Friday, October 4, 2013

Pitru Paksh 2013

Pitru Paksh 2013

Pitru Paksh 2013

Pitru Paksh 2013

As A Blogger We Show You A Day In Advance What The Press Will Show You Tomorrow

The Boat Of Life ,,, The Mystic Whispered She Is Your Wife

The Beggar Poet Afloat ,,,

I Sat In A Boat ,,, My Dreams Submerged ..My Blogs Afloat

the pitru paksha
i will shoot durga
visarjan the eid
namaz bleeding
bulls and goats
visuals instead
of notes ,,
rhyming remorse
lifes layer very
coarse ..silence
windows shut
doors closed
my life was
saved today
or at a municipal
hospital my facebook
updates ..enforced
on LinkedIn my
ethos of a struggler
as a dickhead
she endorsed

fighting with
demonic diabetes
other such evil
force her
my sufferings
have their source
once bum chums
now blocked

Mee Hai Koli ,,

The Boat People Who Keep Banganga Clean .. Give The Fishes A Chance To Breathe And Live

Pitru Paksh 2013

I Hope Mr Akhilesh Sees A Part Of Peaceful Uttar Pradesh In Mumbai Through My Pictures

I Shoot India In Mumbai

Pitru Paksh 2013

Pitru Paksh 2013

I Bless The Hijra ..Dam Madar Beda Par

Ham Ek Hain

He And I Are Two Different Colors Of The Same Coin,,,Hope Conjoined

The Beggars Banganga Pitru Paksh 2013

Ma Awaz Do...

I Shoot Beggars To Show You ,,,That Rs 5 For A Meal In Delhi Can Land You Up In Jail

I Am An Indian My Leaders Let Me Down

Perhaps This Is The Last Time I Shoot All This

Ma Acche Din Kab Ayenge ,,, Beta Nonsense Mat Baka Karo

Children Lost In Transit

The Beggars Banganga Pitru Paksh 2013

Photographers Shoot Pictures I Shoot A Storyboard ..

She Saw Hope In My Eyes ,,, The Beggars Of Mumbai

Pitru Paksh Banganga 2013

Bead Sellers Banganga Pitru Paksh 2013

Religious Tonsure Banganga Pitru Paksh 2013

Armp Pit Shaving

Pitru Paksh Banganga 2013

Pitru Paksh 2013 Banganga WalkeshwarGod Saves Pratik Koli And Me At Banganga Walkeshwar TodayIMG_6273IMG_6235IMG_6236IMG_6237

Pitru Paksh Banganga 2013, a set on Flickr.