Saturday, November 2, 2013

“Shiyati Ma Im Sharib Tum Ma Azbin Fazkaru Ni Aasme Tum Be Garibin In Shahidin Fadabuni”

O Shia when you drink water ... think of the thirst of Kerbala

To Pee Or Not To Pee

the thought
that they
may soon
add service
tax on peeing
or shitting in
public adds
to his fears
with no
public toilets
in the vicinity
his poop like
that of madams
pet dog he might
have to clear
he is fed up
of rising prices
he sees onions
onions onions
in his dreams
he has gone
deaf in the ears
almost blind
he was recently
booked for touching
a woman inappropriately
when he accidentally
touched her rear
with his walking stick
the lady thought
it was his private
part..before it
touched her
he is confused
he went to meet
a saint a holy seer
who told him to go
take a spade and
dig at the cemetery
he will find gold
it will magically appear
he was caught by
the cops for digging
dead bodies he
was sentenced
for an year..
happy diwali
to all of you
happy new year
poems as pictures
pictures as poems
hopelessly sincere
a beggar poet
with no career
broken dreams
deleted dreams
fractured frontiers

Happy Diwali To All My Friends On Facebook..

Read the contents before you see the cover
judge the book..inhale take a deep breath
before you take another look..bright new
year waits for you with open arms
reciprocate get hooked ..beware of people
who add you without profile photo ..beneath the
empty space lurks a crook..or those with actors pictures
that for the real person you mistook...deception fraud
as a poke in every corner and nook.. forgive me
for my shortcomings or any other bhul chuk..

narayan narayan special hug to mr kamal r khan .. his detractors 2 rupee people athook..

The Bollywood Filmy Goons Waiting For The Right Moment To Kidnap The Heroines Mother

the don
huge and bulbous
was madly in love
he had fallen
a victim to cupids
arrow for his
sons ..pretty
comely lissome
tuition teacher
she would not
his love she
had given her
heart body
and soul
to a driver
of a school bus
so the don decided
to set his goons
to kidnap the mother
of his sons tuition
teacher thus
this was the scene
i shot .. nonplus
a car was waiting
at the other end
take her to the
dons den use
her as a bargaining
tool without fuss

The Poor Mans Temple On The Road

street temples
on the road
god is everywhere
it is told ..a prayer
is gods call on hold
only in india will
you find godmen
urging a dumb
to search for
hidden gold
but all the
stolen from
the public
lies hidden
in swiss banks
hundred fold
a tip of the
iceberg on
the threshold
under the houses
of ministers
fortunes untold
in the caverns
of temples
a million fold
mans mind
is seeking
wealth without
going round
round in circles
with a blindfold
hot and cold
pure religion
is respect for
men women
young and old
dont hit children
or scold.. humility
the essence of
every household