabriella Kapoor wife of my boss Mr Andre Kapur.. this hotel was on the bay called Marine Drive..
My salary was Rs 700 per month.. it is on this salary that I got married in 1977,,after my girlfriend broke up with me and I took too drinking and drugs..and I was the most famous guy on the block as I spoke French , some German.. read Eliot, James Jyoce Sartre, Kierkgard, Camus,Salinger, Malamud, Koestler,I was stylish even on a Rs 700 salary.
And the coin round my neck is the Kenna .. Papua New Guinea
A guy from Australia who was desperate for my ass gave it to me .
my ass didnt go places.. I kept it to myself..
And I will in cicrca 2005 add a tatoo to my ass Made In India..Export Quality..


The Only Place On Earth I ..Live as a Beggar Ajmer Sharif

Salon Photography and Camera Clubs Make Me Puke

123,090 items / 847,771 views

I would not be what I am without my camera club that I joined in good faith , I went through the path most of you might have gone, I joined my camera club because I loved photography and was bought here by Shreekanth Malushte my photo guru , I met both my other gurus here Prof BW Jatkar and Mr KG Maheshwari, it was the golden age of enlightenment for me , I participated in competitive photography..with some success too so its not the case of a pot calling the kettle black.

Than came the digital camera , it changed my perspective it changed my life my thought process , I became a blogger , a poet a chronicler of pain through street photography.

I saw a newsletter from my club and the images showed me I was lucky that I had become a blogger , I am not a crab in a suffocating bottle , I am free , I am not a talented photographer like some of you , but I shoot pain evocatively , I shoot pain I feel it to I make you share it with me.

I spoke to my dear friend Atul Choubay , he has contributed to my digital beginnings and digital avatar, I asked him when he judges pictures what does he see..?

But than he stumped me by saying he could only see what was shown to him , like me he agreed there was no newness in competetive photography,

Everybody followed the old forefathers squirming in their graves. because even if they copied them it was in real bad poor taste.

I am a blogger but I believe a picture must must heal it must make the person relive an emotion..shooting a picture to show your importance as a photographer is pure conceit arrogance pompousness pedantic attitude nothing else.

The photographer is person like you and me, his surname or his importance as a cult figure is meaningless..see any newsletter or a salon catalog and you will not be ashamed to think like me that yes salon photography and camera clubs suck..they are regressive and take you a billion light years from reality.

A blog is not just photography it is heart and soul of life it adds fuel to fire so your minds engine does not rust or stagnate.

Yes I am a photo blogger and I am teaching a two year child to shoot pictures with a Nikon D 80 ..I call it Unlearning Photography.

Fuck F Stops .
I would have told Mr Phanibanda that but I am not Girish Mistry.

Children of Yazid Keep Their Fathers Heritage Alive

he gave birth
to terrorism
at karbala
for power
lust of glory
he connived
murder mayhem
methods to annihilate
the children
of the holy prophet
he contrived
1400 years
hussain is humanity
a thought a path
of peace has survived
you can search their archives
despite distorting truth
the true history of islam
the enemies of ahle bayt
hussainiyat could not deprive
the time is now has arrived
moharam a protest that
the followers of ali
have kept alive
the holistic power
of five ..
the shia race
continues to thrive
each year with
our bleeding heads
our bleeding backs
the spirit of hussainyat
with matam majlis
we revive
yazidiyat nosedives
every land is karbala
every day is ashura
mathematically accurate
well derived a chant
that lights fire to a beehive

Yes We Shias Do Celebrate New Year

gham main
nahate hain
ek rah
bichate hain
ya hussain
ya hussain
hum unhe
ro roke
bulate hain
ghame hussain
hum unko
sunate hain
ham hain
ham shia
kehlate hain
a message of peace
terrorism on
the soul of man
ka nara lagate hain
1400 ki neend ko
ham dobara uthate hain
ham naya sal aise
hi manate hain

The Sounds of Silence Of The Soul

he sent me a message
from across the seas
wanting to know
what i feel
when i cut
my head '
layers and layers
of a pain called
ghame hussain
i peel
poetic moments
of my ancestry i steal
on a promised land
i kneel it is karbala
which is every land
my cosmic consciousness
reveals my karmic fate seals
i am a hindu shia born
in the holy waters of
the land of the ganges
i am not an arab
or a persian
my birthright
i shall never conceal
brahma vishnu mahadev
the sound of om
living side by side
as my blood congeals
hussainiyat my
souls only ideal
i am a wheel
within a wheel
of a wheel

