Monday, May 2, 2011

Me and My World

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on the mirror
of my dreams
a stone
she hurled
the picture
of Dorian Gray
me curled
a wingless
my flight of fancy
trying to touch
her dream world
strong emotions
raucous anger
my soul unfurled
her godly form
on my soul
swept and swirled
zoomed and twirled

The Silence And Beyond

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These are old pictures when I was more colorful less wise and mature I placed in a set at Flickr called Me And My World without text and today I have infused my poetic angst and pain in these blank posts...were they waiting for this moment I dont know .. and words is all I have in my treasury of despair , I will never be bankrupt.. I am a beggar poet and this beggary goes beyond the metaphor of my surreal existence..I love forms , and forms are free divine inspiring , forms may have some physicality and forms dont end in matrimony .. a man made institution that has caused more pain more suicides murders killings than all the wars in the world.. the person who says he is happy in marriage making an ass of himself.. this is my personal take and I it is not an aspersion on people who really live happy marriages...I am a one sided lover ... in love with a trembling door I could write erotica but it would hamper my growth as a beggar poet who preaches pain ..pain is what makes me human a Shia I know pain on first name basis.. and I am a whisker away from a ritual which I might undertake piercing a 18 feet rod through both my cheeks from end to end..its a Tamil Hindu ritual I will participate .. most probably this year this month you never know...a follower of Hussain among Maryamma devotees .. The Hindu Shia of Mumbai...

her memories
ripple like a stone
thrown in the pond
touch me retreat
the silence and beyond
a snapped silken thread
a broken bond
her mesmerizing voice
her throaty laughter
her divine beauty
her graceful form
rays of a sun
on my soul dawned
poems like a running
stream spawned
by my own
stupidity on the
soul of my male
conceited ego
i was conned
i search for her
in the wilderness
of my mind
with a part of me
she absconds
enforced silence
to my pleas
wont respond
my peace
my hope
my humanity
on the altar
of a one sided love
i have pawned

A Sense of Sadness Pervades Me

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shot by my guru late prof bw jatkar

from thoughts
of predilection
doom i am
still not free
of my poetry
the pain
in me
my dreams
to my destiny
i am enslaved
to a captive
while my muse
is forever free
rise and fall
of my humanity
part and be
ebb and flow
of a dying sea

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I Bleed I Aso Curse Yazeed

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my hope
my need
from the chains
of jahalat
yazidi terrorism
he had us freed
for his life or
of his family
he dd not plead
the grandson of
the noble seed
he was beyond
worldly power
kingdom or greed
with 72 brave warriors
always in the lead
he gave his head
but not his hand
to accursed yazid
a serpent seed
with no respect
for islamic
or creed

lanat beshumar lanat
as heavy rainfall on the
accursed soul of yazid
his conscience he did
not heed on his dead body
animals peed they burn
his effigy with three
others on the Shia Eid

Meet Valu The Best Motorbike Scooter Mechanic In All Of Bandra

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Valu has his garage near a garbage dump of Chinchpokli road Bandra , he is a devout Christian honest sincere trustworthy and has magic fingers in repairing bikes scooters , he brings totally dead bikes alive.

He charges reasonable , many a time if it is a small problem he wont take a dime and it was his wife I met on Good Friday at Sacred Heart Church Santa Cruz , she too had a desire to walk with Jesus she walked quite a distance but her children were tired and so she aborted her walk..

But she told me that seeing me walk barefeet with Jesus she too will try to walk with me next year and complete the Lenten walk with me.As I pass her house for work she will inquire about my leg that refuses to heal.. because of diabetic condition.. it will heal I am sure... make some more time.

Valu is a self made man and I thought of sharing his story with all of you..

If Things Were What They Were

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if i had not faltered
if i had allowed
things to be
what they were
she would
still be calling
me sir
i would not
be writing
poems of
for her
my muse
the soul
of my unborn
poems stirs
before and after
she often told me
to get my mind
checked with a
mind doctor
stop calling myself
a poet and a beggar
yes i do miss her
her upbringing
her good culture
with my own hands
a friendship
i ruptured
yes i took her
for granted
i misbehaved
i erred

I Promise You

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i will try to change
my solemn
hand of friendship
instead of love shove
in exchange
i will try to be normal
no more crazy
my mind within your
minds range
poets are born defective
their ways are strange
my emotions my feelings
in simple clothes
i will try to rearrange
everything else
will remain unchanged

'Better to die once than to die every day'

The Only Thing A Shia Is Not Scared of Is Death

I Am Proud To Be A Shia Hindu

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the land
i was born
is my karbala too
i want to go
words of
imam hussain
to review
for the guru
was on view
the land of hope
brahma shiva vishnu
i am answerable
for my faith
to a mother
i dont need to
answer a mullah
or answer you
my faith is humanity
yes i am proud to be
an indian a shia hindu
if you call me a kafir
or a heretic it would
be an added compliment
no issue what my mother
placed as my birthright
you or even me
cant undo
from any religiosity
that kills in the name of god
from such religiosity
my soul withdrew

only muslims love killing muslims a lustful vengeance on review when you bomb shia mosques you
burn the holy koran too..spilling blood of a believer sadly true

