Friday, August 7, 2015

Welcome To Grant Road

a suburban railway station
the poor peoples humble
abode the dirt the pan
stains in every corner
the filth the stench on
your nostrils explodes
hon railway minister
mr suresh prabhu
do come here once
before the end of your
tenure outside on the
railway property homes
have come up on this road
no railway police a mystery
you need to decode
the lazy lethargic cops
of the mumbai police
in a van beyond ,,cant
handle this shit load
why this neglect apathy
tears on the soul of my
ode , a beggar poet
63 years old ,,,out
in the cold ,,,

Zindagi khwab hai, Khwab men, jhooth hai kya Aur bhala sach hai kya

Dear Hon Suresh Prabhuji Just Drop In At Grant Road Station And See The Homeless Living Here

A colony of vagrants have taken over the Grant Road Station inside and outside , a guy was beating his wife and child , and there was a cop van .. the strange part is that these vagrants are not scared of the cops ,, the most neglected station.. the dirtiest and ugliest ,,