The Blog Bleeds

as it urinates
on the soul
of yazeed
lust for power
only greed
common sense
he did not heed
son of a poisonous
incestuous evil seed
stalk of a withering weed
bar lanat yazeed
be shumar lanat yazeed

Apko Apka Naya Sal Mubarak Ho Apko Khushiyan Mubarak Ho

naya sal
manate nahi
ham khushiyan
manate nahi
ham rangin
mehfilon main
jate nahi
hamara gham
sab ko dikhate nahi
ham hamare kale
kapde hamara matam
ghame hussain
is gham ke siwa
dusra gham manate nahi

Lanath Bar Yazid

yes we curse yazid
for his dastardly deeds
this accursed son of
a canine breed
a product
of an evil seed
on his festering body
may carrion feed
his lust for power
his greed
evil his only creed
incestuous inbreed
lanat bar yazid
on his father
his fathers father
thin legged
pot bellied
of ahle bayt
but none
could ever

The Pain of Being Human

pjsava has sent you a message on Flickr.
Subject: A warm salute from Colombia
Date: 30th December, 2010

Dear Mr. Firoze

I guess I should began by introducing myself, my name is Pablo Salazar and by the magic of the internet I have come across your magnificent collection of photographs, let my say that they have taken my breath away since the fist time I saw them.
I must also confess that initially I was shocked and sometimes disgusted by the shear and pure boldness of your images, the pain, the blood, the suffering but above all the poverty, there is so much poverty in my country and seeing the same things in India kind of made a connection between this two places, then I began to notice the faith, the hope and the commitment of the people that you have captured in such a magnificent way, then I became a captive of your images.
As a catholic I have found very disturbing the images of the matam, in my faith self inflicted pain is not encouraged but as I looked around other things began to surface, there is no pain without release, Oh how much do I wish to have that moment of enlightenment that the followers of Hussein have in their pain, how deep must be the connection with God in that moment, for all, children and adults alike, but how?, in my life pain has been a constant, but not the physical one, the spiritual one, so here comes my question. Can you explain me how do you reach that connection with God?
In hope and solidarity from the other side of the world, may the Father of us all bless you and your family
with my warmest regards
Pablo Salazar

This is my reply ...

because i cut my head
in the memory of the
martyred grandson of the holy
prophet of islam i a shia hindu
am called a heretic because
my bleeding the pain
on my body i inflict
this bleeding  makes
the sanctimonious sick
so living in glass houses '
at my house they throw
a few bricks persecuted
for being human i am
in a fix but those who tie
bombs around their waist
bomb humanity in heaven
get nubile virgins to pick
holy soldiers of god as suffix
no in islam of the fundamentalist
it is a different yardstick
so i bleed showcase my
pain as a protest against
terrorism called yazidiyat
that went against human ethics
yes i am a shia a black shroud
a bleeding fabric my pictures
graphic that good sense restricts
but truth justice are pillars
dont fall because of racist edicts

Only a Blog Enters Where Angels Fear To Tread

blood sweat and tears
scourging backs
adults children
cutting their heads
an epistle from
a pulpit of a camera
where the message
cannot be misread
shias wear black
highlighted by
the color of
bleeding red
on embers of coal
as they tread
burning feet
molten lead
hussain al minni
ana minal hussain
he rightfully said
i am proud
to be a shia
on the lucky ones
to save humanity
his head on
a platter
as he bled
a river of blood
on the parched
ground as it spread
karbala and ashura
symbols of freedom
for the oppressed

Words of The Mahatma on The Soul of Humanity

With his sacrifice
humanity he blessed
he gave the tyrant
his noble head
a single act he saved Islam
with 72 soldiers an army he led
..Imam Hussain
Verily the Messiah
of the Oppressed

Shiasm is Righteous Indignation Against Spiritual Terrorism

what hurts them most
its not only hussain 'but
truth equality justice
as azadari during
moharam we host
for 1400 unstoppable
years a protest
against spiritual
terrorism we boast
we are called heretics
persecuted bombed
murdered but our
mission of hussainyat
lives from every
coast to coast
beneath the layers
of blood in my pictures
lies the truth of my faith
every blog i post
we live in
mutual harmony
with the hindus
with the followers
of the father son
and the holy ghost
hussain is humanity
our agenda topmost
a world without borders
no bleeding fences
is hussainyat almost
rights of reservation
reserved for the
killers of hussain says
heavens signpost