Cutting My Head My Back Should Hurt Me Not You

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i do
my forefathers did
what my children s
children will do
ya hussain
ya hussain
a chant
the bleeding
of karbala grew
it was a muslim
who killed hussain
not a jew or a christian
or a hindu
he was one from
amongst you
hand clapping
but none
came to his rescue
shame on you
so we relive
the moments
we bring back
karbala with
our blood sweat tears
our soul sinew
shah ast hussain
badshah ast hussain
mutually coexisting
in the land of Brahma
Shiva Vishnu
our Mother land
our faith you view
Hussain is Humanity
saving grace
the only virtue
our children
walk on fire too
peace on earth
we pursue
your love respect
we value
we curse
the killers of hussain
we curse yazid shimr
another one i wont name
you know who he is
the only thing
we wont undo

Hussain Shesho Ya Mazloom

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charon taraf hai
rone ki dhoom
hai sakina
hai kulsoom
zanzir zani
kama zani
busheri matam
yad ate hain
abba marhoom
jinke kandhon par
sad wa waila
sad wa waila
hussain shesho
ya mazloom

and my tears wont stop...not just a shia but to be a good human being my soul he groomed moghul masjid the fountain on the curtain of my thoughts he bloomed ..dear departed father a solemn faitiah on your tomb..i am a fruit of his spiritual loom .. memories of my childhood fade in fade out zoom..i inherited hussain our family heirloom .. in the waters of the Euphrates in my mothers womb...yes i am a shia i presume ..a drop of tear on the soul of humanity till the day of my doom..

Her Phone Has Gone Dead

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her heart was human
corroded now turned lead
he arrogance her conceit
her big head she has
moved ahead leaving behind
memories pain bleeding red
for her i am as good as dead

Marziya Shakir Kisses Marc's Hand

Marziya Shakir Shoots Marc De Clercq

I Endlessly Wait

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my mind
my soul
my poetry
my passion
my pathos
in conflict
with my
like a meteoric
ball between
her animosity
her temperamental
hate suffocating
my life my karmic fate
an apple
in the garden
of facebook
i ate
from a
soul mate
a sentinel
of my doom
i sit at
her temple gate

Poetry Is The Essence Of Enduring Pain

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on the soul
like drops
of rain
the brain
you me
in a cosmic
i am normal
the way you
want me
a bit insane
a poet slain
you have left
my doomed
the footprints
of your laughter
in the corridors
of my mind
your childish
banter your
on my soul like
bloodstain bleed
like a poem
whip lashing my
again and again
is greater
than being

agar is bat
ko ap samjein

Marc De Clercq And Marziya Shakir

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Both are gifted photographers passionate photographers Marc had done his Masters in Photography from Ghent and has traveled and shot the hijras extensively.

Marziya Shakir is 3 and a half years old and knows the camera , the soul of my camera is embedded in Marziyas inner version , Marziya check the pictures after she has shot them she is always on target , and she knows she shoots well and this is nothing to do with age or experience photography is a inborn gift of the Gods to Marziya Shakir.

She has met shot some of the top photographers of the world..Marziya kissed Marcs hands in a way he is her Guru too..and Marziya had shot Marc last year too.

Marc is doing a documentary on the Rafaees and Malangs of India besides his hijra chronicles in images.

I think the entire Hija samaj knows and respects Marc De Clercq .. he is a sensitive photographer and a wordless poet of hijra form and figure.

Marziya Sakir Shoots Two Dambardar Malangs

Marc De Clercq And Me Shot By My Wife

Marziya Shakir Shoots Marc De Clercq and Me

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Marc De Clercq is an adventure photographer , he is our family friend he has arrived from Surat after shooting the Rafaee Peersab s Urus , and before that he shot the Koovagam Eunuch festival this year.

He came home this evening , and had dinner with us wife had made Chicken Angara Chiken Tikka and Kashmiri rice.. dessert was halwa made at home of rawa.

Marc had bought chocolates for Marziya from Belgium.

Marc will leave Mumbai go to Delhi and walk to Ajmer on foot with Dambardar Malangs..if God makes it possible than I will meet them in Ajmer my situation overall for making this trip is not very good ...and my chances of going to Ajmer Urus are very bleak.. unless I am miraculously called there.

Marziya shot Marc on my mobile phone than with my Nikon D80..

For those who dont know Marziya , she is my 3 and a half year of grand daughter, worlds youngest street photographer shoots on the Nikon D 80.

This Dog Is Waiting For His Mistress To Come Back

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she was angry annoyed upset
so went away leaving behind
unlucky boy who sad kept quiet
did not protest because he
was from the east madam
was from the west ..
the very best so waits for
her return he is quite
stressed his happiness
from her bosom
he could not wrest
embedded deep
in her chest
she has moved on
lost interest
change of heart
change of address
her beauty
her divine form
her beautiful dress
a dainty figure
god had blessed
her laughter
riding the crest
he feels like a poet
what he wants
he cant get
a love god
on the fucked