Friday, May 1, 2009

Elections are Over?What Next!

elections are over what next
low voter turn out
a few votes in the net
voters on a long weekend
you bet
on voting day
its just filmy turnout pictures
in fetid newspapers you get
a bollywood middle finger up
the ass of the public
hard to forget
plastic smiles and pretext
this is what
the media photographer
is paid for instead
when told the truth
main stream media
gets upset
flushed down a
public toilet
no hard feelings no regret
no sweat
a blog
a personal opinion
of a poet no threat
the soul of silence
in a spectral silhouette

The Muslim Voter is Mostly Taken For A Ride

he is confused
he does not know
whether it is politics
or the politician
or a sucked system
causing a greater divide
considered a vote bank
by all parties alright
after he has voted
they say
chacha now go fly a kite
recession rising prices
joblessness no respite
scarcity of water
no light
muslim ghettos
unending muslim plight
morning to night
with his bad luck
he must fight
his fate
on his forehead
in black and white
from the day he is born to
the day he dies
his kismet
in mid flight