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Live and Let Live

you dont have to forget or forgive go about with your business just live and let live dont take dont give

A wise woman cannot be wise without a foolish man

Hanging out to dry are my family jewels at the back .
Being married , is a state of mind deceptively denying
a back track...the tyranny of time and timelessness
that mindlessness hijacks.

Behind Every Fool Lies a Wise Woman

my wise wife and foolish me

Being foolish, is a sign of brilliance too, foolish means , human , very human to ones on fault and those of others around you.I forfeit the right to be smart, smartness is a heavy weight to carry.Carrying the crucifix of ones own flaws is a heavy weight too, but you marry , your smart wife carries your burden, at times she carries your dead weight too. Man the foolish man is gods gift to a wise woman, the foolish man is like a pet chihuaha to a wise woman, always loves slipping into the warmthness of her laps. I as a foolish man would have remained catatonically dumb, the wise woman redeemed me from being extinguished , she controls me , she is my strength....sometimes being a liabilty of being foolish is long term returns , long term dividents.. The siblings of this inequivocal relationship is encrusted born genius, good looking, smart, neither too foolish nor too wise..just as the doctor prescribe…

Being Human is Being Divine

a penny for your thoughts

Another one bites the dust

gone bust

The Urban Jungles of Mumbai

the urban jungles of mumbai
human drying bombay duck
smell of slumbai abracadabra fuck shangai

On The Trail of the Leopard Man

the leopard man
hunter and a prey
lost in the wildernesss
of a will no way from her heart he has runaway

Death of a Photographerno1

The Cameras, the negative the slides
killed the Last of the Mohicans...nostalgia entombed in the womb of a sandisk
Memory Card..
Dont shed tears fot the Print..smeared
seminal stained , inundated in a wet lab.
Long live Adobe Photoshop.
Long live the Digital Print .

The Shia Samurai

THE SWORDSMAN This was during Mumbai Chehlum on the way to Rehmatabad cemetery Mazgaon.With Mr Bundeally
and Kassim Hallori , I cut open my back with an Iranian Sword.It was quite an
experience, I got a comment that all this was satanic, well I would rather
choose this as my spirtual satanism, than follow a God that urges Man to kill Man,
decimate mankind, decacpitation by little kids holding swords over
kaffir heads.This is not the Islam I opt for, actually Islam is a religion of
Peace and preserving Peace distorted beyond redemption by power brokers of Hate
for Mankind. I call destroying humanity Yazidiyaat.

PhotographerNo1 Mee Mumbaikar

Picture shot by my Guru B W Jatkar

Lady Diana of The Dread Heads

Lady Diana of The Dread Heads

Immortal Remains Photographer No1

Om Mani Padme Hum

Brand And Stoned

Brandon Stone August 2005 sent me to Bloggerspot to learn how to upload
pictures , basic blogging , this was a punishment I had disturbed him in a
serious online question answer forum.I call him Father of the Photo Blog.

My Family Jewel

Word Verification on my Bum

word verification
check required
on my multi colored bum
poetic sounds from
an empty drum
destinys child
also a book worm firoze shakir begins a new term

Love Sucks

Love sucks

to be in love

you need big bucks

the end dried roasted

like bombay ducks

shucks ..

Firoze Shakir The Tailorman

I start a new gallery ,for my self portraits, shot by friends, bystanders on the road, by Subhash Solanki, by my Mahesh Painter, my help too has shot some of my best pictures.
I dress change twice a day, earlier in happier times it was thrice a day.
I dont wear trousers, sometimes Army breeches,with an army coat , with original medallions collected from Chor Bazar.
I normally wear dhotis, designed by me with a safety zipper to pee, pockets too.
I would prefer not to wear anything on my torso just my antique silver stone jewellery, but as I am a tailorman, its imporant I cover my top shame..I wear body fits, guru shirts .Till about two months back I walked bare feet , but the doctors have warned me of my soaring blood sugar, that a simple foot wound could turn gangrenous, so I wear a cloth pair.
I have a severe wound on my right hand a cut of a sword that hacked my tendon so I cannot wear my silver Kadas or my exotic rings on my right hand.I wear kadas on my feet.I go to bed without my jewe…