Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Mahatma On Hussains Heritage

Follow The Principles Of Hussain.. Mahatma Gandhi

The Heavens Tremble When The Shia Cries

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pain lives
pain never dies
under the feet
of hussain
lies paradise
the heavens tremble
when the shia cries
black clothes
swollen red eyes
in memory of
the messiah
of humanity
with his head
who paid a price
saved the pillars
of islam
from yazids scourge
a thought they
dont realize
so we beat
our chests
cut our backs
our heads
a banner of revolt
against wahabbi lies
who with petro dollars
promote a message
of hatred
sectarian strife
1400 years
our matam
our protest
keeps our
our curses
on the soul
of accursed yazid
raw and alive
in the face of
blunted knife

The Barefeet Blogger And The Shias of Chennai

Islam Zinda Hota Hai Har Karbala Ke Bad.Ashura Chennai 2010

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With the camera hanging around my neck , I took a dagger from a Shia man, leaping into the air I wielded it on my head twice thrice before it was snatched from my hands and thus began my dance of death Tandav on the soul of Shimr..

Yes I use Indian metaphor, and I am proud to be a Hindu Shia born in India bound to the cultured ethos of Hindustan the land that Imam Hussain wanted to come to, in order to avoid bloodshed among Muslims , and because God could not change the Destiny of Humanity as it bled in Karbala to appease the soul of Princess Fatima Zehra , mother of all mothers he in his omniscience created the Hindu Shias Shias from the revered land of Hindustan.

This is my interpretation poetic as well as human, and this year I came to Chennai to shoot and showcase the pain of the Chennai lover of Ahle Bayt..

The Chennai Shia

is a product of a unique race
black clothes tears running
down his face humility
dignity and southern grace
from mother zehra
his destiny trace
every day is ashura
every land is karbala
in every heart
in every place
ya hussain
an echo of humanity
we embrace
as the head bleeds
his back he flays
a single blade zanjeer
as it cuts a phrase
islam zinda hota hai
har karbala ke bad
forever stays

Without the Shias of Chennai , I would have not been able to showcase this documentary of pain this documentary of Ghame Hussain I am grateful to Ashfaque bhai Dubai who connected me to Mesaq Moulah Ali Channel, Musayb and last but not the least Dr Abbas Ali Meer son of Late Ali Master ths son of the soil of Chennai is not only a doctor but a great Zakir e Ahle Bayt and Shia scholar fluent in Tamil too.. a language I have decided to learn one day ..

Every Shia from Chennai helped me on the way, they were courteous ,extremely hospitable and austere in their approach yes though they are supposed to be only 10000 I counted them as over a million , in their fervor and intensity unmatchable and incomparable..

This is my humble tribute to the Shias of Chennai each and everyone of them..

This is my new set at, I shot 7 Moharam Juloos Ag Matam at Jigedevi Krishnagiri and all this I shall post later once I complete the Ashura procession ..juloos on the streets of Chennai..

The Rich Kids v/s The Poor Kids

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one learns life
from school bags
school books
rich kids
off the hook
on the other
side of life's
2 g spectrum
poor kids
in every corner
in every lane and nook
unlearning life
by hook or by crook
children of a
lesser god
you incidentally

choked like
little fishes
in a muddy
dried out brook

paise ki jhankar
bikta hai sukh aur dukh
ram teri ganga maili
yeh kaisa kalyug